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The Plague Pt 8 FRAO Dean/Sam, John/Bobby

The Plague Pt 8

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, and John/Bobby

Rating: FRAO

Warnings: AU, M-Preg (Sam, John). Hermaphrodite characters (Sam/John) Graphic Sex, het and slash, Wincest (Sam/Dean) **Extra Warning** Relatively Plot Free this Chapter just gratuitous sex. Those of you who really hate the porn take notice…Just checking to see if you were paying attention.


Summary:  In this world about 25% of all males are born hermaphrodites, although they function only as males. A demon creates a plague that kills most of the women of child bearing age, but one of the side effects is that the men who are born hermaphrodites catch the plague and become fully functional as females, without really changing their outward appearance.  In order to keep the population from dropping dangerously the government decides that all the newly functional “breeders” must have a male partner and give birth to at least one child.

My grateful thanks to Sioux_Sioux for the beta work on the story.



It was two weeks later when the Impala pulled into the driveway of Bobby’s house. Dean let out a sigh glancing over at Sam. His brother was asleep in the passenger seat. Dean thought it was odd that Sam was so tired. They had found nothing interesting to catch their attention, and had only taken so long in getting home because they were taking the scenic route. Dean wondered briefly when Bobby’s place had become home until he looked up at the door and his father appeared smiling. John was looking more energetic than he had when the boys left, in fact there was a glow suffusing his father’s face that was startling.


Dean glanced down and covered a grin with the back of his hand. His dad was starting to show a little, at least there seemed to be a faint swelling just barely visible beneath the faded gray t-shirt the older man was wearing. Before he climbed out of the car he shook Sam’s shoulder.  The younger man sat up yawning hugely.


John hurried to the car.


“So you boys find what you were looking for?”


Sam started to say something but Dean hurriedly interrupted.


“We got the job done. Just a couple of ghouls - smelly and disgusting but not a problem.”


He shot Sam a look over his shoulder and Sam nodded smiling vacantly. John cast them both a sideways glance but let it pass. Dean hauled his bag out of the back seat and walked up the step into the house. He looked around.


“Where’s Bobby?”


“He went into town. Should be back in a little while. You boys hungry? I made lunch.”


“Did you cook it?” Sam asked suspiciously.


John sighed as if he was the most put upon person in the world.


“Why are you guys, Bobby included, always bad-mouthing my cooking?”


“Dad, you once made a toaster explode.”


“It was faulty wiring,” John said, “I had nothing to do with it.”


“You tried to put the butter on the bread before you toasted it. That is not faulty wiring, Dad.” 


Dean grinned at him, and then patted his father on the stomach. John had gained about six pounds but it seemed to be all settling in front making his abdomen protrude slightly.


 “Hey there little guy. You’re starting to show, Dad.”


John glanced down.


“I am not…it’s your imagination. Stop that.”


Sam glared at his older brother then pulled his father into the kitchen. As it turned out John had not tried his hand at cooking, but was warming up left over Chinese food in the microwave. They settled around the table pushing the various cartons and containers around to each other and talked. Sam yawned again and John paused eating.


“Are you okay, Sammy?”


“I don’t know; I feel a little out of it. I shouldn’t really, we took a long time getting back and nothing much happened.”



Sam looked down at the box in his hand. Turning it over, he carefully read through the directions. With a frown he slid the white plastic stick out of the box and lifted the toilet seat. Sitting on the vanity beside the double sinks Sam waited the required three minutes. He was almost sure that the thing was defective and nothing was going to happen when the first faint glimmers of color began to appear in the little plastic window.


At first Sam couldn’t get his mind to wrap around the information on the test stick. But it was hard to deny; in the tiny window was a pink plus sign. He checked the directions on the back of the box yet again and then looked back down at the stick in his hand. It felt completely surreal. He was pregnant. He, Sam Winchester, was carrying a child. Suddenly his knees felt weak and he had to lean down blowing out his breath in huge gasps. He wondered if this was how his Dad had felt.


Dean was lounging against the wall in the hallway, hands jammed into his pockets when Sam opened the door. He took one look at his brother’s washed out face, and grabbed him by the arm. Carefully, Dean pulled Sam into the living room and shoved him down onto the sofa. John looked up from the book he was reading, as his older son pulled the younger one into the room. With a frown the elder Winchester rose.


“Sammy, are you okay?”


“I don’t know, Dad. I…I’m pregnant.”


A smile broke John’s face and he dropped onto the sofa patting Sam on the back. Dean grinned down at them both. Sam looked between his father and his brother then frowned. They both looked so happy and relieved, why did he feel so horrible?


He turned to John.


“Dad, how do you deal with it? How do you and Bobby feel about you being pregnant?”


John sighed; leave it to his youngest to over-think this thing.


“You just deal with it. I felt odd at first. It’s not something that I thought would ever happen. But then I thought that I’d never have sex with a man either, and that’s working out okay.”


“Okay?” Bobby’s rough voice carried from the door, “Just okay? Now Johnny, wasn’t that you begging for it harder and faster just this morning?”


“Oh shut up. I just found out that I’m going to be a grandfather…grandmother? This thing is really screwing up logistics.”


Bobby grinned reaching down to give Sam a one-armed hug.


“Don’t you mean we’re going to be grandparents?”


Sam smiled, it was hard not to in the face of all the parental pride he felt virtually oozing out of both older men. He slid an arm around Bobby’s waist.




With a sigh John settled back.


“I can’t believe my baby is going to have a baby. Oh god, did that really come out of my mouth? Bobby, let’s go pick up the paper and see if we can find something to go kill.”


The older man grinned.


“Sorry but you’re sidelined for the duration, Johnny-boy.”


“I’ll probably die of boredom, how can you be so cruel?”


“Tell you what, let’s load up that Uzi I picked up and take her down to the woods near the lake and shoot some trees to pieces. Will that work for you?”


“Think the cops will come after us?” John asked as he headed for the door.


Bobby slapped him on the ass.


“I can damn well guarantee it.”


“We’ll take my truck. It’s faster,” John said sagely, “Do you think there are any deer down there?”


“John, you can’t hunt deer with an Uzi,” Bobby said in a horrified voice.


“Have you ever tried?”




Dean slid down into the sofa beside Sam. Closing his eyes he let the faint voices of the older men wash over him bickering all the way to the truck. He only opened his eyes to catch the clouds of dust that his father’s pick-up truck kicked up into the air. The engine sounds faded and Dean sighed deeply.


“So, you don’t look to happy about this.”


“It’s not that, Dean. I feel pretty ambivalent about it though. I thought this was supposed to be momentous, something huge…and its not. It’s just one more thing that I have to do because somebody told me to. First it was Dad, and then it was you and now it’s the damn government. I want to be happy.”


“Then be happy, Sam. I am…happy about it. I like kids, I think.”


“Oh great, the blind leading the blind…” Sam said rolling his eyes.


Grinning Dean slid his hand over Sam’s belly and into his crotch. He squeezed and Sam hissed.


“I guess we’ll just have to feel our way,” Dean growled.


Sam’s breath caught in his throat.


“Dean, we’re on the sofa in the living room. What if Dad and Bobby come in.”


“They went down to the woods to hunt deer, with an Uzi,” Dean said snidely.


Sam gaped at him.


“Bobby won’t really let Dad kill a deer, huh? They don’t even have a hunting license”


“Oh yeah, because we both know what a law abiding guy Dad is.”


Sam snickered.


“Still, do you know what an Uzi would do to a deer carcass? We’d be picking shells out of the meat with out teeth.”


“They’re not going to kill anything. Dad’ll blow off some steam, and then Bobby’ll blow Dad. Then they’ll screw for an hour or so and come back happy.”


Dean slid his hand up Sam’s thigh gently grasping his dick through his jeans.


“Speaking of screwing…”


“In my delicate condition?”


“It hasn’t stopped Dad, and he’s a lot pregnanter…more pregnant than you.”


“Yeah, but Dad has such a gentle and considerate lover…” Sam said sarcastically.


Dean coughed.


“Bullshit, I’m guessing that you slept through the whole Yippee Chi Yi Yay Ride ‘em cowboy thing that they were doing the night before we left for Colorado.”


“Mercifully, yes,” Sam said covering his face with his hand.


Dean tugged him off the sofa and pulled him down the hall to the bedroom. They had barely gotten through the door before Sam had the older man slammed against the wall. Dean grunted as the air was forced out of his lungs. He swung Sam around and pushed him toward the bed. The mattress caught the younger man by the knees and he sprawled over the surface of the blankets, grinning.  


Dean stripped with quick economical movements and dropped onto the bed beside his brother. Sam tugged his shirt over his head dropping it on the floor then slid out of his jeans. Chuckling Dean dived onto him, pushing Sam down. He pulled Sam’s wrists up over his head pressing them down.


“Do I need to tie you up or can you behave and not move.”


“I’m feeling kind of rebellious today; maybe you’d better tie them.”


“Today?” Dean asked with a grin. “Just today?”


Sam moaned as Dean slid his tongue down the younger man’s chest, stopping only for a few seconds to lick his belly button. With a grin he nipped the hard ridge of muscle on Sam’s abdomen then lapped at his thigh. Sam spread his legs, slipping his hands down to guide Dean’s head. With a gasp Sam fell back on the pillow and let Dean’s mouth send him over the edge. Dean grunted reaching down to pull the belt out of his jeans; carefully he wrapped the belt around Sam’s left wrist making sure it wasn’t too tight. Then he threaded the belt through the headboard and wrapped the end around his brother’s other wrist. It was tight enough to keep Sam’s arms above his head, but loose enough to tug free if they needed to move quickly.


“We should have done this in Bobby’s and Dad’s room.”


Sam groaned, “Yeah, we wouldn’t have even had to bring our own restraints. I think that Bobby arc welded handcuffs to the headboard in there.”


“See it pays to have a mechanically minded…er…stepfather?” Dean said snickering.


“My arms are going to sleep either fuck me or let me go.”


Dean lifted Sam’s legs off the bed, and tucked his right knee behind Dean’s back. With a feral leer he slid forward and thrust in. Sam groaned again. Dean pulled out and slammed in so hard the head board rattled.


“Oh yeah, like that!” Sam all put shouted.


Dean started snickering again.


Sam glared.


“Pay attention to what you’re doing.”




The trees parted at the bend in the road and Bobby pulled the truck over onto the soft shoulder. He rolled it just a few feet forward to make sure the sand wasn’t so deep that the truck would sink and they would have to push it out later.


John hopped out; pulling a duffle bag over his shoulder. Bobby walked around the bed of the truck and picked up a large black gun case. Flipping it open he pulled the gleaming black metal Uzi out. John whistled appreciatively.


“That’s a damn beautiful thing, you know, Bobby.”


“I thought you like her, John. Feel the weight.” 


He offered the weapon to the other man; John hefted it then lined the gun up tucking it into the crook of his elbow. He checked the clip and smiled. The gun metal was cold against the bare skin of his arm, and he spread his legs slightly bracing against the recoil.


When the first pine sapling dissolved in a cloud of woodchips and foliage the look on John’s face was something akin to bliss. It would have almost frightened Bobby, if it hadn’t turned him on so much. John Winchester and a honkin’ big gun was a sight to behold.


The glow on John’s face deepened, the red stripes painting his cheeks like the glow of a fever. His eyes bright John carefully put the gun down on the ground. He turned on the older man with a mad glint in his eye. Bobby swallowed hard. John took two steps forward until he collided with the other man; Bobby’s hand came up automatically clutching at John’s waist. He could feel the slight swell of John’s belly, the first sign of the burgeoning life inside him.


Bobby’s hand dropped to John’s belt, undoing the buckle then sliding his jeans down. He grinned when he found bare skin.


“Going commando, Johnny-boy?”


“Uzi and all, it seemed appropriate. Makes things easier anyway.”


“Yeah, sure does.” 


Bobby slid down John’s body, pushing his jeans down to the ankle. He couldn’t get them over the other man’s boots which meant what he had intended was out, so he lapped at John’s growing erection with his tongue. John hissed as the older man drew in him inside. He was panting by the time Bobby swallowed him down. John came with a low moan, eyes fastened on his lover’s throat as he swallowed.


Quickly Bobby unfastened his trousers letting them drop to the knee. He wasn’t as daring as John and slid out of his underwear. John hobbled around as much as he could with his jeans still around his ankles and leaned his shoulder against the trunk of the huge old pine.


“Bobby, I we never done it, but …uhmm…”


“I’ll get the gun oil out of the bag.” 


Leaning back Bobby dragged the duffle over and bent down retrieving a small glass bottle. Quickly he dripped some of the yellow colored oil over his fingers.


“Relax, John.”


“As hard as you made me come I’m plenty relaxed. Hurry up.”


“Don’t be so damned pushy.”


Bobby pulled his fingers out and wiped the oil over his aching cock. He lined up and grabbed the younger man’s shoulder with the other hand.


“Take a deep breath.”


“Don’t flatter yourself, old man. Oh holy crap…yeah that’s it.” John jerked upright then bounced off the tree. “Ouch.”


“Sorry, baby.”


“Yeah, yeah, less talking more action.”


Bobby pulled out then thrust back inside in one long stroke. John hissed then grinned back at the other man over his shoulder.


“Now that’s what I’m talking about.”


“If you can still talk I ain’t doing this right.”


John braced himself against the tree trunk with both hands and Bobby settled into a slow easy rhythm that was driving the younger man insane. Finally, when John thought he was going to have to take matters into his own hands Bobby dropped one hand off John’s hip and clasped his renewed erection. John grunted forcing himself backwards.


“Hell yes,” he sighed as he shot a large wad of come against the trunk. He could feel Bobby coming inside him and stilled while the older man rode out his orgasm.


Panting, Bobby pulled out slapping John’s ass smartly.


“Still want to look for that deer?”


“Are you kidding my knees are about to give out. Let’s pack this son of a bitch up and head down to O’Malley. We’ll shoot some eight ball and you can have a beer. I guess I’m stuck with soda pop.”


“Aww, you can have half a beer.”


“What’ll we do with the other half?” John said leaning in to kiss the other man lips. Bobby grinned at him.


“It won’t go to waste.


They slid the gun case into the concealed compartment in the back of John’s truck. As they were loading the duffle John paused. He heard the sound of snapping brush. Quickly he hopped into the cab.


“Come on Bobby, the cops finally made it.”


Bobby looked over to where John was pointing and climbed behind the wheel. The truck spun tires on the soft sand then jumped a little as it gained traction. They took the turn a little too fast, just for the hell of it, despite the fact there were no red lights flashing behind them and headed out to the bar.



Three figures emerged from the shadowy underbrush just a few yards from where John and Bobby had been. The smallest of the three was distinctly female, dressed in skin tight black leather. She motioned the two large men beside her and they trotted easily to the pine sapling that John has macerated with the Uzi. Sniffing she brushed past the stub of the tree toward the larger pine casting a long shadow on the ground.


The two men flanked her. One of the men bent down sniffing the tree. With a grin he caught sight of the trickle of body fluid John had left on the trunk. Kate wiped a finger through the half congealed mass holding it up to her nose.


“I know this one, he seems familiar but his scent is off.”


She turned offering the hand to one of her companions. He leaned in, pale sunlight barely reaching his form. With a grin he clasped Kate’s wrist.


“He’s pregnant,” the male vampire said. “It’s all over him.”


“Well, that makes this thing all the easier. This one is related to the two that took the Colt. Meg wants it. If we take the breeder they’ll all come running.”







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