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The Plague Pt 3 aFRAO Dean/Sam, John/Bobby

The Plague Pt 3

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, and John/Bobby

Rating: FRAO (Finally some sex)

Warnings: AU, M-Preg (Sam, John). Hermaphrodite characters (Sam/John) Graphic Sex, het and slash, Wincest (Sam/Dean)


Summary:  In this world about 25% of all males are born hermaphrodites, although they function only as males. A demon creates a plague that kills most of the women of child bearing age, but one of the side effects is that the men who are born hermaphrodites catch the plague and become fully functional as females, without really changing their outward appearance.  In order to keep the population from dropping dangerously the government decides that all the newly functional “breeders” must have a male partner and give birth to at least one child.


Dean woke the next morning spooned up behind Sam. He leaned forward letting his chest rest right up against his younger brother’s broad back. Sam’s scent was stronger now; they had finally figured out that meant he was at the mid-point of his cycle. The scent grew stronger the closer to ovulation and lighter at the beginning and end of the cycle. Dean sighed; there wouldn’t be a good way to approach Sam about this so he just slid one hand along Sam’s side and down his thigh.  Sam jerked in his sleep then rolled over.


“Dean?” he whispered.


Quickly he looked over his shoulder beyond his brother and frowned at the empty bed across from the one they occupied.


“What’s going on?”


Dean stroked his fingers back up Sam’s leg then dipped them quickly into the waist band of his boxers just flicking the tips over the head of Sam erect cock. Sam hissed.


“Dean maybe this isn’t a good idea.”


“Best one I’ve had all day. Come one Sammy, don’t make me suffer.”


"Dean, you’re my brother; this is too weird even for us.”


“Hey you know, Dad said something sorta like that yesterday.”


“Speaking of Dad…”


“Let’s not. I don’t want to think about Dad right now.”


With a deep indrawn breath Dean slid his hand further down grasping the shaft of Sam’s dick and tugging. Sam choked.


“That’s it Sammy-boy, just give the man a little room to work his magic.”


“Dean, don’t kill the mood.”


Sam rolled over quickly grabbing his brother by the shoulders.


“Come on strip now.”


“You bossy little bastard.”


Dean grinned as Sam pushed his boxers down, and reached over to get Dean’s underwear off as well.  Dean swooped in for a kiss flicking this tongue over the thin line of Sam’s lips. Sam opened for him and Dean delved inside working the soft spot on the roof of Sam’s mouth that always got Dean hot and bothered himself. Sam groaned appreciatively. Dean slipped his hand down stroking the smooth skin of his chest. Sam raked his fingers down Dean’s back digging into the slight swell of soft flesh at his hips.


 “Dean just stop screwing around.”


“I was under the impression you wanted me to screw around.”


Sam shot him a look.


“I want you to screw period. So get on with it.”


“Yeah, as much as I hate to rush this we gotta be quick, at least this time.”


Grinning Dean didn’t bother checking to see if Sam was ready he slid one arm under his brother’s knee and hoisted his leg into the air. Pressing the top of Sam’s thigh back against his chest Dean leaned in and thrust up and in. He set a steady pace, not giving Sam time to think, only feel. Sam’s body jerked as he groaned. Dean grunted, thrusting hard. Sam let out another deep groan and his back arched off the bed as he came. Dean pressed in letting Sam’s orgasm draw out his own then collapsed onto his brother’s heaving chest.


“God, Dean,” Sam panted.


He pushed Dean back. Dean growled but pushed himself up and over onto his back. 


“Dean, we can’t do this.”


“Looks like we already did.”


“No, what about Dad?” Sam said, wiping a hand across his face.


Dean smiled and leaned over to nip at Sam’s sweaty shoulder.


“I don’t think he’s into threesomes, but I’ll ask him.”


“That’s sick. What do you think Dad’ll do if he finds out about this? Dad’s not the most liberal person on the face of the earth.”


“Granted, but I don’t think he’s homophobic.” Dean shrugged. “Don’t over-think this college boy. Just go with it. Dad’ll be fine.”


“No he won’t be fine, Dean. Dad may not be homophobic but even so we’re talking about his sons both being gay, with each other.”


“I beg to differ with you, Sam. What we just did most gay guys don’t do.”


“What did you take a poll or something?  That’s not what I meant and you know it.”


Sam whacked him with the pillow. Dean rolled his eyes collapsing back onto the bed.


“God, all this screaming angst and we’re not even teenagers…”


Sam grinned at his brother.


“I didn’t even think that you knew words like angst.”


Dean shot him a look and frowned.


“Not that you’re particularly dumb…” he continued.




Dean snorted, digging his fingers into the muscle of Sam’s thigh once again.


“I wish you were ticklish like Dad.”


“Yeah, this thing you have about tickling Dad? How long has this been going on and just how often do you do it?” Sam asked, “I mean, are you like lying on top of him?  Do you do it while he’s driving?  Have you ever gotten a hard-on from it?”


“No, no and are you kidding?”


With a sigh Sam sat up.


“We’d better get cleaned up before Dad get’s back.”


“Dad’s gone?” Dean asked.


Sam looked at him with his mouth hanging open, then narrowed his eyes at his brother’s flushed wide-eyed and too innocent expression.


“That’s not funny, Dean.”


“No, it’s freakin’ hilarious, Dude. You should’ve seen the look on your face, Sammy.” Grinning Dean bolted from the bed. “I call first shower.”  


Sam frowned and settled back into the bed until he realized that the room had a distinct aroma hanging over it.


“Just great,” Sam gasped. 


If their father came back now there’d be no way he’d miss the smell, and Sam was left sitting here to explain it to him.


“Dean, you bastard,” he muttered.


Sam grabbed his boxers and t-shirt and scurried to the window flinging it open. A wave of humid, over-heated air hit him in the face.  Sam turned the air-conditioning up full force, the frigid blast sending steam curling out the window. Quickly Sam grabbed a can of deodorant from Dean’s bag and sprayed it in the air.


Suddenly the door swung open. John stood framed in the early morning sunlight watching as his younger child sprayed clouds of noxious smelling stuff in the room. He coughed then turned to glare at the window. Sam did something he had not done since he was five years old; he quickly tucked the can behind his back. John rubbed the bridge of nose between his fingers then closed his eyes.


“I don’t want to know.”


Sam just grinned.


“So Dad, where have you been?”


“Sitting in my truck, talking on the phone.”


“You can talk on the phone in the room. There is one here.”


“You and Dean were asleep.”


John motioned to the rumpled sheets, studiously avoiding looking at the wet spot on the graying cotton.


Sam gaped.


Well, I’ll be damned,” he thought, “Dean was right. Wait… Dean is right?


“Tell your brother to get his ass in gear. We’re going to Durham, to Bobby’s place.”



They arrived at Bobby’s at midnight. The truck rolled to a halt and John sat inside a few minutes until he saw a familiar figure come to the front door. Bobby walked out onto the porch and leaned against one of the supports. Dean and Sam were already out of the car talking to the older man before John stepped out, hauling his duffle bag over one shoulder.


Bobby motioned them inside.


"I put the boys in the rear bedroom. It's all set up, so you can hit the sack any time you want."


John waited on the porch beside the older man, while Sam tugged Dean down the hall and closed the door. John shrugged.


"Ah Bobby, thank you for putting us up. I didn't exactly give you all the details…"


"You never do, Johnny. I'll take it that Sam is one of these hermaphrodites and he and Dean are… uhmm."


"Yeah, if that bothers you we can leave," John said hesitantly.


Bobby smiled at him kindly and John felt his heart skip.


"Uh, there's something else."


"I already know about you, John. I've patched you up and given you a few baths in the past when you were out cold. I've seen, not that I looked mind you…I didn't molest you or anything."


"I know that, Bobby. It's just that this law applies to me, too. So I was kinda thinking, if you could stand it, you might break me in."


Bobby flushed then dropped an arm around the other man's shoulders.


"Hell, John you're not exactly hard on the eyes. I think I can manage. I'm not as young as I used to be but I can do all right."


"No, that's not what I mean. I've never been with a man. So you really have to break me in."


"Oh!  Well, it’s been a while since I've had that honor but I reckon I can do that, John."


Bobby motioned John down the hall.


"That's why I sent the boys on. I wasn't sure that you'd want them to know you were sleeping in my bed. You are sleeping in my bed, aren't you?"


"Yeah, if you want."


"John, I might as well tell you that I've wanted that for years now." 


John dropped his bag on a chair beside the door and looked at the huge, four poster bed on the far wall. It was draped in a heavy brocade comforter and matching sheets that all looked brand new.  John smiled. Leave it to Bobby to make a fuss.


Bobby closed and locked the door, smiling at John. Then he began stripping down. John turned his back and pulled off his shirt. When he was naked he slipped into the bed and watched as Bobby hurriedly walked across the room and climbed in next to him.

John was tense, holding himself almost rigidly against Bobby’s side. The older man smiled at him.  


"John, I won't hurt you. If you change your mind or if it gets to be too much, tell me and I'll stop. For god's sake don't lay there and take it. I've never been into rape."


Bobby pushed John down on the bed. He pressed a kiss on the other man’s lips then licked a line down his jaw, working his tongue through the soft, light stubble still on John’s chin. Grinning, Bobby slid his tongue alone the line of fine dark hair running between John's breasts and down to his navel. John gasped, fingers automatically working their way into the older man's hair.  


Moaning, Bobby worked his way down John's abdomen then ran his tongue along the crease of his thigh, where it melded into his hip. John's pubic hair tickled his nose and he snorted.


"Hang on John 'cause you're going to love this!"


"Oh my god!" John gasped as Bobby licked down John's cock and worked his tongue into the soft folds of wet flesh between his balls.


Gently he pulled the small rounded sacks apart and drove his tongue inside. John's shoulders snapped back and he closed his eyes.  Bobby grinned, his voiced somewhat muffled.


"That good?"


"Oh hell yeah!  Don't stop. Whatever you do don't stop."


Taking a deep breath Bobby ran his fingers along the path his tongue had just taken and then looked up at the younger man with a slight frown. John hadn't been kidding about not having any prior experience; Bobby could see the physical evidence of that. Rising up on his knees he slid forward.


"John, this might hurt a little at first, okay. Just let me know if you want me to slow down."


He waited until John bobbed his head and then pressed forward. John stiffened beneath him so he stopped, waiting until he could feel John's body relax.


"It's okay, more…," John said slowly.


Finally, Bobby slid all the way inside, his eyes rolled closed.


"Oh hell, John. You're so tight, it's perfect."


He pulled out and thrust inside and up. John jerked beneath him panting. After a few seconds Bobby had a steady rhythm that worked for them both. John reached up clasping the older man's biceps in his hands.


John's back arched off the bed and he uttered a low, throaty moan.


"Oh God! Bobby… oh my god, yes!" he cried out.


Bobby canted his hips and thrust a few times in quick succession then flooded John with his seed. Panting Bobby dropped onto John's chest then heaved himself up and over.


With a smile he shifted, sliding an arm under John's shoulders and pulled him into his embrace. John's breathing had settled somewhat and he gasped,


 "Damn, that was good."


"Well, I aim to please," Bobby said grinning.


John shot him a look, somehow he felt that he wasn't the first one to hear that line. Bobby stroked his hand over John's flank then worked his fingers into the younger man's ribs. John jerked back, slapping at Bobby's hand.


 "You know what, Johnny? Somehow I didn't peg you as a screamer…"


John offered him a mock frown.


"I wasn't screaming. I was just expressing myself, very loudly.”  There were a few seconds silence before John asked, “Bobby, tell me it wasn't that loud. Do you think that the boys heard me?"


Bobby snickered.


"Shit, John, I think the neighbors heard you."



Sam and Dean glanced at the closed bedroom door and then at each other. Suddenly Dean burst into laughter and Sam smacked him on the arm. With a gleeful snort Dean said,


"Damn, did you hear Dad?  Bobby must be really working it to get that kind of reaction out of the old man. I can't wait until morning."


"You're not going to say a thing. This is hard enough for me so I know it's really hard for Dad."


"I think you mean it's hard for Bobby. Well, probably not now 'cause I know Dad came like a rocket so Bobby probably wasn't far behind."


Sam frowned at him.


"I don't want to hear about Dad or Bobby coming.  However, I will discuss my coming, maybe even yours, if you behave."


"I'll behave Sammy, I promise."


“Then be a good boy and slide over here. I’ve got something for you.”


Sam pulled Dean’s arm and his brother slipped across the sheets. He stroked one hand down Sam’s chest then slid it between his legs working Sam’s cock and balls until the younger man groaned appreciatively.


“I thought we might try something different,”  Sam said.


Reaching into the drawer in the bedside table Sam pulled out some lube and a condom. Dean looked at him through narrowed eyes.


“Uh, Sam I don’t think we need those if you’re gonna get pregnant.”


“This isn’t for you, its for me. We’ll get around to the other thing later; right now payback is a bitch.  Dude, spread ‘em.”


Sam rolled Dean onto his back and forced his knees between the older man’s thighs. Dean grinned.


“Oh Sammy I love it when you get all masterful…”


“Can’t you ever shut up?”


“Hey, don’t blame me, it’s my genetic makeup.”


With a quick kiss Sam squirted a dollop of the lube on his fingers and found Dean’s entrance. He shoved two fingers in and Dean hissed, hips jumping off the bed.


“Oh shit, Sammy that’s good.”


Working the lube into his brother’s body Sam quickly rolled the condom on and pushed Dean back down on the bed. Dean struggled for a few minutes.


“Hey, I like it face down…”


“Yeah, well you’re not calling the shots are you? You’ll take this way and like it.”


Grunting Dean lay back, grinning as Sam slid inside him. He let out his breath in one long sigh and raked his fingers down the younger man’s back. Sam thrust a few time looking for the perfect angle and when Dean hissed and clawed at his shoulders he knew he had found it.


“Ahh…hell yes,” Dean hissed.


In a few minutes Dean felt that inescapable tension coiling in his belly. He thought about pushing Sam off but decided to just ride it out. Still he was a little shocked when his orgasm washed over him. He could feel Sam jerking inside him then the younger man slumped over, falling on Dean’s chest with a muffled grunt.



Breakfast the next morning was a quiet affair. No-one wanted to look anyone else in the eye. Bobby was the only one who seemed remotely normal except for the fact he kept touching John. Not overt, just subtle touches; a hand on his arm, patting his back and a quick shoulder rub. John just sighed deeply and kept his head down for much of the time but by the tenth time he was looking a little frayed. Sam and Dean noticed that their father was getting a little antsy from Bobby touching him so often. The fact that John took it with reasonably good grace spoke volumes about how he felt toward the older man.

Tags: fiction het, fiction other, fiction slash, wip

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