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The Plague Pt 13 A FRAO Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

The Plague Pt 13

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, and John/Bobby

Rating: FRAO

Warnings: AU, M-Preg (Sam, John). Hermaphrodite characters (Sam/John) Graphic Sex, het and slash, Wincest (Sam/Dean)


Summary:  In this world about 25% of all males are born hermaphrodites, although they function only as males. A demon creates a plague that kills most of the women of child bearing age, but one of the side effects is that the men who are born hermaphrodites catch the plague and become fully functional as females, without really changing their outward appearance.  In order to keep the population from dropping dangerously the government decides that all the newly functional “breeders” must have a male partner and give birth to at least one child.



John's face twisted into a grimace and he blew out his breath. Bending over at the waist he took a deep breath and squeezed his eyes shut. With a grunt he huffed out his breath as much as he could then bent over again grasping the two sides of the cloth and tugging. The jeans rode up his thighs clamping his balls in a vise grip and he uttered a half-strangled moan. With a defeated look he turned to the closet surveying the empty hangers and the pile of denim at his feet. With a sigh John tugged at the jeans again.


A half-smothered snicker from the bed caught his attention and he turned a baleful glare on his loving partner.


"If you laugh just once, Singer, so help me God I'll kill you."


"I'm not laughing Johnny, believe me. I like my balls where they are.  Look why don't you just put the sweatpants back on and we'll go over to the mall and buy you some of those pregnant-people clothes."


"Because I don't need pregnant-people clothes. I haven't gained that much weight. I can fit these jeans just fine. I think the boys shrank them in the dryer."


John took a deep breath and bent over at the waist again tugging the fly on the jeans. He grimaced and grunted until Bobby thought his lips were beginning to turn blue.


"All right that's enough, John," Bobby snapped.


John's head jerked up and he glared.


"And don't give me that look. You can't fit in the jeans, baby, its okay. You're almost six months gone now. If you do any more squeezing you're going to shoot the kid across the room. Save it for later.  Now just buck up, put your sweatpants on and let's go to the mall."


"You might as well say it. I look like a beached whale. You're thinking it, aren't you?"


John surrendered shoving the jeans off his legs and settling on the bed in just his t-shirt and boxers. Bobby rolled his eyes, and took a deep breath.


Finally, he crawled up the bed and pulled John into his arms. John resisted at first, but Bobby muscled him a little, drawing an outraged look from his partner. John shivered and Bobby remembered how much being man-handled turned John on. With a grin he twisted John's arm a bit drawing a hissed snarl out of him. Bobby shoved John back on the bed, and slipped his boxers down.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" John huffed.


Bobby grinned and leaned down biting John's lower lip between his teeth and simultaneously sliding one finger into John. He grinned around the flesh captured in his teeth when he found that John was wet already. John pulled his head away even though Bobby knew it had to hurt a little. He glanced down and watched as the tip of the younger man's tongue edged out lapping at the single drop of blood welling on his lip. John's eyes dropped to half-mast.


"That good, baby?"  Bobby hissed nuzzling John's ear.


The growl that issued from John's chest was half purr and half warning. He tried to wriggle away, but Bobby pulled his finger out of John and licked it, bringing the digit to John's mouth. His tongue darted out tasting himself on Bobby's flesh. With a grin Bobby dropped his hand pushing two fingers inside the other man, and John's head tipped back mouth gaping open. Bobby swooped in again driving his tongue into John's mouth, working his thumb on the underside of John's cock at the base, a spot that seemed unusually sensitive to the younger man. John managed to get his hands between his body and his lover's, working the fly loose on Bobby's jeans. His cock was stiff and sprang out of his fly without John having to touch him.


Wrapping his large, warm palm around the older man John groaned. He worked Bobby's cock in the same rhythm as the fingers thrusting in and out of him, until John pulled his mouth away and uttered a deep moan. His body contracted around Bobby's fingers and the older man groaned as well, coming over John's hand. John panted raising his hand and licking it clean. Bobby watched mesmerized by the sight of his lover licking up his come. He tugged John's shirt down and his boxers up as much as he could without John raising his hips. There was no need to worry about cleaning John, for some reason they didn't understand he didn't come when he orgasmed now.


Bobby rolled over panting. Suddenly the door swung open and Sam walked into the room. Bobby jumped but before he could pull his jeans up Sam looked up and froze. His face went red and he whirled around.


"Oh shit, I'm sorry," he mumbled and hurried out the door.


Sam tried to ignore the rustling sounds of Bobby and his Dad re-dressing as he stumbled down the hall. Dean opened the bathroom door and Sam ran into it bouncing off and hitting the wall behind him. Dean jumped forward trying to catch Sam and managed to wrap his arms around Sam's waist holding him up.


"Where are you going in such a hurry?" he asked grinning. 


Sam coughed then flushed, his mouth opening and closing. Dean gave him a sideways look narrowing his eyes.


"I uh…just walked in on Dad and Bobby in ‘the act’," Sam muttered, blushing.


"Ewww that could be mentally destabilizing."


"They have really got to learn to lock the damn door," Sam said sighing.


Turning he caught sight of the two older men walking out of their bedroom. Bobby was red faced and nervous, John just looked annoyed. Sam wondered if his father was angry with him until he realized that John was dressed in dark blue sweatpants under his t-shirt. Bobby cleared his throat.


"We're going over to the mall."



John stood in front of the store looking up at the sign. The word Motherhood was splashed across the top of the open doors. It was bright pink, and the Os in Hood were shaped like little hearts. He grimaced.


“This is going to be fun.”


Still when they actually got inside the store it wasn’t as bad as John had feared. Bobby glanced around and was relived to see that the company had gotten a grip on the type of patrons most likely to buy things at the present, and had adjusted both sizes and colors to suit a more male oriented clientele.


He was also relieved to see that maternity clothes had evolved since his younger days when he had seen the wives of his friends in stretchy pants and pleated floral print shirts.

They found John jeans that had a drawstring waist and, under the fuller cut t-shirts, looked indistinguishable from his regular pants. The t-shirt was pleated just under the breast to allow for his expanding belly. John looked at himself in the mirror there was no hiding the fact that he was six months pregnant now. He sighed.


Bobby was grinning ear to ear and John felt like smacking him a good one, but the other man’s enthusiasm was somewhat contagious and John finally surrendered with a modicum of good grace. He smiled.


Sam appeared with his own bundle of clothing and John thought that Bobby was jumping the gun a little. He frowned, at four months John had had a noticeable baby bump but Sam’s belly was still flat as a board. At their last check up the doctor had explained to John that he was carrying to the front and Sam to the sides. It meant that John was going to look noticeably pregnant and Sam was not going to show as much, until he was much farther along. John had grumbled about it all the way home.


After their purchases had been bagged Bobby took the bags and walked out into the mall behind John. Quickly he transferred the bags into one hand and laced his fingers through John’s. The younger man was still a little uncomfortable about public displays of affection, but Bobby was almost territorial about letting other people, especially men, know that John was spoken for.


Dean and Sam tagged along after the older men, talking quietly between themselves, watching as John unwound enough to let Bobby hold his hand. Sam smiled weakly. Dean was concerned about the younger man. John had gotten over his morning sickness after three months, but Sam was four months now and still ill most of the time. He was taking medication, but it seemed to be a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes is worked fine and sometimes not at all. He hadn’t lost any weight, but he wasn’t gaining weight either. John had started showing at four months, but Sammy wasn’t.  Of course John was eating, albeit oddly, more than he had been accustomed to and gained a little too much weight. His doctor wasn’t worried about it and hadn’t told him to watch his diet yet.


The mall was as crowded as they had seen it since the plague. Now almost seven months later, people were getting on with their lives. There were more couples and John wasn’t the only obviously pregnant male in the place. A group of elderly couples were gathered in the café where they stopped for lunch. And there were some men with their children also eating at the small tables. One little girl with honey blond hair paused in front of Bobby and John. She smile shyly as John sat down offering her a grin in return. Suddenly she stepped closer, while her father looked on from the table beside them.


“Do you have a baby inside your tummy?” she asked cocking her head. “Can I feel it?”


John sighed, he was just getting used to the idea that being pregnant suddenly made him public property. Complete strangers, men included, felt they had the right to touch his belly at will. He nodded and the little girl giggled running forward. Her tiny hand looked so small and innocent against the dark blue of his shirt. Her eyes tipped down and she leaned in close murmuring to the baby inside him. John jumped a little when he felt the baby roll and kick, almost as if in response to her.


“Look, daddy,” she said grinning, “She likes me.”


Turning the child beamed up at John and he blushed under her intense scrutiny. John found himself caught in her gaze, blue eyes locked on his hazel ones.


“She’s going to have pretty eyes, like yours.”


“Mary,” the little girl’s father said motioning her to his side.


John felt his heart squeeze in his chest. He must have flinched because Bobby looked unsettled. They both knew what he was thinking.  Bobby caught John's hand in his giving it a gentle squeeze. He turned toward the older man drawing a deep breath.


"She said the baby was a girl. What do you think?" John asked quietly.


"She's got a 50/50 chance of being right. I don't know, do you think it was foresight or something? I'll be happy no matter what. Do you want a girl?"


"I haven't given it much thought."


He rose walking with his partner to the counter to order food. The teen-aged boy at the cash register looked at John and flushed. He leaned over the counter looking intently at the older man's obvious bulge. Finally, John heaved a sigh.


"Go ahead you know you want to."


With a grin the young man laid his hand on the top of John's belly eyes widening in disbelief when the skin beneath his hand wriggled as the baby moved again. Sam and Dean both wandered up behind their father, both young men had secretly decided that being pregnant was good for John. He seemed mellower; of course, Bobby might have had something to do with that as well.


Dean grinned, he was hysterically amused by their father’s more rotund appearance and the fact that this morning he had noticed that John was definitely beginning to get the pregnant ‘waddle’ when he walked. He was so looking forward to seeing Sammy with a rounded pregnant belly. Sometimes he wondered if it was a little kinky, but pregnant was a definite turn on for him.


They stayed at the mall for a few hours until Sam finally settled on a bench, face pale. Dean sat down beside him, bumping his shoulder against his brother. He frowned at Sam’s sweaty, pale face.


“Are you okay, feeling sick or something?”


Sam shrugged.


“Yeah, a little. I’m going to call Doctor Kaplan; I don’t think that the medication she prescribed for me is working. No matter what I eat it still makes me feel sick. And Dad isn’t helping. I know he isn’t doing it on purpose, but he comes up with the weirdest crap to eat, it’s disgusting.”


“Hey, we don’t have to sleep with him. Bobby takes the brunt of all his griping about indigestion after he scarfs down one of his peanut butter, potato chip and banana sandwiches.”


Sam frowned.


“Oh God, Dean, please don’t.”


“Sorry, we can go back to the house if you want. I know Dad has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, maybe you should go with him.”


“I will. Let’s tell Dad and Bobby that we’re going back to the house,” Sam said, wincing as his vision grayed out.


He turned to say something to Dean and although he could see his brother’s face it was out of focus and seemed too far away. Sam pitched forward and only Dean’s quick reflexes kept him from crashing face first onto the bench. Dean cringed.


“Dad, something’s wrong with Sammy.”



Dean was pacing the hospital waiting room while the doctor examined Sam. His nervous wandering was making John agitated and Bobby was having a hard time keeping both of them from barging into the room demanding answers. Finally, the doctor appeared at the door. She offered them all a reassuring smile.


“Sam is going to be fine. He’s just dehydrated that’s all. He told me that he has been having trouble with vomiting for the past few days. I’m going to keep him over night just to keep an eye on him, and get some intravenous fluids into him. I’m also going to change his medication to something a bit stronger. John how have you been doing since your last appointment?”


“Fine,” he said tiredly. “I’m fine, just worried about Sammy.”


Dr. Kaplan smiled.


“I’ll see you in my office tomorrow. Don’t forget we’re doing the ultrasound. I’ll see you there, Bobby?”


“Sure thing, Doc.”


Dean, John and Bobby crowded around the bed. Sam looked weak, but his face had more color and he seemed to be in a better mood. Sighing he leaned back against the pillows as the nausea medication began taking effect. He yawned. Dean settled on the bed beside the younger man and Sam offered him a smile.


“You look a whole better than you did. I was afraid you were going to end up eating the floor. Feeling okay?”


Sam nodded.


“Yeah, a lot better, but the doctor is still making me stay tonight.”


John settled on the other side of the bed.


“If she says you need to Sam its better that you stay, maybe a couple of days if necessary.”


“I’m fine, Dad. I guess that I let it get away from me.”


They sat around Sam’s bed for most of the afternoon until Bobby noticed that John was all but nodding off in the chair. He rose, patting Sam on the shoulder.


“You get some rest, kiddo. I’m going to get your Daddy home, he looks beat. Come on Johnny let’s get you out of here.”


John grunted as the older man pulled him to his feet.


“You call me on my cell phone if you need me okay?”


Sam nodded tiredly. Dean settled in the chair his father had vacated turning the TV on. Sam glanced over at his brother.


“You don’t have to stay, Dean. I’m fine. Why don’t you go home with Dad and Bobby?”


Dean shrugged.


“I’ll go when they kick me out later, after visiting hours. I might as well hang around and bug you for a little while; I’ve got nothing better to do.”


Dean watched TV while Sam slept. The nurse came in with a tray of food, and smiled at him. She placed the try beside the bed, and glanced over.


“You might as well go get something to eat. After Sam has his dinner the doctor is going to give him a quick exam.”


As Dean walked out the door he saw Sam’s doctor coming toward the room. Sighing he motioned her to stop. As far as the doctor knew he was Sam’s partner and John was Sam’s father. Dean was still using false id since, technically, Dean Winchester was dead. That made it easy to pass as Sam’s partner; if anyone noticed the family resemblance they ignored it. Dean leaned back against the wall taking a deep breath.


“Doctor Kaplan, I wanted to ask you about Sam. Is he in any danger from this pregnancy? He hasn’t been doing as well as his father has, and John is a lot older. If Sam’s health or life is at risk I don’t want to take a chance.”


“Well, I am a little concerned about Sam. He’s in the second trimester but he still isn’t gaining any weight. I want to hold judgment until we get a chance to see how the new medication works, and I want him coming in every two weeks for appointments with his father for now until we get him stabilized. I really think you’re being premature at this point. Let’s give it a little time.”


Nodding Dean stood back.


“But if you have to make a choice, if it comes down to that. I want you to do everything to have to do to save Sammy, even if it means that you have to take the baby.”


Doctor Kaplan nodded gravely.


“We’ll just have to make sure that it doesn’t come down to that, okay?”



Later that night Dean lay in the bed at Bobby’s house. He was restless; the bed seemed too big, and too empty without Sam’s lanky body in it. The quiet sounds of the house were depressing for him.  He stared up at the ceiling, listening to Bobby and his Dad talking in the nursery as they hung wall paper or afterwards as they watched some documentary on TV, even as they made love before turning out the lights in their bedroom just reinforced the emptiness in the room. Finally, Dean had to admit it; he may have gotten into this relationship with Sam to protect his younger brother, but now he was caught; helplessly and desperately in love. He hoped that Sam was okay, that the baby was healthy and strong, and that they had a chance to be a family.



The next afternoon John and Bobby were in Doctor Kaplan’s office. John was dressed in a hospital gown laying on an exam table. Bobby stood beside him, looking at the bank of machines and equipment lining the wall. He frowned, it seemed far too complicated to him. The doctor walked into the room smiling.


“It’s good to see you here. I’ve been over at the hospital checking on Sam. He seems to be much better. His partner was with him when I left. You're doing well John. I’m very pleased with your progress. You have put on a little bit of extra weight. You should monitor your diet a bit better. You’re not eating for two adults, okay?”


John flushed but Bobby interrupted.


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