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The Plague Pt 13 B FRAO Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

“I’ll make sure he watches what he eats.”


Doctor Kaplan offered him a disbelieving look, and the older man straightened sputtering. She smiled at him.


Bobby looked offended.


“Hey, I will make him behave.”


She actually laughed this time.


“Bobby, I’m sorry but John has you wrapped around his little finger, you’d let him get away with murder and then help him hide the body afterwards.”


He flushed uncomfortably aware of the fact that, although the doctor didn’t know it, he had actually helped John hide a few bodies in his time. And one of them had been human, a predator they had run across looking for a Witch that reportedly was taking kids and killing them. They hadn’t found the witch but they had found an elementary school teacher with a dark past, who was molesting and murdering his students. Needless to say John went ballistic on him, but that was one body that would never be found. Bobby had made damn sure of it.


Doctor Kaplan stepped up to the table and draped a sheet over John’s hips and legs. Carefully she lifted the hem of the gown and folded it up baring his belly. He blushed and she patted his arm.


“I try to keep the jelly warm but it still might be a little uncomfortable.”


She picked up a tube and squirted a dollop of clear gel on his skin. John winced. Taking the probe in her left hand she flicked on one of the monitors beside the table. Then ran the probe lightly over his skin.


The image on the screen was remarkably clear and easily identifiable. Bobby was amazed that they were actually looking inside the other man. It took the doctor a few minutes to locate the baby but when she did Bobby gasped. He had been expecting some grainy black and white image clouded by static. But what he saw gripped him. The baby was laying on its back, the umbilical running along one leg. Doctor Kaplan smiled and pointed to the tiny form.


“Do you want to know the baby’s gender?”


“It’s a girl,’ John said, and the doctor turned to him.


“Most people aren’t that good at reading the image; you have a very good eye.”


She glanced at Bobby then pointed with the tip of her pen.


“Here, Dad. There she is.”


Cocking his head Bobby leaned forward, he bumped into John’s hip and the image on the screen flickered a bit then the baby shifted and John flinched when one little leg straightened as she kicked him. The skin of his belly jumped beneath Bobby’s arm, and he looked down.


“She knows Daddy is here,” he breathed laying one hand over the warm skin.


John rolled his eyes.


“My God, it’s so clear. I can see her face.”


The baby’s eyes were closed, but she wriggled a little then lifted one hand. The tiny thumb popped into her mouth and she shifted again. John watched, captivated by the tiny miracle inside him. Bobby leaned over him brushing his fingertips on the screen. John sat up a little ways taking the other man’s hand in his. He wasn’t even sure that Bobby knew he was crying. Doctor Kaplan stepped back.


“I’ll print you a few copies of that image. She’s a beautiful little girl.”




Sam came home the next day. John was relieved and happy to have all his children with him again. The younger man still looked tired, but much better than he had. He was restricted to bed rest for a few days though, until the doctor was sure that the medication she had prescribed was going to work.


After a few days Sam was bored. But he was keeping down fluids and food much better. He was finally taken off bed rest and gleefully joined the others in their regular daily activities.


They were all sitting in front of the TV watching what had to be the worst horror movie in the history of film making when a car pulled into Bobby’s driveway. The older man rose going to the window then flung the door open as two young women appeared on the front porch. One of the girls was tall and blond, strikingly good looking, and the other was shorter a little heavier but still what Bobby would have called “cuter than a bug’s ear.”


The tall girl leaned heavily on the other young woman’s shoulders and John could see a rust colored stain spreading out on the front of her blue denim shirt. There was wariness about them that not one of the men could mistake. The girl’s were hunters, no doubt.


The shorter girl looked from Bobby to John then cringed.


“My name is Carolyn and this is Danni, my cousin. Jim Murphy told us to come here when I called him about Danni.”


“Bring her in, girl, before she falls on her face.”


Dean rose quickly, intercepting them and catching the taller girl up. He carried her through the house to a small den in the back and stood waiting patiently while his father opened the sofa up into a bed. The sheets were sterile white and still smelled faintly of bleach, and Bobby quickly laid a plastic backed waterproof pad on the bed. Dean deposited the girl and the older man pulled the shirt away. Danni’s chest was slashed in four places, deep gouges that ran with fresh blood once the matted cloth was pulled free.


John was at bobby’s side with a large first aid kit, and set the suturing needles and thread out. Bobby opened the pack and began cleaning the wounds out. Dean sat down on the bed beside the young woman, and the older man handed him a hypodermic needle and a small vial of clear fluid.

“Here give her some morphine. She’s pretty much out of it, but it’s gonna hurt like hell when I close these up.”


Carolyn eased away from the bed going to stand by John. She looked up at him then finally took in the fact that he was obviously pregnant. She offered him a tight, little smile.


“How far along are you?”


He patted her shoulder.


“Six months. You’re cousin is going to be fine. Bobby knows what he’s doing. He’s patched up me and my boys up on more than one occasion.”


“That’s what Jim said. I’m sorry we just barged in on you like this though, especially with you being pregnant and all.”


He shook his head.


“Don’t worry about it. It’s what we do. What were you two hunting?”


Carolyn glanced up at him.


“Wendigo, just to the south of here. It just showed up a day or two ago. Word on the network was to leave you folks alone for now. So I’m sorry we got you involved, but I was sacred she was going to die.”


Bobby didn’t turn around.


“Don’t be sorry you did the right thing coming here.”


 He worked silently and efficiently for what seemed like a long time. Just before he was finished the girl came around a little, and began struggling. Dean had to hold her down while the older man finished stitching. Finally, he put up the needle and swabbed iodine over the wound again for good measure. Then he began washing her down with clean water and bandaged her chest.


“You girls better stay here for a few days, until she gets on her feet. You’re more than welcome.”


“We don’t want to be a bother,” Carolyn said. 


She looked tired and uncertain and very young to John although both women were probably a bit older than he had been when he first started hunting.


“It’s no bother,” Bobby said, washing his hands.


He motioned Dean over.


“Here lift her up a little while I clean up. Let’s get her settled in bed.”



They sat around the table while Carolyn ate the sandwich Bobby shoved at her. She looked ragged, worn down and far too gaunt for a woman her age. John supposed they all looked like that once it a while. Hunting took its toll on a person, he had felt it. He had seen it in him son’s faces.


John sighed.


“I wonder how this got past us?”


Dean went to stand by the girl and his father. He glanced over at Bobby and the older man shrugged.


“I know that it’s all over the network that John and Sammy both are pregnant. I think that they’re keeping us out of the loop because people are afraid that they’ll go on a hunt. And don’t even think about going out John. I won’t have it.”


John frowned at his tone but nodded.


“I’m not stupid Bobby. I know that in this shape I’m not fit to hunt, and I’m not going to do anything to hurt this little girl.”


Patting his belly John sighed again then turned as Sam appeared in the door behind him.


“And Sammy’s not up to it either.”


Carolyn rose from the table.


“I’m not asking for any help. But that thing is still out there, and I have to go back. I’m not letting it go, not now after Danni suffered so much. I’ll go alone.”


“No, you won’t,” Dean said. Holding up a hand to calm her he added, “I’m going with you.”


Sam jerked as if he had been slapped in the face.


“No! Dean you can’t…I don’t want you to go.”


“Sammy, I have too, it’s what we do. I’m not letting her do this alone. That’s the quickest way to get killed. We’ll be okay.”


Seeing that Dean had already made up his mind Sam appealed to the elder Winchester.


“Dad, you can’t let him do this.”


He paused noting the look on his father’s face. Sam backed up.


“You’ve got to be kidding, Dad. You can’t let Dean go. I don’t want him to go.”


“Sammy, we don’t have a choice. You knew the kind of life your brother and I lead, you knew it wasn’t going to end. Dean’s right, it’s what we do and he can’t let this girl go alone.”


Sam stormed into the room.


“What about what I need, Dad? I’m going to have a baby, we need Dean too.”


Bobby caught Sam by the arm and gently forced him into a chair.


“Sit down, Sam. You’re not doing that baby any good. Dean knows what he’s doing. If I had to go your daddy would understand.”


Sam frowned and looked over at John. He thought he caught a look cross his father’s features but John had always been too good at shielding his emotions. Whatever he was going to say died in this throat as Dean walked over wrapping his arms around Sam’s waist.


“I’m going, it’s not Dad’s decision, and it’s not yours. I’m going because I have to. I couldn’t live with myself if somebody died because I didn’t go, Sammy.”


Sam pulled away.  He whirled putting his hand on his belly.


“How are we supposed to live if you die, Dean? Tell me that.”


“You’ll live if you have to, Sam. I know what I’m doing. It’ll be okay.”


Carolyn watched the interplay between the men then rose. Dean turned to her.


“Just let me get my stuff together and we’ll go if you’re up to it.”


She nodded.


“We need to get out of here. It knows we’re after it, and I’m afraid it’ll move on.”




Sam, John and Bobby stood on the porch watching as Carolyn’s Mustang pulled out of the driveway. She didn’t look back, but Sam was sure that Dean did, smiling. Sam thought he might feel sick or afraid, but in the end he only felt numb.




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