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The Plague Pt 15B FRAO Dean/Sam, John/Bobby

Dean hit the gas and the car jumped forward. He could hear his father shuffling around in the back seat gasping and cursing, not too quietly. Sam had a death-grip on the seatbelt and was groaning and squirming around. Dean’s face was covered in a fine layer of sweat and he had the steering wheel gripped  tighly. Trying vainly to remember some of the childbirth classes that he and Sam had been taking Dean grasped for anything that would relax the two other men. When Sam uttered a short, sharp bark of pain and drew his legs up onto the seat, John struggled to raise his head over the seatback. John’s face twisted in pain, and he cursed again.


Dean began panting in unison with Sam and his father but stopped when he got dizzy and was afraid that he would wreck the car. 


“Its okay, Sam…Dad… uh, just breathe.”


He puffed out a breath then began panting.


“You know breath…… like the chick said in the class.”


“Oh shut up,” Sam and John said in unison.


Dean flinched.


John disappeared beneath the level of the seat and Dean could head the rustling of clothing.


“Dad, dad…don’t jump the gun here, dude.”


“Shut up and drive,” John snapped.


Suddenly the rear window of the Impala was painted with blue and red lights. A siren cut the air. Dean’s mouth gaped opened.


 “I cannot fucking believe this.”


He eased the car over onto the shoulder of the road and waited while a big, red-faced deputy sheriff hiked up the shoulder and leaned against the side of the Impala. Dean flinched as the deputy knocked on the glass. He looked in catching sight of Sam’s sweaty, pain racked face. Then he looked down eyes widening at the sight of the younger man’s swollen belly.


A noise from the back seat caused the deputy to bend down. He stared at the older man in the back, half-undressed and moaning clutching his swollen belly. With an awed expression he flicked his glance back to Dean.


 “Damn, boy…you been busy.”


Dean sputtered.


“He’s my father…”


The deputy looked at John then at Dean again.


“Father? We don’t take to that kind of thing around here.”


“No, I’m not…I’m just taking him with us. They went to labor at the same time. My Dad’s partner is meeting us at the hospital.”


John uttered a string of curses then kicked at the door.


“Dean you’ve got to catch.”


The deputy jumped then quickly opened the rear door before Dean could get out of the car. He looked at John then bent down.


“I can see the head, it’s almost out. Hold on to the side of the seat, but don’t push until the head gets out.”


John shifted grasping the seat in one hand, and pulled himself into a seated position. He grunted taking a deep breath then uttered a short, harsh shout. The deputy dropped onto one knee pushing John’s legs apart.


“Okay, the head’s out let me turn the shoulder. Hold on this might hurt…”


“You think it doesn’t hurt now?” John asked sarcastically.


He screwed up his face and took another breath bearing down for all he was worth. The deputy reached out, and then the sound of thin wails filled the car. With a grin the deputy leaned inside the car, gently placing the baby on John’s chest.


“Got a good hold on her?” he asked softly. John lay back nodding weakly. “I better give you an escort to the hospital. How’s the other one holding up?”


Dean looked at Sam. The younger man was still red-faced and sweaty, but he had a dreamy expression on his face. He had turned around as much as possible to see his father and newborn sister in the backseat. John looked drawn, exhausted but blissfully happy as well.


The deputy gently pulled John further up onto the seat and closed the car door. He walked back to his patrol car, and motioned Dean to follow him. With the lights and sirens running the patrol car pulled out into the road.


Bobby was at the door to the emergency room when the Impala pulled in. He stood back as Dean rushed around and got Sam out of the front seat, a nurses' assistant was waiting with a wheel-chair and she helped Dean get Sam settled.


A pair of emts pulled a gurney out and helped the deputy get John and the baby out of the back. Bobby rushed to their side beaming down at his exhausted partner and the tiny little girl cradled on his chest. John had delivered the placenta and all the doctor actually had to do was cut the cord and clean John up.


They got John settled in the delivery room on a bed and the nurse took the baby to be cleaned and weighed. A few minutes later she handed Bobby a pink bundle and he got to look at his daughter's face for the first time. He stared down at her, tiny and pink with an amazing thatch of thick, brown hair. Bobby could already tell she was going to look like John. He grinned, maybe it was her chin or the straight line of her tiny mouth but she as going to be as stubborn as he was too. He sighed, already outnumbered.


Bobby concentrated on the little girl in his arms, not wanting to look at the nurses undressing John and getting him into a hospital gown, or cleaning him up. He had ran past the Impala and seen the blood on the back seat and it scared the hell out of him. But John looked tired, not deathly ill so Bobby began to relax a little. When the nurses were done one of them waved him over, and Bobby took the baby to the other man.


Bobby leaned down on one side of the bed carefully placing the baby on John's chest. John watched as he mapped the contours of her face, Bobby's big, blunt fingers moving with a delicacy that was so unfamiliar.


"She's wonderful John, just beautiful."


"Yeah," John whispered, "How did the two of us make something so pretty?"



Doctor Kaplan came into Sam's room pulling a stethoscope from around her neck. She listen to Sam’s heart then to the baby in his belly. With a frown she motioned Dean to the side.


"I need to do an exam on him, do you want to stay or would be you be more comfortable waiting outside."


Dean glanced at the younger man on the bed. They had given Sam some Demerol so he was handling the pain a bit better, but Dean could see the fear in his eyes,


"I'll stay, but I'll just be up here," Dean said with a smile.


He turned his back to the foot of the bed, while Doctor Kaplan did her examination.


When he turned around she was frowning. She leaned in and checked the monitor around Sam's belly, then looked at his vital signs.


"Well, Sam is having contractions and they are four minutes apart, the problem is his cervix is not thinned properly. I think that a this point we know that the baby is coming today, and I think by c-section."


Sam looked up.


"No, I really want to try and deliver naturally."


He turned pleading eyes on Dean, but the older man just shrugged. Doctor Kaplan motioned Dean over to her side.


"I'm sorry, but that's just not going to be possible. Sam's body just isn't ready for the birth. I've been giving him Terbutaline in his IV to try and stop the contractions but it isn't working. The baby is beginning to show signs of being distressed, a slight rise in heart rate, not much but enough that I am concerned."


Dean nodded.


"Then let's do the surgery now. I don't want to let this go on."


He sat down on the side of the bed.


"Sammy, doctor Kaplan says we're going to have the baby today, but we've got to go with the c-section. The baby is a having a little trouble."


"There's something wrong with the baby?" Sam asked struggling to sit up.


Dean grabbed him by the shoulders, and gently pushed him back down on the bed. Sam nodded sleepily.


"Then let's do the c-section, now before something happens."


Doctor Kaplan nodded, "I'm going to have the anesthesiologist come in a give you an epidural. Then we'll get you down to surgery."


The room seemed too bright to Dean, He stood beside the operating table watching as Sam was draped and scrubbed. He was nervous, sweating heavily and felt ridiculous in the green surgical scrubs with his hair tucked under a cap. But Sam was watching him through the hustle, and Dean moved to stand at his shoulders taking Sam’s hand in his. Sam smiled at him.


"You don't have to be here if you don't want to. You can wait outside."


Dean shrugged.


"Naw, are you kidding. This'll be a piece of cake, and I want to be here."


In the end though he couldn't watch the operation. In all the years he had spent tracking and killing things, all the blood he had seen was nothing compared to seeing Sam white-face and cut open. But he and Sam both gaped when Doctor Kaplan held a slimy red-faced angry baby up above the screen and handed him to Dean.


"Here, Daddy do you want to cut the cord?"


Dean placed the baby on Sam's chest then took the cord and the scissors. The doctor clamped the cord and Dean cut the cord. He felt lighter as if some heavyweight had been lifted off of him. And as they sutured the incision Dean and Sam marveled over their newborn son. 




Two months later Sam and Dean, John and Bobby sat in the front row pew of the Blue Earth Community Church in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Jim Murphy was standing behind the altar in full robes. He smiled at the congregation then motioned the four men forward. John rose waiting for Bobby to carefully take their daughter out of her carrier.


Dean was doing the same and he and Sam moved to the podium. At first John had been a little reluctant when Bobby had broached the subject of baptism but Mary had had both Dean and Sam baptized so he gave in pretty quickly. Sam and Dean had decided to follow their father and stepfather's example so Bobby had phoned Jim Murphy and made the arrangements. It was cold in Minnesota and John had bitched the entire way about snow and ice and pneumonia.


Now standing in the warm, golden glow of the lamps and candles looking at Jim's bright smiling face John was glad he came. Bobby was all but bursting with pride every time he lifted the blanket back and showed the baby to yet another cheerful passerby. John was slightly miffed that Bobby was taking all the credit, letting everyone know he was the Daddy. John had done all the hard work. But he was also relieved, Bobby would not let anything including a yellow-eyed demon hurt that little girl. He would protect her even if John had to leave and take up the hunt again.


He looked over at the boys, his boys and his grandson. He had a job to do and he didn't want Sam and Dean involved in it. The babies were two months old that meant he had four months to do what he had to do. He just hoped that Bobby could forgive him.


John sighed, smiling at Bobby above the babies head. Jim was leading the prayer then he turned to the older men.


"Today I have the joy to present to you my good friends Bobby and John Singer. They have come here today to dedicate their daughter. Bobby…"


Jim reached out and Bobby handed him the baby. "Look at this beautiful little girl. John and Bobby what name have given your daughter?"


Bobby smiled as he said, "Elizabeth Marie…"


Jim held the baby up.


"Friends I present to you your sister in Christ, Elizabeth Marie Singer."


There was polite applause while Jim handed her back to her ecstatic father. He turned to Dean and Sam.


"Also I want to present my friends Dean and Sam Winchester."


Jim smiled he had hedged a bit on who Sam and Dean were, the common story was that John was Dean's father especially some people remembered seeing John and Dean come Jim's place before, and recalled them being introduced as father and son. Sam had been at Stanford at that point so fewer people had met him.


Once again Jim held the baby aloft.


"Sam and Dean have come to dedicate their son. Dean what name have you given you son?"


Dean cleared his throat.


"David John Winchester."



Later that night they all sat around Jim's living room talking. Jim was virtually beaming.


"John, I can’t believe it. The first time I met you, Sammy was only a little older than these little ones. My time sure passes so quickly. And back then if anyone had told me that you, John, would give birth to a darling little girl I would have called them crazy."


John smiled.


"The person I was back then wouldn't have. If I had gotten pregnant back then I would have gotten rid of it. "


Jim blanched and John took in his shocked face.


"I was mad at the world back then, Jim. Mary had only been dead a few weeks. I was not fit to be a parent, not really. I got into all this without realty considering what it would do to the boys."


Dean grunted.


"We did okay, Dad. It's a different world now."


One of the babies started whimpering and John turned. Jim was amazed that they all could tell the difference between the two infants' voices. Sam and Dean always knew when David was crying and John and Bobby could always tell if it was Elizabeth. John stood quickly and went to the baby carrier. He lifted the baby out and settled down at the table in his chair. She snuffled, then rooted around on his chest for a few minutes and began wailing loudly. John grinned.


"Okay its coming. Pushy little thing."


Without thinking twice John lifted the hem of his shirt and raised the baby to his breast. Jim blushed turning away and Bobby rose picking up a light blanket and draping it over John's shoulder. John flushed.


"Sorry, Jim. I didn’t think. I almost got us tossed out of a restaurant for doing the same thing. I don’t get it. How can people be offended by watching me feed Beth?"


Jim blushed again. "I think it's the method of distribution…"


Bobby snorted with laughter.


“Method of distribution, that's a hoot preacher."


"You know, Mr. Singer, I've been putting in a good word for you with the Boss," Jim said pointing toward the ceiling. "You better watch who you mock around here."




John watched as the Impala pulled out of the driveway. Bobby was pacing with Elizabeth over one shoulder. She was nodding off and John smiled as she jerked her head up looking for mommy. Bobby carried her back to the nursery and laid her in the crib covering her with a blanket. He clicked off the light and turned on the monitor. He could hear John rustling through the closet in their bedroom on the other end.


He pulled the door half-way closed then walked into the room. John was half in and half out of the closet door searching for something on the floor. His back blocked the door so Bobby couldn't see what he was doing. John jumped a little when he heard Bobby come in. Quickly he stood up dropping a long, wooden box into his black duffle bag, and shoving it into the corner. Closing the closet door he walked back to the bed and watched as Bobby finished undressing.


"Looking for something, Johnny?"


"Huh, oh no. Just sorting some stuff out."


John pulled his shirt off tossing it in the corner. He stripped off his jeans and boxers then crawled across the bed. Bobby grinned as John bit his neck and reached around pulling John into his arms. John had been working hard to get back into shape, training almost fanatically but Bobby was gratified by the results. John wasn't quite down to his pre-pregnancy body but he was getting there. Bobby ran a hand up John leg sliding his fingers between the younger man's thighs. John grunted when Bobby rubbed his hardening cock then pushed a finger inside John.


Leaning back John spread his legs giving the other man more room to work. Bobby worked the finger gently in and out; until John gasped squeezing his legs shut. Bobby could feel John's body contracting around his finger. Pulling his hand away he pushed John down on the bed, and rummaged through the drawer for a condom. In a few minutes he was sliding inside.


This was the first time they had made love since the baby had been born and Bobby took his time savoring the feel of John's body clenching around him. He kissed John murmured to him how much he loved John. Finally, when Bobby felt John tensing under him he gently squeezed John's cock in his hand, riding the other man's orgasm into his own.


After Bobby was asleep John slipped out of the bed. He hurried to the closet, pulling the door closed behind him before tuning on the light. The duffle bag he had carried was on the floor in the corner and John slid it closer with his foot. Inside the bag was some clothes, his prayer book, a rosary and the wooden box containing the Colt. He dropped the Glock he had gotten out of the weapons box in his truck into the bag with a few extra clips, silver ammo he had taken from the supply Bobby had gotten the day Beth had been born.


He leaned back against the wall then slid to the floor. His breasts ached and he knew that his little girl would be waking soon for her midnight feed. Already the front of his shirt was wet, and he fisted the straps on the duffle bag. If he left tonight he wondered if Bobby could get her to take a bottle.  Closing his eyes John let his fingers drift over the rounded curve of his breast, the wet spot forming on his t-shit and down to the still slightly rounded curve of his belly where he had a little ways to go losing weight.  Could he leave tonight?


Tears wet his face as John stood and walked out of the closet door. He looked at the vague shape of the man who had just made love to him still huddled under the blankets in their bed. Turning John walked out of the room and into the hall. The baby shuffled then uttered a tiny squeal as soon as he turned on the lamp.


John scooped the wriggling bundle up clasping her to his chest then settled in the rocking chair. Elizabeth's mouth was warm on his bare skin, and the contented little grunts she made as she nursed made John feel like an ass for even considering leaving.


After he fed and changed the baby John walked back into the bedroom. Bobby was laying on the bed watching him cross the room, and slid back into the warmth of the blankets.


"Everything okay, Johnny?"


John smiled at him rolling over and laying his head on Bobby's broad chest.


"Yeah, she’s fine. I'm fine."


When John glanced up at the other man he could see Bobby staring at the closet door, and he was sure the other man knew.  He flinched guiltily then stroked Bobby's stomach.


"There's some stuff in there that I want to put up in the attic tomorrow."


"I'll put it up there for you."


John shook his head, "No, I'll do it. I won't need it."




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