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The Plague Pt. 14B FRAO Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

A spray of blood cascaded over his face and the back of her skull blew out sending brain and bits of bone skittering across the floor. Carolyn’s body jerked backward teetered on her feet for a moment then collapsed into gray ash on the floor.


Caleb’s head disappeared out of the window and they could hear his footsteps clattering on the porch. Then the door swung in, and the other hunter was pulling Bobby to his feet. The older man hurried to Dean’s side.


Dean rolled onto his side winching in pain, then scooted back against the wall. Bobby ripped the hem off Dean’s t-shirt and pulled his pocket knife out. Carefully he cut the leg on Dean’s jeans, top and bottom, inspecting the wounds. There was blood on the top and back of Dean’s thigh, and Bobby nodded.


“It went straight through.  We’ll bind it up tight to stop the bleeding then we’ll get it cleaned and dressed at the truck.  It looks like you caught a break on this one, more of that Winchester luck”


Dean nodded, watching silently as the older man bound his leg. When he was finished Caleb and Bobby hoisted the younger man over their shoulders and helped him out the door.


“Well, another one bites the dust,” Dean said through clenched teeth.


Bobby flinched.


“Yeah, and your daddy’s gonna be pissed off at me for bringing you back with a hole in you.” He offered Dean a wary grin. “That was damned stupid of all of us. We should have known better.”


“Yeah,” Dean said with a grimace as they eased him down into the bed of the truck. “Sam’s never gonna let us hear the end of it.”


Caleb unlocked the truck box, and lifted out the first aid kit handing it back to Bobby. He took out a plastic bottle of distilled water and washed Dean’s leg. The wound opened a little leaking out a sluggish trickle of blood, but as soon as Bobby clamped a clean gauze pad over it the bleeding seemed to stop. He poured iodine into the wound, and Dean jerked, hissing in pain. He coated the wound with antiseptic gel. Finally, Bobby pressed clean gauze over the wounds on both sides of Dean’s thigh and wrapped it in bandage. 


Bobby handed Dean a couple of antibiotic tablets and a bottle of water. Then pulled out a needle and a vial of morphine. Dean frowned at the pain medication.


“I don’t need that,” he objected.


Bobby glanced at him.


“You don’t need it now. Just wait until we get moving and you get bounced all over the road.” He pulled Dean’s sleeve up and shot the drug into his arm. “Here, we’re gonna wrap you up in a sleeping bag and a blanket and just let you sleep it off in the back of the truck.”




John and Sam were sitting in the front room, and except for a single lamp the house was dark. They hadn’t said much at all, had barely moved except for the few times that John had gotten up to go check on the young woman in the back room. She had still been asleep the last time he had gone in.  He slid into the chair checking his cell phone for messages, but the inbox was empty. He dared not call, in case they were in the middle of something and didn’t need distractions.


Sammy was all but asleep on the sofa and John rose pulling a checkered wool blanket out of a basket by the fireplace and spread it over the younger man. Sam looked up giving his father a strained smile.


“Try to get some sleep, if you can. You just got out of the hospital,” John said quietly.


“You should rest too, Dad. You’re farther along than I am; I know that you’re tired.”


“I’m okay. I just want to hear from Bobby. Hopefully they’ll call soon.”


Suddenly the sound of feet scraping in the hallway caught his attention. He rose moving to the center of the room. The girl was standing in the doorway, a slight smile gracing her lips. When she cocked her head and glanced at him John could see her eyes flash gold. He didn’t back up as she came into the room.


“If you don’t run, I’ll make this quick and easy on you,” she hissed. John grunted falling back a step as if he was afraid. She leaped forward tossing the last of the rope that had bound her onto the floor. “It’s no use, you can’t get away. Don’t make me have to hurt you more than I need too.”


“I won’t,” John whispered.


He glimpsed confusion on her face before she stepped forward again. Then her fingers were wrapped around his arm. Suddenly the woman’s body snapped back, blue lightening dancing over her skin. She shrieked. John lifted his hands, jerking at the front of his shirt. The buttons sprang free, a couple of them popping off the cloth and clattering to the floor. Sam rose also opening his shirt and she screamed.


“No, no…” her voice rose as a cold wind whipped through the room. A shadow fell on the wall, taller than both John and Sam yet distinctly female in silhouette.  When the shadow shifted they could see that above the human shoulders were the tall pointed ears and graceful sloping muzzle of a cat.


The demon cringed away from the shadow but its arms stretched out catching her in long slender fingers. The girl’s body erupted in a shower of dust and the black oily cloud of the demon inside was pulled into the goddess, adding to her power. When the demon was absorbed the shadowy form seemed more solid, an opaque figure standing out in sharp relief from the walls. A woman’s voice quavered on the air, and John wasn’t sure if she was speaking aloud or in his mind.


“I serve the daughters of Ra, you are men. How did you call me forth?”


John slipped the shirt off and the blood symbols on his skin seemed to glow with a deep crimson light. The goddess looked at John; reaching out she brushed her fingers over his belly.


“You are with child? So are you a daughter of Ra? It is a cunning half-truth made by he who did this. So be it, you will be my child, my children of Ra. When your man returns you must offer your re-grown maidenhead on my altar, and I’ll forgive you this half-lie.”


John bowed his head, and the shadow seemed to shrink in on itself until the wall was empty. He pushed Sam gently down on the sofa covering him with the blanket. Quickly John settled down on the sofa beside his younger son. He set his Glock on the table beside the couch and wrapped an arm around Sam’s shoulders. They huddled together side by side pulling the blanket up. They were both asleep on the sofa when John’s cell phone rang. John fumbled with the phone then flipped it open.


“Bobby, are you okay?”


Bobby’s voice was low and smooth.


“Yeah, we’re right outside in the driveway. I didn’t want you shooting us when we came in.”


“We,” John whispered in a broken voice.


Bobby pushed the door open and both Sam and John turned to the doorway. Dean limped on a bandaged leg, arm slung over the older man’s shoulders; Sam leaped to his feet. Dean dropped his arm off the older man and clasped Sam’s waist in both his hands. He buried his face in the younger man’s hair breathing in the soft, warm scent.


Bobby hurried across the room pulling John into his arms. He brushed his fingertips over the faint bruise on the younger man’s cheek where he had slapped him.


“God, baby, I’m so sorry.”


John buried his head in the other man’s neck.


“I was wrong. I was being a jackass.”


“That’s doesn’t give me the right to hit you.”


“You brought my son home to me,” John said looking over at Dean and Sam.


Dean limped over throwing one arm across John’s back, hugging him and Bobby at once. Bobby patted Dean’s arm.


“God when I thought you were going out there. When I thought about my little girl being in danger. John I never had a clear understanding of what you feel every time one of the boys puts his life on the line in a hunt. I would have gone insane if I had to watch my boys bleed and hurt.”


Dean squeezed the older man’s arm.


“We do what we do, Bobby. It keeps a lot of other people alive. And I’m not down and out yet.”


Sam slid his arm under Dean’s and leaned the older man against him.


"Come one let’s get you in bed.”


Bobby looked at John nodding toward the rear room. John took a deep breath.


“She’s gone. We had a visitor. A very powerful visitor and we’ve got to get an altar built tomorrow. So let’s all get to bed tonight.”


“Uh actually, we don’t have to build an altar; we can make one on the bed. I have all the stuff we need. I thought this thing out pretty well, if I do think so myself.”


“Is that so,” John said snidely.


Bobby grinned at him.


"Strip the beds, there are white linen sheets underneath, and I have the dried herb bundles in the closet.”


He handed a box of silk wrapped dried leaves and flowers to Sam.


“Put them at the top and the bottom of the bed. John would you mind?”


John took the second box and disappeared into the room he shared with the other man. Bobby pulled Dean close looking for all the world like a man giving his son ‘the talk’ on his wedding night.


“I didn’t want to say anything to John and Sam, but this ain’t gonna be easy. When you break Sam open, metaphorically speaking, it’s gonna hurt, more than it did the first time he lost his virginity. It’s the price Bastet demands for her protection. Just do it fast, and don’t wimp out. Sam has to bleed.”


Dean didn’t look physically up to the task, but he offered Bobby a weary nod. Sam had the bed stripped and the bundles in place when he closed the bedroom door. Dean limped to the bed, settled down and toed off the sneakers he was wearing. Sam stripped off his clothes and Dean looked at the symbols painted on his brother’s skin. He recognized some of them as invocation symbols, some as protection symbols and some he didn’t recognize at all. It was Bobby’s handiwork though and he flinched when Sam was completely naked and he saw exactly how extensive the drawings were. Dean was sure that his father was probably covered in the same symbols.


Dean undressed a little more slowly, but the painkiller Bobby had given him in the truck was still working fine, so he eased back on the bed. Sam leaned in kissing him on the shoulder then in the hollow of his throat. Dean caught Sam’s head, drawing him up for a kiss. Their lips slid together, and Dean closed his eyes.


Sam kissed his way down Dean’s chest licking the inside of his navel and grinning when his brother flinched.


“Sammy, “Dean hissed in warning, but Sam just glanced up.


“You’re a little banged up to do anything about it, consider it payback.”


Dean slid down until he was laying flat on his back. Sam grinned straddling the older man’s hips. Dean licked his lips grinning up at his younger brother, then winced a little when Sam settled too heavily on his leg. Sam jerked upright.


“Maybe we shouldn’t do this tonight. If it’s going to hurt you,” he said hesitantly.


Dean just shook his head.


“Believe me I won’t feel the pain. Come on…” he said reaching out to grasp Sam’s hips in his hands.


Dean’s large, warm palms rubbed over the thin skin at Sam’s hip bones then squeezed against his thighs. Sliding his hands upwards Dean caught Sam at the waist and guided him down onto Dean’s cock. Sam’s face twisted in pain as Dean breached him. He tried to pull up and away, but the older man held him firm.


“Bobby said it would hurt. It’s the price that you have to pay for the goddess’ protection.”


Sam nodded then took a deep breath. He pushed down and Dean broke his hymen and slid inside. Sam winced, feeling a thin tickle of warm fluid dripping down his leg. But then Dean pulled up on his hands, drawing Sam upward thrusting up and in, and Sam’s eyes dropped closed as pleasure surged through him.



John lay back on the bed watching as Bobby slowly undressed. He could tell that the older man was still shaken, running on adrenaline and guilt. When Bobby slid into the bed beside him John stroked his arm, running his fingertips lightly over the soft hair blurring the taut muscle beneath.  John shifted back pulling the other man over and on top of him. Bobby looked down at the smooth curve of John’s belly, tracing his finger over the line drawing that was half rubbed away. He let his hand follow the line resting his palm against the smooth warm skin. The baby shifted, rolling beneath his touch and once again Bobby was struck dumb by awe. By the tiny life he had helped create.


He leaned over kissing John first on the bruised cheek, then the lips and John opened for him. He dove inside like a drowning man coming up for air the last time. He let his lips linger first at John’s breast then his navel, worshiping the tiny bulge with his tongue. The he moved lower. John gasped when the older man’s tongue slid inside him, spreading his legs wider so that Bobby would have more access. He was almost at the point of no return when Bobby lifted himself up onto his knees and elbows pushing his hips forward.

John cried out when the pain came, but Bobby was there soothing him with whispered words, and then John’s good orgasm washed over him and he pulled Bobby into his arms.






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