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The Plague Pt 12 FRAO Dean/Sam, John/Bobby

The Plague Pt 12

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, and John/Bobby

Rating: FRAO

Warnings: AU, M-Preg (Sam, John). Hermaphrodite characters (Sam/John) Graphic Sex, het and slash, Wincest (Sam/Dean) A chunk of dialogue for this chapter came right out of Devil's Trap.


Summary:  In this world about 25% of all males are born hermaphrodites, although they function only as males. A demon creates a plague that kills most of the women of child bearing age, but one of the side effects is that the men who are born hermaphrodites catch the plague and become fully functional as females, without really changing their outward appearance.  In order to keep the population from dropping dangerously the government decides that all the newly functional “breeders” must have a male partner and give birth to at least one child.


Many thanks to Sioux_Sioux for the wonderful beta on the story.




Jim Murphy looked at his reflection in the mirror. He studiously tried to avoid looking at anything else in the room. He winced when his eyes were drawn to the bed, a huge red velvet monstrosity that, at least, had been carefully remade before he borrowed the room.

The small group of people gathered in the parking lot was waiting for him. He knew that Bobby had wanted a small ceremony, and was surprised beyond belief that John had agreed to it at all. But somehow word had gotten out at the restaurant and now the few hunters that had gathered on the lakeshore at dawn to mourn the passing of one of their own now were hell bent on gathering together again to celebrate the union of two others.


The vehicles formed a caravan as the hunters pulled out of the parking lot following Caleb in his jeep, Jim riding shot gun. He accompanied a few hunters in his life, although never hunted on his own and the buzz of adrenaline ran just under his skin even now. The jeep was followed by Sam and Dean in the Impala and John and Bobby in John's huge black truck. Behind them a few others were following along.


The lake was still impossibly beautiful, serene and calm, the picture of idyllic perfection. The water spread out smooth and green, glinting with pale morning sunlight. Beside the calm water white sand stretched out for miles, falling off into the distance, just beyond the curve of the horizon.  The glade that they stood in was surrounded by tall oak trees, foliage supple and green from the spring rains.  Interspersed between the tall green oaks were lilac trees; the purple and white blossoms carpeting the sand at their feet.


Bobby and John were the first to the beach; they walked together just a few feet away from the others, heads bent in discussion. Jim herded the boys away with the hunters allowing the other men time to focus themselves.


The assembled group was settled in a small semi-circle Jim stepped forward, motioned John and Bobby to his side. He smiled holding up a hand.


"My friends we have come here to day to this beautiful place to witness the joining together of two souls. These two men, well know to us all, desire to share their lives and we are honored to bear witness to their joining."


Jim smoothly took John's arm and gently moved him into place beside Bobby, the two facing the pastor. Sam and Dean stood just to the side of their father smiling broadly. Jim took the Bible he held and opened it although he had performed enough weddings in his day that he didn't even need the book. Still it made his heart glad to hold it.


After offering the prayer Jim smiled at Bobby.


"Robert Henry Singer do you take this man, John Francis Winchester as your life mate, to have and to hold in the dark that may cross your way and the light that may grace your day, forsaking all others and cleaving only unto him, 'til death do you part?"


Bobby swallowed.


"I do."


"What token do you offer as a symbol of your undying love?"


"A ring," Bobby said, quickly pulling the small gold band out of his pocket.


Jim nodded motioning to John.


"Place the ring on the third finger of John's left hand and repeat these vows…John, with this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, with all my worldly goods I thee endow."


John bent his head down watching the gold band slide onto his finger. He smiled and closed his hand just enough so that his thumb could touch the ring. He caressed the satiny finish feeling the smooth metal glide under his callused fingertip.


Suddenly Jim Murphy's amused voice caught his attention.




"Uhm… yeah, I do," he said flushing.


Bobby winked at him. Jim grinned.


"I haven't asked you anything yet, but your answer is duly noted. Just for the sake of dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's repeat after me…"




After the ceremony was finished Sam and Dean walked around the edge of the lake. Sam was smiling softly and Dean wrapped an arm around his brother's shoulders giving him a one armed hug of sorts.


"I can't do that for you Sammy."


"I don't need it. It wouldn't be right. You’re my brother first, what we do is just between us and for no one else," Sam said easily.


Dean cocked his head, but Sam seemed genuinely to believe it so he let it pass.


"Still how are we going to explain the baby when it gets here? I hate that we'll end up telling people that the father is some nameless guy you were banging."


"What difference does it make? It'll still be a Winchester, still be one of us…ours."



Dean nodded steering his younger brother back to where the older men stood. The other hunters had gone, and Jim was talking to John and Bobby waiting for the boys to join them. Bobby had his arm around John's waist and turned toward Dean when they walked up.


"So Pastor Jim, Mr. Singer…" Dean grinned, "Mrs. Singer."


John rolled his eyes.


"Bobby and I are going to drive Jim back to the airport this afternoon. You boys want to pack it in and follow us?"


Dean started to answer but Jim stilled him with a faint shrug.


"Maybe we'll hang around a bit longer. Aren't you and Bobby supposed to be on your honeymoon?"


"I'm four months pregnant, I think that boat has already sailed," John said, "Besides Bobby already made the earth move this morning, what I really want is lunch. I'm starving."


Jim noticed the grim expressions on the other men's faces. Bobby looked at him, and Jim was certain he was almost green. Apparently food cravings had set in, and they must have been some doozies if the look on their faces was anything to go by.  Dean sighed.


"I guess we can go to lunch a little early."


Sam was making frantic gestures behind their father's back, but Dean just shrugged lifting an eyebrow. With a grimace Sam kicked him in the ankle.


"Ouch," Dean snapped.


Bobby ushered John into the truck and climbed in, rolling down the window.


"Meet us at the strip off Highway 34 in Lincoln there's some good places to eat there. As long as John doesn't want liverwurst and cream cheese on jalapeño bagels again we're good to go."


"Hey, you know what might be good…"


John's voice carried to them as they climbed into the Impala. Bobby grunted, he didn't cross himself but he looked like he wanted too.


Jim settled into the rear seat of the Impala. Sam turned around.


"I know that you wanted to talk to us, Jim. What do you need us to do?"


Jim sighed.


"Ellen made a deal with the demon in exchange for giving John to the vampires. Last night I was sure that something was in the bar with us. I think that it was Jo."


"You think that Ellen asked for Jo back from the dead?" Dean asked over his shoulder. Jim shrugged.


"I think that she asked for Jo back. What I fear is that she wasn't too specific about it being alive again. Something unnatural was in that place. If the demon did send Jo back as something undead it needs to be set right again."


Dean frowned.


"After what Ellen did our Dad why should we do anything for her."


Jim offered him a pointed look..


"You're not doing it for Ellen. I'm not even sure that she came out of this intact, at least mentally. You're doing this because it is what you do; rid the world of the unnatural evil that exists. John raised you to do that, and it needs to be done. I would have tried myself, but I've never been a hunter. I offer aid and shelter that is my role in this."


"All right, but I don't want Dad involved."


"No, we agree there. That's why I wanted to speak to you and Sam. And I feel badly about involving Sam considering that he's pregnant, too. You all got lucky that John and the baby came out of this physically unscathed."


Sam turned around in the seat eyes boring into Jim. The older man turned away. Finally, he returned the younger man's gaze. Sam swallowed.


"What do you mean, physically unscathed. Is there something wrong with Dad or the baby?"


"No, Jack Curtis looked John over last night. He said that John was fine but that the vampires had fed from him. Not enough to be a danger to John or the baby, but…"


"What, Jim?"


"Well, you are aware of the sexual aspects of a vampire's attack. Jack did a pretty thorough exam on John and he was certain that your Dad was sexually assaulted by the vampires when they fed on him. I'm not sure how much guilt John feels over it. I know that Bobby was pretty shaken last night, not that he'd ever let John know that."


Dean slammed his hand down on the steering wheel, and the car jerked across the lanes. Sam grasped the side of the seat.


"Dean, take it easy."


"God, whatever Jo does to Ellen she has it coming. Why should be do anything to help that bitch."


Jim frowned.


"Dean, I've already told you, it's not for Ellen, it's for anyone else that this thing might harm.  This thing that Joann has become."


"Okay, I'm glad that Bobby and Dad are taking you to the airport. We'll take care of it then meet Dad and Bobby back at the house in Durham."




The restaurant was quiet, not many people eating at this early hour. Now that John was no longer suffering from morning sickness he had been struck by food cravings. Most of the things that he had idly been eating were normal enough that it hadn't really bothered the others, but lately John's cravings had taken a decidedly unique turn, and often Sam, who was now suffering from morning sickness himself, couldn't stand to look at his father eating. The straw that had really broken the camels' back as far as Dean was concerned had been liverwurst and cream cheese, which either one alone made him sick to his stomach but combined on jalapeno bagels was too gross to contemplate.


Now the three men followed Bobby and John into the building. It turned out to be an old-fashioned cafeteria but it was close to the airport. Dean sighed, at least with pre-cooked food his Dad couldn't get too weird.  He followed John through the line making his selections when they got to the desserts John piled a bowl of lime Jello on. Dean sighed, well lime Jello was reasonably inoffensive even if he would never had eaten it. When they reached the end of the line John leaned over asking the girl behind the counter for something. He smiled when she returned with a small plastic container.


They settled around the table and Bobby glanced down at John's plate.


"Honey, I didn't know you like Jello."


John shrugged. "It's okay.  You've just got to dress it up a little."


"Yeah," Dean said stabbing a fork in the direction of John's food. "What are you dressing it up with?"


John dumped the bowl of chopped food over the Jello and spooned it up. Sighing he dipped the spoon again, grinning.




Quickly Bobby fished a small white capped prescription bottle out of his pocket.


"Make you sure you take your meds, John."


"What's the matter Bobby? Bothered by a little Jello and onions?"


Bobby grimaced.


"Hell, I 'm bothered by it going down, John. I sure as hell don't want to watch it coming back up again."


After they had finished eating John and Bobby loaded Jim into the cab of the truck. Dean leaned against the side of the truck, and Bobby rolled down the window. 


"Sammy and I are going to head back to the house. We'll meet you there."


John leaned around Bobby smiling.


"Take your time. We'll see to Jim."


Dean and Sam stood besides the Impala watching as the older man drove away. Dean slid into the driver's seat, and Sam settled in beside him. Turning Sam said,


"I think that we'd better talk to Ellen Harvelle, and see if we can get any kind of an answer out of her before we start looking for Jo."


"If Ellen is still alive. From what Jim said, whatever showed up at the Roadhouse last night wasn't Jo."




Bobby pulled the truck out of the airport parking lot, and turned onto the highway. He was happy to be on the road home, and grateful to have John and the baby safe beside him again. He didn't intend to let John get out of his sight for a good long time. John was all but dozing in his seat when he suddenly sat up right.


"You okay, baby?"


"Yeah, I should have reminded Dean that he was supposed to go by that garage in town about a job."


"I've got plenty of work to do at the shop. Dean doesn't need to go to some garage in town."


"Bobby, the boys and I are looking for jobs. We can't keep living off of you…"


"You've got a job, John, taking care of that little one inside you."


"That's doesn't pay the bills, Bobby. We never intended for you to support all of us. Sammy is going to get a job at the library, it's not much but right now but it'll work. And I think I can get a job tending bar at Big Jim's."


"That's a biker place. No way in Hell!  You are not working at some biker bar, John. I won't have it."


"Just what makes you think you've got any say in the matter…" John snapped, but Bobby leaned over the seat and grasped John's left hand lifting until the sunlight glinted off the gold band on his finger.


"I'm your husband, John and that baby's father, and that gives me all the say in the world."


John gaped at him.


"The hell you say. Look Bobby it isn't fair for me and the boys to ask you to provide for us. We're all capable of working."


”It's my job to take care of you and the kids."


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