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The Plague Pt. 14A FRAO Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

The Plague Pt 14

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, and John/Bobby

Rating: FRAO

Warnings: AU, M-Preg (Sam, John). Hermaphrodite characters (Sam/John) Graphic Sex, het and slash, Wincest (Sam/Dean)


Summary:  In this world about 25% of all males are born hermaphrodites, although they function only as males. A demon creates a plague that kills most of the women of child bearing age, but one of the side effects is that the men who are born hermaphrodites catch the plague and become fully functional as females, without really changing their outward appearance.  In order to keep the population from dropping dangerously the government decides that all the newly functional “breeders” must have a male partner and give birth to at least one child.



It was dark in the abandoned cabin that the girl led him to. Dean huddled against the side of the building, glancing sideways at the shorter figure beside him. She seemed intent on the dirt caked windows and he wondered if she had seen something that he had missed. Still Dean couldn’t make out any movement inside the building, and he frowned.


The sky was lightening in the east heralding sunrise. Dean decided that if the Wendigo was inside the cabin it would make some kind of move to get back to its nest before the sun came up. They tended to travel at night. Carolyn motioned Dean forward and he followed her to the door. She was too small to kick it in, and he moved in front of her leaning back and letting one booted foot fly.


The door caromed off the wall of the old building with a resounding bang. The interior of the cabin was as dilapidated and dirty as the outside, and it was still. There was no sign that anything had disturbed the dust shrouded furniture for a long time. Just as Dean turned the butt of the girl’s rifle came up and hit him in the cheek. He staggered back grateful that she was so small, until her eyes flashed amber in the dim lighting. He cursed under his breath and ducked but that was useless when she slammed him against the wall.


“You think this will do you any good, you bitch?”


She smiled, teeth flashing white against the darker shadow of her face.


“It’ll do what I need it to do.”


“He won’t come for me. You’ll never get my Dad out of the house…”


“I don’t need to get him out of the house. He’ll send the old man when he finds out that his precious boy is a prisoner. And he and Sammy will be alone in the house with poor little Danni. That’s all I need. I don’t even have to kill you. Once you get back and see what’s happened to good old John and baby Sammy you’ll off yourself, the old man too.”


She grinned running a finger down his cheek.


“I don’t even have to hurt, you…much. Just a little fun and games.”


“What makes you think that Bobby would even bother coming to get me? He’s got a kid to protect, now.”


“Oh please, do you really think the old man would refuse to come if Johnny sends him. He’s so sickeningly in love with your Daddy that he’d walk though fire to get to you, if John told him too.” Laughing she slipped the buttons free on Dean’s shirt, tugging the thinner material of the t-shirt out of the waistband of his jeans.


“What is with John? Bobby is head over heels, but you…you’re his son. How sick is that?”


“Shut up, bitch.”


“Oh please, they don’t know that Meg got into what passes for your mind, Dean-o. She saw what was floating around in there and I gotta say that’s some pretty twisted shit. Are you sure you’re not playing on our side of the playground?”


“Don’t think that any of your psycho-babble crap will work with me, honey. I’ve heard it all before. Demons lie, yada, yada, yada…”


Dean grinned at her until her nails bit into the skin of his chest, skating over his ribs in deep rivulets of red. He kept his features neutral and she looked annoyed when he didn’t flinch.


“Doesn’t matter, you’re just bait, boy.”


“Not very good bait,” Dean said praying that he was right, and that Bobby would do the right thing, stay and protect John and Sammy even if…he refused to finish the thought.


She cocked her head.


“Don’t sell your self short, Dean. John loves you, he’s proud of you. Did you know that? Proud of the man you are. Oh, he’s never entertained the same fantasies that you did, but there was a time or two. When he was missing her too much, he’d look at your eyes, your smile and see someone else. You could have had him then, all you had to do was push a little more and he would have rolled over for you. Even that was better than all that lonely.”


A deep shudder ran through Dean’s body even though he tried to stop it, hold it back, and this time she laughed. 


“So it’s still there, huh? What about poor sweet Sammy? I gotta say you really play the home team, buddy. Couldn’t have Daddy so you settled for baby brother? And I thought my family was a bunch of sick freaks? We got nothin’ on you boys. The only thing that really annoys me and mine is that you Winchesters are harder to kill than cockroaches.”


Dean smirked at her.


“Yeah and meaner than a cornered rat. So just get on with it, I can’t say that I’m impressed with your scintillating conversation.”


Carolyn tilted her head back laughing.


“Oooh, words of more than two syllables. Hey, I’m impressed. And everybody says Sammy is the smart one.”


She rifled through his pockets finally fishing his cell phone out of his jacket.


“Time to give Daddy a call. And Dean, don’t fuck this up. I don’t think that Daddy could take hearing his little boy’s heart ripped out over the phone.”



John was sitting on a chair beside the unconscious girl when his cell phone rang. He picked it up grateful that the caller id flash to Dean on the second ring. Smiling John flipped the phone open, a frown crossing his features when the girl’s voice came over the line.


“Ah, John, glad I got you. Makes this a whole lot easier. I’ve got your boy; you’ve got that damn Colt. All my Daddy wants is the gun, old man. You send someone to drop it off and you get your boy back, simple as that.”


John hissed, “You goddamn bitch. I want to speak to Dean.”


She heaved a sigh.


“Gee, there’s no need to get nasty about this, Johnny. Here, I’ll have to hold the phone for him since he’s pinned against the wall like a bug, but he’s still alive, and intact. Get your ass in gear and get me that gun or I’ll start sending pieces back.”


She held the phone up to Dean and he turned his head. With a snarl she punched him once in the chest and the air whooshed out of him. He took a deep breath and glared.


“Dad don’t listen to her. Don’t come after me. If they want that gun so much don’t give it up…”


Pulling the phone away she licked her lips.


“Well, there you have it Johnny. You get that gun to me, and I’ll let you have good old Dean back. Use the GPS in his cell phone to track us; I know you’re already doing it. You’ve got until this evening, six pm, before I start carving.”


John dropped the phone onto the bed, and rose running out to the living room where Bobby sat talking to Caleb Henderson on the phone. He looked up at John’s pale, washed out face and ended the call. Bobby rose pushing the other man into a chair.


“Caleb says that there’s no…”


“Wedigo, yeah. The girl was a plant, maybe the other one too. I don’t know she’s still out cold. They have Dean.”


“They who?” Sam asked walking into the room. John sighed.


“Demons…him, the demon. They’re all working together. This Colt scares the shit out of him. I think it won’t just disseminate him, send him back to hell to crawl out again. I think it kills them permanently.”


Bobby nodded.


“I’ve heard that. It’s hard as hell to actually kill a demon. The most people ever do is disembody them, consign them back to hell. And the big league ones eventually get back out. The Colt kills them deader than that proverbial doornail, gone, caput, forever. Even the undead are afraid of that.”


John threw off the other man’s hands.


“I don’t care. We’ve got to give it to her. I won’t let them take one of the boys; Dean went out there in good faith on my word. I can’t let her have him.”


“Nobody’s saying you have to, Caleb’s on his way. He’s gonna go after Dean.”


John shook his head.


“No, as much as Caleb is a hunter, he’s not that good. I’m going, Bobby. I’m going after my son.”


“No you’re not, you’re staying here with Sam and the two of you are going to lock this house down tight. We’re going to bind the girl, and lock her in the room. And I’m going to paint sigils on the house. You get busy setting out the salt lines.”


John jerked away from Bobby.


“You don’t get it. That’s my son. I have to go. You can’t keep me here.”


John shoved against Bobby’s chest, and the older man whirled. The sound of his hand connecting with John’s cheek exploded on the still air, and Sam cringed. John took a step back, hand going to his face, fingers tracing over the crimson stain spreading on his skin. He was panting, eyes wide, mouth slack with surprise.


Sam staggered. Bobby was white-faced, looking like he desperately wanted to vomit. John took a step back watching in silence as the older man went to the cabinet. He pulled out a bottle filled with fluid, the green glass making the liquid inside look brown.


“Caleb will be here in about half an hour. We’ve already got the GPS in Dean’s phone hooked into my laptop. We know where they are. Sam come with me. We’re going to tie that girl down to the bed. And wash her down with Holy Water, just to be sure.”



After they had the young woman bound to the bed with cloth wrapped rope pulled taut across her chest and hips, Bobby took the flask of holy water from John and ran a line down her body and one across for good measure. She lay there silent, unmoving.


Finally, Bobby herded John and Sam into the bedroom. He went back to the living room fetching the green bottle and a fine tipped paintbrush. He flushed then motioned to the two men, “Both of you strip down, buck naked. Sorry Sam, but you too.”


He waited while John stripped off his clothes, Sam hesitated and Bobby groaned.


“Oh for God’s sake boy, you ain’t got nothin’ that I haven’t seen before. John you first just so Sam doesn’t get unsettled.”


John stepped forward and Bobby broke the seal on the bottle. The scent of decomposing blood filled the air, and John flinched.


“Bobby, do know what this is…its black magic.”


Bobby nodded.


“Sometimes you’ve got to fight fire with fire. This is the blood of a virgin, pure and inviolable.”


Sam gasped as Bobby began painting symbols on John beginning at the center of his forehead, the third eye in Hindu custom. Bobby ran the brush quickly along John’s hair line around his head and down his face, around the neck. He worked on the left side of John’s body, sweeping blood down his shoulder across his palm, up the arm to the chest circling John’s breasts, dipping the symbol down the line of fine hair that bisected the younger man’s chest circling his belly. The symbol he drew looked like an inverted letter C with a head, and arms and legs, the perfect black-line drawing of a fetus.


Then Bobby dipped the brush again, even taking John’s penis in one hand drawing a line down, circling his balls, then flushing as he slid the brush between. John stiffened as the head of the brush dipped inside but then it moved on quickly up the crease of his ass around the cheeks and down the legs. He finished the other side of John’s body and told him to stand still until the symbols dried. The blood crusted on John’s skin making him itch, but he knew better than to scratch it away.


Once the blood was dried Bobby dusted a thin layer of talcum powder over it.  The faint rust colored lines faded against John’s tanned skin. John re-dressed carefully so he didn’t scrape away any of the blood. Bobby turned to Sam.


“Forgive me for any trespassing I might do, Sammy.”


The younger man smiled and nodded, and Bobby began drawing the same symbols on Sam. When he had finished Bobby stood up. He dipped his finger into the blood.


“This is the blood of a virgin warrior, Bastet mother-goddess I sanctify these men, givers of life to you. Bless them Mother; protect them and the lives they bear.” He turned to John. “You are a servant of the Mother. Bathed in the blood of a virgin warrior, made whole, sacred, and pure again…an unbroken vessel. She will protect those who serve her.”


Sam dressed again.


“The blood of a virgin warrior. Bobby, how did you get this?”


The older man sighed.


“A girl Caleb hunted with. She was no more than seventeen when she had her throat cut by a vengeance demon. She held the bottle to her own throat for the minutes it took her to bleed out. She knew how powerful it was, kept it for him until her dying breath, and he brought it to me. John, you and Sam are inviolable, untouchable by anything demonic. If she is possessed and she lays hands on you, it’ll kill her. But one thing, when I said you were ‘unbroken’ I wasn’t kidding. You and Sam are virgins again. So I guess Dean and I’ll have to deal with that later.”


“You’re kidding," John said.


Bobby grinned at him.


“Nope, pure as the driven snow. The powder will keep a demon from noticing the symbols until it’s too late. If you really want to get it done quickly, unbutton your shirt so it can see more of the blood lines. It’ll invoke the goddess and she’ll strike down anyone who tries to lay hands on you.”





John and Sam stood huddled in the doorway watching as Caleb’s truck disappeared down the driveway. The dust had barely settled when Sam turned on John.


“No more, Dad. I won’t stand by and let you do this again. You can’t keep dragging Dean into this quest of yours.”


“I don’t have to drag him into it Sam. Dean does what he does because he wants to; you’ve always thought I have way too much influence on Dean. He’s his own man,”


“No he isn’t, Dad. He’s yours, what you made him. Dean has never said no to you, Dad.”


Sam pushed John back, and the older man bristled.


“Don’t do this, it won’t change anything. Don’t force him to choose.”


Sam laughed.


“I won’t, believe me, because I know who he’d choose. If you hadn’t asked him to do this for me, he would have slept with you.”


John huffed out his breath.


“No he wouldn’t have Sam. I would have never done that. I’m your father, I couldn’t. I’ll admit he came to me, but he loves you now Sam. Surely you can see that. Don’t let this get between you. Don’t worry yourself about something that would never have happened,” John said tiredly.


 Sam looked at his father’s worn, haggard expression and felt a shiver run up his spine. His eyes slipped closed, and Sam felt a sob break loose in his chest. Then he was sitting on the sofa cradled in his father’s strong arms. And he was sure that John was sobbing silently above him.




Caleb pulled the truck over on the soft shoulder of the road. He could just make out the faint image of the cabin on the hilltop above the road. He and Bobby were going to approach on foot, keeping to the shadows and hope that the demon didn’t get wind they were coming.


She was expecting the older man, hopefully didn’t plan on him being able to call in back-up on short notice. Caleb pulled a crossbow out of the back seat, and slung a quiver of heavy, silver-tipped bolts over one shoulder. Bobby nodded as he picked up the Colt, then slipped a Beretta into his waistband. Then he bent over and tucked a .32 into the top of his boot. He was fairly sure that the demon would get control over him as soon as he stepped into the room, maybe Caleb could get a shot off at her before she could get the gun.


The younger man split off from Bobby far enough down the road that he wouldn’t be seen from the cabin windows.  Bobby walked up the road making no efforts to conceal his approach. He didn’t see anyone looking out the window but that didn’t mean that she didn’t know he was coming. She might have even caught a whiff of Caleb, but finding the other man would be a good deal harder to do.


The door swung open when he stepped on the porch. Bobby didn’t bother pausing. He stepped inside. Dean was pinned against the wall, held in invisible bonds. Bobby took two steps forward and dropped the Colt on the table maneuvering around so that the girl had to step in front of the rear window. She glanced at him, and then smiled. Bobby found himself hurled backward, slamming against the wall with bone-numbing force. He winced; his chest ached with the effort to breathe.


Carolyn drifted to the table picking up the gun in one hand.


“So this had better be the real thing. You’ve already tried that fake gun crap.”


“That’s the real thing no doubt,” Bobby said and she turned on him.


Tilting her head to one side she raised the gun.


“Think it’ll work on humans?”


Bobby shrugged as much as he was able.


“Hell, girl any kind of gun will work on us. It don’t have to be enchanted.”


“That’s true,” she said dismissively. “Human are far too easy to kill.”


She whirled firing the gun at Dean. The shot hit him mid-thigh and he screamed. The girl jerked around as the sound of shattering glass filled the air. Caleb leaned over the broken window and jerked the crossbow up. The bolt hit her directly in the center of her chest.

She spun around, dropping the Colt on the floor at her feet. Her eyes flashed from amber to brown and both Dean and Bobby hit the floor. Bobby rolled to his knees gasping for breath, and the girl staggered a few steps from Dean.


“Please,” she said, blood welled over her lips, bubbling with ever labored gasp of breath.


Dean stretched himself out then levered himself up onto his elbows, the Colt clasped between his hands. She pushed herself upright leaning heavily on the table then threw her head back giving him a clear shot at her throat. The gun jumped in Dean’s hands.

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