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The Plague Pt 9 B FRAO Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

“She trained me Bobby, when this all first started; she took me on my first hunt. Helped me get ready for my first solo hunt few years later.”


Sam was a little surprised to hear that Marti had been a woman, he remembered hearing John recount some small piece of gossip to Pastor Jim or someone else and Marti had always seemed larger than life, almost a legend. Whoever she had been John was hurting and it plainly showed.


“Yep, she was a first class hunter. She trained a lot of us. I remember when she came through here; it was Marti that got me clear on demons and exorcism. Anyway Ellen’s having some kind of memorial at the Roadhouse. She want’s us to come.”


“I’m not sure that Ellen wants me there,” John said slowly.


Bobby looked up at him and smiled gently.


“I’m not going without you. Ellen’ll be fine, it’s for Marti. John you’ve got to be there. All of us from that generation that’s still around are going to be there, now with Dan Elkins gone there ain’t a hell of a whole lot of us left.”


Sam leaned against the wall staring at the two older men.


“So this Marti Chavez was special…”


“Yeah, she was an old time hunter, one of the first when the network got started. To look at her you wouldn’t think she could fight or kill anything. She was five one and about a hundred pounds soaking wet,” John said.


“But she laid your daddy out colder than a block of ice the first time he ran into her, and not so politely told her what he thought of her.”


Dean smiled.


“You’re kidding.”


“Nope, Bobby had to stitch my head up. I think I heard bells ringing for days. She was a tough old broad even then, and that was twenty-something years ago.”


Bobby shook his head.


“Oh yeah, Marti was seven foot of mean in five foot of woman that’s for sure.”


“What killed her?” John asked.


Bobby shrugged.


“Ellen wasn’t sure; at least she didn’t seem to be. Anyway I told her you were coming with me, and she said okay.”



Later that night Sam and Dean lay in bed, Dean turned, glancing out the window. He could just make out the pale moonlight glinting on the large course grains of rock salt adorning the window sills. He sighed tucking an arm around Sam and pulling him closer. Sam sighed. He raised himself up on one elbow then bent over his lips seeking the older man’s in the dim light. Dean’s breath caressed his cheek then Sam found the source of that heated whisper of air.


Leaning in to deepen the kiss Sam slid his leg over the cool, crisp sheets and straddled Dean’s hips. He settled gently, rocking their bodies together. Dean uttered a low moan. Sam raked his nails down the smooth expanse of skin beneath him and felt his brother shudder.


“Oh god, Sammy, don’t keep me waiting. I need you.”


“Wait just a little longer."


 Sam slid his hand between then and stroked his fingers over his heated flesh, his cock quivered and then Sam grasped both his dick and Dean’s wrapping his large warm palm around them both and tugged. Dean groaned again.


“God, please Sammy I want to be inside you.”


Pushing himself to his knees Sam grasped Dean’s dick at the base and held it out until he could gently lower himself onto his brother. His head jerked back and Sam’s breath hissed out in one long sibilant whispered.


“Ahhhh…that’s so good.”


Dean dropped his hands to Sammy’s thighs, feeling the tug and glide of the skin over his well formed muscles as the younger man raised and lowered himself. Grunting Sam set a quick pace almost as if he wanted Dean to loose control. Dean slapped Sam’s buttock. And the younger man winced but refused to stop.


“Slow down,” Dean said with a mock growl.


Sam grinned.


“Make me.”


Dean grinned wrapping his hands around Sam’s waist and shoving the younger man to the side. Sam was forced to roll or risk giving his brother a severe injury. Suddenly the younger man found himself flat on his back legs in the air, as Dean thrust into him.


“Oh yeah, Dean come on harder…make me feel it.”


Glancing at the door the older man cringed.


“Sammy, Dad and Bobby will hear you.”


A sudden moan from the other bedroom echoed in the hall. Sam grinned.


“I don’t think they’re listening.”


Dean grunted, thrusting into Sam in a quick steady rhythm, the younger man groaned, wrapping his hands around Dean’s broad shoulders. After a few more thrusts Dean slid one hand between them working Sam’s dick. The younger man moaned and spilled his seed over this brother hand. Dean jerked as he filled Sam with his seed.




John knelt on the bed, naked skin gleaming in the soft yellow lamplight. He was oiled from neck to foot, shivering in the cool air of the bedroom. Bobby tugged John’s hand to the cuff welded to the upright post of the wrought iron headboard, the other hand already secured. With a grin he leaned over and trailed his tongue over the younger man’s jugular vein. John shivered again, and this time the coolness of the air had nothing to do with it.


After making sure that John’s hands were secured the older man picked up, a three foot long strip of black leather. It was thin enough to sting if wielded with the correct force, not heavy enough to cause permanent damage. Bobby had been reluctant to play these kinds of games with John since he had gotten pregnant, but tonight he could tell John was wound up, and needed the kind of release that only this brought him.


“Bobby…” John objected with the other man lifted a black blindfold to his eyes.


“You weren’t give permission to speak so keep your mouth shut.”


John started to object again, and the leather strap snapped out catching him on the ass. The skin pinked nicely and John jerked forward.


“I’m sorry.”


“Not as sorry as you’re gonna be.”


Bobby’s voice was a smooth as molten metal and it flowed over John taking him to another dimension. The strap snaked out again, and this time the mark it left was darker, redder. John jerked again, his cock painting a pearly streak of fluid on the wrought iron of the headboard.


Bobby worked John’s body with the strap, varying the speed and depth of the strikes leaving John off balanced, totally raw and open. When he heard the first broken sob, Bobby dropped the leather and slid close; he grabbed his own dick, and pressed into John’s already lubricated hole. John jerked again as the older man slid inside him. And then Bobby’s hands found the blindfold stripping it away. Tears were streaming down John’s face, splattering his sweat soaked skin, and Bobby thrust into him harder enough to make the bed rattle on its frame.


“Oh god yes…” John cried.


“Are you okay baby?” Bobby asked, but John shook his head.  Sliding his fingers through John’s hair, Bobby pulled his head back with a slightly vicious twist baring his throat and dropped his mouth to the tender flesh, biting down until he raised a red mark. John jerked his hands against the cuffs, slapping the metal headboard against the wall, and cried out.


Bobby thrust into John hard enough to lift him off his knees and John cried out again. The older man could feel John’s body shaking with every spurt of his release. When Bobby came it was like he was fourteen again, hard and hot and everything he had ever dreamed of.


Snuggled in the bed together later Bobby lay with his head on John’s chest listening to the steady beating of the younger man’s heart. His hand slid down John’s chest almost of its own volition until he cupped the peak of the slight swell of John’s abdomen.



They ate breakfast quickly the next morning going over a few articles in the paper. Both boys noticed the large hickey on their Dad’s throat and the fact that he winced when he sat down, but neither of them were brave enough to say anything about it. They decided to take two vehicles since neither Dean nor Bobby could stomach the thought of Sam and John riding together in a small enclosed space for almost two days.


They gassed the cars up at the Chevron station on Highway 395, East to Topeka. Bobby and John were driving in John’s truck, while Sam and Dean took the Impala. John followed Dean up the ramp as they headed toward the junction to Topeka and then onwards to Lincoln.


It was early Friday morning, just before rush hour, the highway stretched out empty before them. Dean cranked the volume up on the tape deck and popped in a little Zeppelin, Sam just rolled his eyes. He glanced out of the passenger side mirror catching sight of Bobby’s smiling face behind them. His Dad was at the wheel.


John’s truck pulled into the center lane and slid into place beside them. Dean glanced at Bobby through the open window and raised a hand off the wheel. Bobby grinned and saluted.


“Dad’s kidding himself if he thinks that pick-up will take this car,” he said under his breath.


Sam barely caught it.


“They’ve been working on the engine, tuning it up. It sounds good,” Sam said, shrugging.


 Dean just tossed him a glance over his shoulder.


“Sammy, opera sounds good but that don’t make it music.”


Grinning Dean lifted an eyebrow.


“I’ve been doing a little work on this bad boy myself.”


“Oh yeah,” Sam snickered as the truck surged past and Bobby hung out the window flipping them off. With a grin he turned to his brother.


“Smoke ‘em.”


That was all the incentive Dean needed. He slammed his foot to the floor and opened the Impala’s big V8 engine up. The whine of the engine became almost deafening and the car jumped a little then zoomed past the truck and slewed across the lanes, cutting the pick-up off. He flashed his brake lights once and sped onward. Sam cell phone rang and he fished it out of his jeans. Grinning he looked back nodding through the rear window although he doubted that either of the older men in the truck could see him.


Bobby’s voice came through the static.


“You boys been working on that thing on the sly, haven’t you?”


“Dean, work on the car, are you kidding?” Sam smiled at his older brother.


They could hear Bobby’s snort of laughter.


“We’ll meet you guys in Lincoln at Sweet Baby Ray’s for lunch.”


“Sweet Baby Ray’s it is. Catch you in a couple of hours.”


Dean grinned, reaching over he snatched the phone out of Sam’s hand.


“We’ll see you in a couple of hours, you’ll never catch us.”



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