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The Plague Pt 4b FRAO Dean/Sam, John/Bobby

The house was quiet when Dean and Bobby got back. Too quiet. Dean was worried that Sam and John had killed each other until he pushed the front door open and Sam was curled up on the sofa reading.  Then Dean was worried that Sam had killed their father and buried him in the back yard. He was on the verge of going out to rear of the house to look for a fresh grave when he heard the sound of someone moving in the kitchen.


Finally, Dean let out the pent up breath he hadn't been aware that he was holding and followed Bobby through the door and into the other room. John was drinking coffee at the breakfast table reading the paper. The dishes were washed and the room cleaned up. Everything looked so normal that Dean was worried, yet again. John looked up at them.


"Where'd you go?" he asked with just a slight edge to his voice.


Bobby stooped over and kissed him on the side of the neck, John's lips compressed into a thin line. Before he could say anything Bobby poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down shoving a yellow colored paper sack across the table.


"I had some errands to run, and I went by Gracie's on the way back."


He looked down at the paper and dragged a section over, not looking back up at the other man. John dumped the contents of the paper sack out and turned the square gold-foil box over on the table top.


"You bought me candy? Bobby you didn't have to do that…" John said with a wince.


Bobby started to slide the box over to himself but John snatched it up.


"I didn't say I didn't want it…"


Dean knew his mouth was hanging open but he couldn't seem to get his jaw to work well enough to get it closed. Bobby smiled then cast a smug glance at the younger man. Dean felt like smacking him.


He watched as John opened the box and took out one of the large chocolate truffles. His eyes closed in near ecstasy as he ate it. Dean stomped over to the table motioning to the box.


“You hate candy…” he said waving a finger under John’s nose.

“Look, Dean there’s candy and then there’s Gracie’s candy. That’s like the difference between a poltergeist and a demon. One’ll just bump you a little to get your attention the other’ll lay you out colder than a block of ice.”


John stood up, brushing past his son, and dumped the remains of his coffee in the sink. He rinsed the cup and sat it beside the pot.


“Come on, Bobby. We’ve got to finish re-building that carburetor.”


Sighing the older man drained the rest of the cup and dropped it in the sink. He followed John out to the garage. Dean watched as they disappeared inside then went back to the living room.


Sam was hunched over his book in a tight knot that looked extremely uncomfortable to Dean. He settled on the arm of the sofa beside Sam running his fingers through the younger man’s long hair. Sam looked up, face pale and pinched.


“Hey, Sammy what’s wrong? You look like you’re hurting.”


“Yeah, it’s these cramps. I never knew they were so bad. Now I feel bad for getting pissed at Jess when she was in a bad mood.”


“Do you think coffee would help, or maybe something else? I’ll get it for you. I know there’s a heating pad. I saw one in the closet. Do you think that would make a difference?”


Shrugging Sam set his book aside.


“Honestly, I don’t know.”


“I’ll get it. I mean they always do it on TV that must mean something.”


“It might mean that the people who write for TV don’t really know what the hell they’re talking about,” Sam said stiffly, but he settled back and let Dean put the heating pad over his belly and stoop down to plug it in. 


“Dad doesn’t seem to be hurting as bad as you,” Dean offered and Sam just looked at him.


“It figures. Dad is also older than me; maybe he just handles the pain better. Maybe I’m just a wimp, like you two always thought.”


Dean took a deep breath.


“We never thought that you were a wimp, Sammy. And I think that it’s kind of sad that Dad had suffered so much he can handle pain that well.”


Sam leaned back offering his older brother a brief smile.


“It is helping. I guess you don’t have to write the networks and tell them to fire all their writers. Where’re Dad and Bobby.”


“Out in the garage. They’re finishing up that Chevy pick-up.”


With a brief gesture Sam indicated for Dean to sit down.


“I’ve run across a couple of jobs. I noticed that there were a few news articles about some transients getting killed in Topeka, and another set of reports about motorists running across a teenaged girl on Highway 335 to Kansas City. Sounds like a Lady in White type of situation there. The transients are a little harder to pin down.”


Dean smiled.


“Yeah maybe the four of us have been cooped up here in the house a little too long. We can split the jobs up; you and me take the lady in white and leave the other to Dad and Bobby.”


“Bobby doesn’t work in the field. I don’t know how well he could back Dad up,” Sam objected.


“Well enough. He’ll do okay. I say we talk about this at lunch. Might do us all some good to get some alone time too.”



Bobby unlocked the large sliding door to the garage and he and John pushed it up and out of the way. The Chevy pick-up they were working on was at the rear of the garage behind another car. Bobby walked over and popped the hood looking around for the right wrench to pull the stubborn parts out. Before he could find the right tool box John had shoved him against the wall. John’s mouth tasted like coffee and chocolate and Bobby wasn’t complaining about the warm lips pressed tightly against his. He wrapped his arms around John’s waist, pulling the other man in close against his body.


“Damn, John. I’ll have to buy you candy more often. Not that I mind but this can’t lead to anything right now, not with you…you know.”


“That’s what you think.”


Before Bobby could move John dropped to his knees and jerked the zipper down on the older man’s jeans. Bobby jumped as John’s cold fingers worked their way into his boxers and then jumped again when his cock was enveloped in warm, wet heat.


“Oh holy crap!”  Bobby stammered.


He tried to push against John’s shoulders, but it was like trying to budge a mountain. John wrapped one arm around Bobby’s knees and the other around his ass. He took a deep breath around the flesh growing hard inside his mouth and sucked. Bobby was rocking against him now half-pleading for John to slow down, and half-begging for him to not stop.


John sucked in a deep breath through his nose and relaxed his throat, swallowing. Bobby groaned,


“Oh god, John you need to back off. I’m going to…”


Before he finished the words John curled his tongue up and around the cock in his mouth and Bobby erupted. He leaned down watching John’s throat move as he swallowed.


Panting Bobby fumbled around setting both his hands on the other man’s shoulders. His knees would have buckled if it hadn’t been for John’s strong arm wrapped around him.

Finally, John opened his mouth letting Bobby limp cock slide out. He gave it a little pat, and helped Bobby tuck it back in his jeans.


“God, John. What brought that on, not that I’m complaining, mind you.”


“I just wanted to say I was sorry for the way I was acting this morning.” 


“You don’t have to do that. I’ll take the bad right along with the good. Besides, John…I guess I love you.”


John gulped that was more that he had thought he’d hear, and he wasn’t sure how to respond. Finally he smiled, and Bobby absently patted his shoulder.


“Not that I expect you to feel the same.”


“As much as I can, Bobby…I do.”


Bobby blushed then picked up John’s hand.


“I feel like I ought to get you a ring.”


He flinched a little remembering that John always wore his wedding ring. He glanced down, at John’s bare hand. The ring was gone. Panic engulfed him and Bobby glanced around at the floor looking for it before John noticed it was missing.  John tugged his arm.


“It’s in my journal. I took it off yesterday. Its okay Bobby, I felt it was time.”


“Then you’ll wear mine?” Bobby asked.


John swallowed again.





Tags: fiction het, fiction other, fiction slash, wip

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