linda92595 (linda92595) wrote,

The Plague Pt 11 A FRAO Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

The Plague Pt 11

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, and John/Bobby

Rating: FRAO

Warnings: AU, M-Preg (Sam, John). Hermaphrodite characters (Sam/John) Graphic Sex, het and slash, Wincest (Sam/Dean) A chunk of dialogue for this chapter came right out of Devil's Trap.


Summary:  In this world about 25% of all males are born hermaphrodites, although they function only as males. A demon creates a plague that kills most of the women of child bearing age, but one of the side effects is that the men who are born hermaphrodites catch the plague and become fully functional as females, without really changing their outward appearance.  In order to keep the population from dropping dangerously the government decides that all the newly functional “breeders” must have a male partner and give birth to at least one child.



Consciousness came with a price John discovered and it was the sickly sweet taste of linen shoved in his mouth and the burn of muscles pulled taut by heavy rope. He struggled to sit up and found that he was already sitting, halfway at least, with his arms

bound behind him to a wooden spindle in the banister of a staircase.


The house he was in was new; he could still smell the paint drying on the walls. The staircase he was secured to led upstairs to a landing.  John could just make out the vague outlines of some kind of table perched in a niche in the wall. Something large and feathery was hanging off the table, a floral arrangement, he supposed. Nothing useful in that.


Scanning the downstairs he noted the crisp white-beige carpets and bulky amorphous shapes of sofa and chairs tastefully arranged around a distressed brick fireplace. The carpets still smelled of some kind of cleaning fluid. It made John feel sick to his stomach and he forced the nausea down. If he vomited with the gag in his mouth he'd aspirate the material and choke to death. And John had no desire to choke on his own stomach contents. He wasn't going to die here, not at the hands of these things. He had Ellen Harvelle to deal with. God, what this must being doing to Bobby and the boys.


The house was too sterile, too quiet to actually belong to someone. The carpets hadn't seen wear lately, so John was betting that this was a model home, one the developers showed to people to get them to buy. That meant that the development was either empty or still under construction. John could clearly remember seeing a sign for a new housing tract off Highway 34 from Lincoln, just on the outskirts of Jackson not far from the Roadhouse. So they hadn't gone far.


He heard the sounds of footsteps on the stairs behind him and though about playing possum for a little while, but the vampires would be able to hear the change in his breathing pattern and know he was awake so he just sat there waiting for them to come.


She walked up to him, actually smiling. John cocked his head, and offered her a disinterested look. Kate squatted down pulling the gag out of his mouth.


"So you're up and about, well, awake any way."


"What the hell do you want?” John asked.


She smiled at him running her fingers down his cheek, tracing the scar that crossed the bone.


"Nothing from you anyway. But your husband has something we want. Something a friend of ours desperately wants, and you and that little parasite inside you make good bargaining chips"


John sneered at her.


"Don't over-estimate my importance to Bobby, he's doing this as a favor. Me and this kid, we're just a noose around his neck."


Her laughter was a little too bright and eager and John wondered how he had misjudged. So playing the cast-off lover wasn't going to get him anywhere. Kate leaned in and smiled.


"That's not what he was telling the preacher-man when they went for their little stroll. Bobby dear has a couple of nice shiny rings in his pocket, sweetheart."


John's heart clenched, it never paid for the enemy to know more about your situation than you did. But he didn’t drop his gaze. She motioned one of the male vampires over. He leaned down tugging the bonds loose and jerking John to his feet. Kate followed them.

They took John to the bathroom, and regardless of their watchful eyes he emptied his bladder with a sigh of relief. He washed his hands then splashed water over his face trying to clear his head. His stomach still hadn't settled and he realized that he had left his meds in the hotel. So when the big male vampire leaned in behind him and John caught a whiff of stale blood on his breath he leaned over the toilet and vomited.


Kate grimaced as if she hated any reminder of basic human bodily functions that she might have once been prone too so many years ago. When John was finished he rinsed his mouth and face again. The male vampire pulled him into the living room and shoved him onto the sofa. John grunted as one of the male vampires bound his hands behind his back with duct tape. He sat just because his knees were a little too shaky to hold him.


Another figure appeared at the door to the house. She was smaller than Kate and not as elaborately dressed. In fact, she looked like a simple school girl, thin and blonde, someone who could have one of Sam's college friends. Her short cut hair was plainly done framing her slender face. Only the odd cast to her eyes caught John's attention, that and the way she smiled. He could smell sulphur on her without even seeing her eyes go black.


"Hello Johnny," she said with a smile.


It was then he remembered her. The warehouse in Chicago, the shadow demons. She was the one who had done a header out of the seventh story window. Well, that was a wrap on the poor girl trapped in her own body, and that made the idea that he might have to kill her go down a little easier. Of course, with the vampires as enforcers it made getting into a position to actual kill the little bitch a lot more difficult.


"Well Meg, we brought him here."


"I'll get the old man on the phone."


Meg leaned down shuffling through John's pockets until she found his cell phone. She flicked it on running down the list of contacts until she found Bobby's number. With a dry grin she punched the button.



Bobby was sitting at the bar in the Roadhouse with Jim Murphy. Sam and Dean were seated at a table with Ellen Harvelle and he wasn't sure if the boys were keeping her company or keeping her prisoner. None of them were any too happy with the woman right now. Even Jim Murphy had gone ballistic when he found out what she had done.


When his phone rang and Bobby saw that the caller id said John he was ecstatic. Fumbling the phone the rest of the way out of his pocket he clicked it on.


"Oh god…Baby are you okay?"


"Baby can't come to the phone right now old man. He's all tied up at the moment," Meg said licking her lips. The hiss of indrawn breath made her giggle. "Isn't he …I don’t know…kind of old for you to be calling him baby?"


"What do you want…"


"The name’s Meg," she said flicking a glance at John. "You have a gun, something that belonged to Daniel Elkins; the two boys picked it up at his cabin. I want it. I'll trade you for it. If you want Baby and the kid back, bring it to me."


"I don't know what you're talking about," Bobby said glancing at Sam and Dean.


He took a deep breath as the boys gathered around leaning down to listen. Meg's voice carried over the line.


"I tell you what. I'll send you the little one first; all I have to do is cut it out. You want that?  In bits and pieces. He might survive it, of course, he might not."


"You bitch, you lay one hand on him, and I'll track you down and kill you a bit and a piece at a time!" Bobby shouted hands shaking.


Dean grabbed the phone pushing the older man onto a barstool.


"Meg, what the hell are you doing?"


"You boys are so screwed this time," Meg hissed over the phone. She glanced at John sitting on the sofa.  "You boys are never going to see your daddy again."


Dean listened as the line went dead. Bobby took the phone from the younger man's limp fingers and Dean wiped his hand over his eyes. Sam rose from the table coming to stand beside the other men.


"That was Meg, are you sure? What did she want?"


Dean cringed. "She has dad. She wants that Colt we got for Bobby from Daniel Elkins' place."


Bobby shook his head.


"She'll kill him."


"Not yet, but she'll get around to it, if we don't find her first."


Bobby glanced over at the younger man.


"Even if we get this girl, Meg. We still have to find John. Can we even be sure that she knows who has John?"


Sam frowned.


"She knows. Meg is a demon. We ran into her in Chicago and she sent some Shadow demons after Dad, used us as bait to pull him in. It's why we weren't hunting together for a long time. Then we met up again and the plague broke out. Dad was pretty sure that Meg is the key to tracking down the demon that killed Mom."


"The most important thing right now is getting John back. Look boys I know you want that too, but if the Colt is what I think it is and we give it up, John will never forgive us. We've got to be smart about this thing."


"Bobby, you're just as bad as Dad is. I can't believe that you'd even consider not giving Meg the gun," Sam snapped.


Bobby rose from the barstool bearing down on the younger man, Dean quickly stepped between the two men. He pushed Sam back then turned on the older man.


"Both of you stop it. God, first I'm in the middle between Dad and Sammy now you Bobby. Look we all want the same thing…to get Dad and the baby back. But Bobby's right we need that gun, and if we did give it to Meg I'm betting that she'll just kill him anyway."


"So we make her think she's getting what she wants, and use her to find Dad," Sam replied. He settled back into his seat. "Can we do that?"


Bobby nodded.


"Yeah, I'm thinking we have to. I know where there's an antique shop in Lincoln. We can come up with a fake gun. Something that looks old enough and enough like the Colt to pass. She's likely never seen it before. Not may people have."


Sam sighed.


"The problem is the three vampires. Ellen says that the female, Kate, was the one that approached her about taking Dad. But she also said that there are two male vampires with Kate. Meg will probably bring one of them along as back up, but that still leaves two with Dad. We've got to take out Meg or the vampire and get one of them back here to talk."


"I say we kill the vamp, and bring the demon bitch here," Dean added. "We can exorcise her ass, and find out where the others are holding Dad."


Bobby nodded in agreement.


"That's a plan."


Suddenly Sam cocked his head at the bar, and the woman sitting behind it. She was staring, unfocused at the floor not paying any attention to the three men gathered around the end of the bar. Bobby frowned; it seemed to him that Ellen wasn't exactly firing on all her cylinders right now. He glanced at the door, as Ellen once again gazed at the front window. It seemed as if she was almost waiting for something. Then a horrible thought crossed his mind, maybe she was waiting for someone. Someone who had been gone awhile.  He didn't have time to worry about that right now. He and the boys had to get to Lincoln before nightfall and get that fake gun.



Dean and Sam stood beside the Impala while Bobby made his purchase in the Old Time Antiques store in downtown Lincoln. When the older man came out of the shop he pulled out a bag out and handed it to Dean. The younger man opened the bag glancing down at the gun. It was almost the same size as the Colt.


Bobby pulled the real gun out of the box and loaded it. He handed it to Dean who tucked it into the waistband of his jeans. Bobby loaded the fake gun and placed it in the wooden box.  


"Well, we're as ready as we'll ever be."



Nodding Bobby glanced down at his watch. It was just a few minutes past five in the afternoon. Sunset was a long time in coming, but it was over-cast, cloudy and that might mean that the vampires would be up and moving. Pulling his cell phone out Bobby found John's number and punched the button.


Meg answered the phone right way as if she had been expecting him to call. Bobby bristled at the tone of her voice.


 "So you decided that he was worth the trade?" she asked.  He could hear the sly amusement in her voice.


"Look, I want to know that John is okay before we do this. I'm not just handing the gun over without some assurances."


"You don't really have much of a choice do you? One thing that you know for sure is that I will kill him if I don't get the gun. So save any false bravado and meet me where I tell you. If I'm satisfied that the gun is good I'll tell you where you can find Johnny boy."


"There's an abandoned barn just a few miles from the Roadhouse meet me there," Bobby said.  Glancing at his watch he hissed. He and the boys were going to have to move their asses to get back there, but he had the place already set up. He could hear the hesitation in Meg's voice and he added, "There are too many witnesses at the Roadhouse, don’t want any interference do we?"



Her voice stuttered a bit again, and Bobby smiled. Demons weren't any smarter than human beings when it came down to it. And they were greedy and arrogant. She probably thought she had him suckered, so why not do it his way? Finally, Meg agreed.


"Okay, sure I'll be there."



Turning to Kate she motioned the female vampire forward. Kate glanced down at John stroking his cheek, then jerked her head at the two males.


"Keep an eye on him, but don't kill him - not yet. We may need him if this goes bad. I'll call you when we have the gun and have taken care of the others then you can have him."


The two women walked out the door. John watched them go then settled back against the sofa watching the two male vampires though slitted eyes. The larger male, the bulky black vampire with the shaved head, settled down on the sofa beside John. He grinned running a finger down John's cheek to his neck, tilting his head back. John tried to jerk away, but the other vampire sat down beside him trapping him between their two bodies.



John frowned.


"Your lady friend said you can't kill me."


The younger male smiled.


"We don't want to kill you. Where's the fun in that?"


The black male's thick fingers worked the buttons on John's shirt, baring his chest. He raked nails lightly over the sleek, skin grinning as thin lines of red welled on the human's skin. John hissed in pain. With a deeply indrawn breath the vampire leaned down flicking his tongue over the cut, lapping at the blood.


John's breath caught in his chest, and he swallowed convulsively. The other male slipped his hand down working the buckle on John's belt, drawing it out making sure that John followed the movement with his eyes.


"Don't…" John hissed.


Grinning he leaned in.


"Hush...honey, I'm not going to hurt you…much."


John grunted as the black vampire tugged him up and off the sofa as if he were holding a child. The other vampire pulled John's jeans down to his ankles pressing his hand between John's thighs. John struggled trying to break free but with his hands bound and the two large male vampires flanking him he was trapped.


The dark-skinned head dipped low, teeth grazing John's neck. John felt a stab of heat knife its way into his belly. Groaning he tried to pull away, but the blunt-fingered hands were on his shoulders holding him in place. One hand slipped down from John's shoulder to cup his breast and John cried out as the other vampire grasped his knee in one hand and buried his face in John's groin. John was hard, aching and the vampire's mouth closed around the head of his cock. He howled as teeth nicked the sensitive skin.


Suddenly the vampire holding his shoulder reared back teeth flashing in the soft light. The white vampire bit down on John's cock and shoved two fingers up into him as the black vampire sank his teeth into John's neck. John screamed as he came.



John lay across the sofa watching the two male vampires playing cards at the dining room table. The dried blood flaking on his neck itched, but his hands were still bound and he couldn't scratch, he itched in other places too, but he desperately didn't want to think about that. They hadn't fed on him much and John was sure that they were just teaching him a lesson, making him aware of just how much power they had over him. John felt humiliated, and disgusted. He had had their mouths and hands on him, and he had come.





Bobby was standing in the doorway to the barn when a 1972 Dodge pulled into the dirt road leading to the farm. He watched as the car turned the bend in the road and pulled to a halt. Behind the wheel was a small blond woman and sitting beside her was another woman, taller more dangerous looking, and Bobby knew she was the vampire.


Kate slid out of the car, stretching and smiling at the man. He took a step back as her eyes flashed silver in the fading sunlight. With a grim expression Bobby walked toward the two women as Meg came around the car and stopped next to the vampire. Bobby looked over the interior of the car and frowned.


"Where's John. I thought we had a deal."


Meg shrugged.


"He's safe for now. I just wanted to make sure that you weren't pulling anything on me. Where's the Colt?"


Bobby lifted the box flipping the metal clasps. The lid sprang back revealing the blue velvet lining and the gun inside. With a smile Meg stepped forward lifting the gun out. She ran her fingers over the smooth lines turning the weapon over in her slender hands. Bobby watched her out of the corner of his eyes.


"Welt, it certainly looks like the real thing," she said.


Suddenly she whirled firing the gun at the vampire. The shot hit her mid chest ripping a hole in her shirt and knocking Kate off her feet. With a snarl the vampire came up off the ground.


"You shot me!" she hissed.


Meg flung the gun at the man.


"Yeah, and you're still alive. I swear, after everything I heard about you hunters, I’ve got to tell you, I’m a little under-whelmed. Lacklustre, man. I mean, did you really think I wouldn’t find out? She shrieked storming to Bobby and slamming him back against the wall. "Where's the gun old man?"


"Hey, bitch over here," Dean said stepping out of the door to the barn.


Kate whirled, snarling and baring her teeth. Dean raised the Colt and fired one shot catching the vampire squarely in the forehead. She head jerked back and she spun around hitting the ground, Meg watched wide-eyed as Kate dissolved into gray ash.


Bobby grabbed the woman by the arms, and flung her bodily into the barn door. She rose to her full height which was considerably less than his and managed to shove him back. But Sam came out of the shadows behind her and flung her into a chair. Dean pressed the Colt against her cheek, and Meg made a movement as if to come for him, but stuttered to a halt.


Bobby grinned pointing to the rough hewn ceiling of the barn and the elaborate design painted on the raw wood. Meg hissed.


"Devil's Trap," Bobby said grinning. "You ain't going anywhere, Honey."


Bobby bound her hand and foot to the chair while Sam pulled out a book and vial of Holy Water.  With a grim look Sam splashed the Holy Water over her watching as she writhed and screamed as smoke curled into the air. Bobby took the book and turned to the ritual of exorcism.


"You know, if you wanted to tie me up, all you had to do was ask."  

Meg grinned at Sam licking her lips. He and Dean ignored her looking instead at the older man. Bobby walked over handing the book back to Sam.

"I salted the doors and windows. If there are any demons out there, they ain’t getting in."

Nodding Dean walked over to the woman bound in the chair. He leaned over using his greater height and weight to menace her.  

"Where’s our father, Meg?"

"You didn’t ask very nice."

Dean grimaced.

"Where’s our father, bitch?"


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