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The Plague Final Part FRAO Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

The Plague Pt 16

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, and John/Bobby

Rating: FRAO

Warnings: AU, M-Preg (Sam, John). Hermaphrodite characters (Sam/John) Graphic Sex, het and slash, Wincest (Sam/Dean)

***Extra Warning***Character Deaths this part, but it's not a bad thing. Really. Give it a chance.


Summary:  In this world about 25% of all males are born hermaphrodites, although they function only as males. A demon creates a plague that kills most of the women of child bearing age, but one of the side effects is that the men who are born hermaphrodites catch the plague and become fully functional as females, without really changing their outward appearance.  In order to keep the population from dropping dangerously the government decides that all the newly functional “breeders” must have a male partner and give birth to at least one child.


Thanks to Sioux_Sioux for the lovely beta on the story and all the great advice.



Dean sat on the floor of the nursery watching as Sam leaned back in the padded high-backed chair beside the crib. David snuggled contentedly against his mother's chest; mouth a pink bow sucking lazily at a nipple. Sam gently pulled the baby back, and he uttered an incensed squawk. With a frown Sam lifted David to his breast again, watching as his heavy-lidded eyes slipped closed.  Finally, David's mouth fell away from his abused flesh and Sam sighed. Gently he laid the baby down in the crib turning on the musical mobile.


Dean stood brushing off the seat of his jeans as Sam settled in the chair and began expressing breast milk into a container. Seating himself on the arm of the chair the older man watched then cocked his head.


"Why do you do that? Dad doesn't do it when he feeds Beth?"


"Dad doesn't have too, Beth eats like a piranha. Our little angel is a fussy eater. If I don’t empty both breasts it'll cut down on the amount of milk for the next feeding."


"Huh, that's interesting." Dean flushed, "Can I…uhmmm, I kind of saw Dad do something for Bobby. I mean I wasn't trying to you know…" Dean blushed.


Sam smiled leaning back. He knew what Dean was asking for in his round-about way. He was sure that Bobby had wanted the same thing and would have been surprised if his Dad hadn't asked their Mom too, although he'd die before asking him. He patted his knee spreading his legs and Dean dropped to the ground between Sam's thighs. Sam ran his fingers through Dean's hair, ruffling it a little and laughing when the other man pulled back.


"Come on, lean in here."


Dean slid his hands up Sam's thighs then grasped his waist. Leaning forward he kissed Sam's throat then his collarbone before dropping his mouth to his lover's tit. His lips fastened on the brown nub gently teasing it hard. The warm sweet liquid that touched his tongue sent a shiver down his spine. Dean closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, the soft scent of Sam's warm body washing over him. He suckled a few minutes longer then slipped his hands to Sam's pajama bottoms, pulling the drawstring, letting the pants fall open until he could slid his fingers around his brother's cock. Sam was hard already, dripping pre-come and Dean dropped his head from Sam's chest to his dick. Flicking his tongue over the spongy crown, Dean worked the head of Sam's cock until a fresh gout of clear liquid painted his lips and tongue.


Breath hitching Sam slid his hands around Dean's shoulders rubbing the taut, hard muscles beneath the thin material of his t-shirt. Dean groaned dropping one hand from Sam's waist to his own zipper. Sam jerked at the sound of the teeth sliding apart. With one hand on his own cock Dean sucked Sam until the younger man was squirming around in the chair.


"Sssh, don't wake the baby," Dean hissed laughing.


Sam smacked him on the back of the head.


"If you take your mouth off my dick one more time, I'll kill you."


"Oooh, pushy bitch," Dean snickered, but he swallowed Sam down, and the younger man jerked in the chair.


Groaning Sam pushed his hips up and shooting into Dean's mouth. Dean titled his head back tugging his own cock once more grunted as he spilled his seed over his hand.


He thumped down onto the floor and Sam cast a harried glance at the crib.


"Dean, I swear if you wake him up you can just sit up with him."


"He's fine," Dean hissed quietly, "Come on, let's get some sleep before his next feeding."



Dean stood in the parking lot beside their apartment staring at the rear door of the Impala. His gaze rested on the huge, blue fabric and gray plastic monstrosity marring his muscle car's rear seat. The baby carrier was fastened snuggly in the middle of the seat, belted and double belted by the bungee cords Sam had run from an eyehook mounted on each seatbelt buckle. Dean sighed.  There was no use in fighting it; he was respectable member of the community now. No self-respecting demon hunter would have a Graco Infant Seat in his means of transportation. If Sammy didn't give up hinting that maybe they should buy another car he was going to cry.


Sam appeared with the baby and diaper bag. Dean took the bag dropping it on the floor as Sam fastened David into the car-seat. The baby grumbled loudly then began to wail. Dean pulled a pacifier out of the bag and plopped it into his mouth. David shifted it back and forth a few times as if it were a cigar then quieted.


Sam slid into the car waving Dean around to the driver's side.


"Come on, Bobby said he needed to talk to us right away."


They pulled into the driveway of the house, and saw Bobby sitting on the front porch holding Beth in his arms. He looked a little ragged around the edges and Dean glanced around looking for their father. Sam was busy getting David out of the car seat when Dean noticed that their father's truck was gone.


"Hey, Bobby," Dean said walking over to the house.


He took Beth from her father bouncing her up and down. She fussed, alternating between snuffling and chewing on her fist. Bobby looked at her.


"I've been trying to get her take a bottle for the past hour. She just won't do it."


"Where's Dad?"


"He's gone…" Bobby said rubbing his eyes.


Dean's face paled. But the older man held up a hand.


"No, not like that.  Last night I thought he was going to go. But I guess he talked himself out of it. He just needed a break from the baby for a little while, so he went into town. I thought I was ready for it. But this little girl loves her mama."


Dean grinned.




Bobby huffed.


"Of course not, it's natural for a baby to be more bonded to its mother. Okay, it pisses the hell out of me. What am I doing wrong? She cries damn near any time I hold her."


Sam grinned.


"You're tensing up when you hold her. Just try to relax, she can feel that you're uncomfortable and it makes her uncomfortable too."


Bobby sighed, but before he could say anything the sound of an engine filled the air.

They looked up as the truck bounced down the driveway, and rolled to a halt beside the Impala. John climbed out and walked over, taking his daughter from Dean.


"How are you boys doing?"


John settled on the bench beside Bobby to nurse Beth. Bobby leaned back sliding his arm onto the back of the bench behind John's back, leaning his chin on his lover's shoulder watching as his little girl suckled contentedly at her mother's breast.



Beth and David were five months old when John first mentioned the demon again. The boys and David were over at John and Bobby's house for dinner one Saturday night when John pushed his chair back and looked his sons in the face. Dean could tell this was going to be a discussion that they didn't want to have, and was sure it was going to end in a screamfest between John and Sam. Bobby looked like he was ready for the shit to hit the fan as well.


"I know that we've been running on autopilot these last five months since the babies were born, but we have to deal with the fact that in less than four weeks David and Beth are both going to be six months old." He held up a hand to forestall the protest he could already see brewing on his younger son's face. "Please Sam just hear me out this time. I won't bring it up again. And this is why I was so against you and Dean getting a place of your own right away. We have the Colt, but we only have the one gun. We know that the gun can kill the demon, not dissipate it, not send it back to Hell but destroy it. And we know that the demon comes after kids on the day they turn six months old. I think that this bastard missed his chance with Sammy, and I think he'll come after one of these two babies to make up for it."


Dean nodded, he could see where his Dad was going with this and it seemed reasonable to him. Sam was looking less enthusiastic but he couldn't argue, John had a valid point.

Bobby nodded picking up the argument.


"All we're asking is that the day and night that David and Beth turn six months old you stay here at the house with us. It's just one night and we can wait and see if the demon turns up. And I agree with John, I think he will show. If you're at your place and we're here, well the gun can't be in two places at one time."


Sam opened his mouth, but Dean stopped him.


"I think Dad and Bobby are right. We can combine forces, all of us wait here. Watch each other's backs. We know that he'll come for one of the kids.  If we took the gun and he came for Beth how do you think we'd feel?"


Sam sighed, he couldn't disagree with one thing that any of them had said.


"Okay, we'll bring David here. But if we get the demon, if this is laid to rest, I want out. No more hunting not for me and not for Dean. Do you get it, Dad?"


John frowned, his face flushing, but he nodded.


"No more hunting, I've already promised that if we get this demon, I'll give it up. Bobby and I intend to research and supply hunters from the house.  We've already let the others know."


Three weeks later Sam and Dean were seated at the table at John and Bobby's; the two babies were asleep in Beth's room. John was finishing his third cup of coffee under Bobby's disapproving eyes.


"John-boy, you'd better go easy on that stuff or you'll be up all night peeing. And I plan of getting some sleep tonight.”


 John shot him a dirty glance and finished off the mug. Sam and Dean looked at each other, none of them would probably be getting any sleep that night, and they all knew it.


Sam was leaning over the crib tucking the blankets around both babies when he looked up at the wall. The lamp on the dresser flickered on. Sam held his breath. If it was the demon the lights would…Suddenly the lamp flared brighter and then dimmed. Sam turned trying to run for the door when he found himself slammed against the wall.


A dark form rose up beside the window, eyes flashing amber in the dim light. Sam gasped, breath gurgling in his throat. He flailed his arms, reaching out for the crib, but the demon held him against the wall. Slowly Sam's body began to ascend to the ceiling. With a desperate moan Sam focused his thoughts.  The lamp on the dresser rocked then flew across the room shattering against the plaster.


In the other room John shot to his feet.


"The lamp in the nursery broke, I heard it. Something's wrong."


Before Bobby could stop him John ran from the room, and disappeared down the hall. He slid into the nursery just as Sam was jerked back against the wall. The dark shape beside the crib whirled as John sprang into the room. John was thrown back, slamming his head against the wall. His body slipped a few inches then hung limply in the air. He moaned, but found himself unable to move or call out.


With a sneer the demon reached out for the babies in the crib. The nursery door swung back and Bobby stormed in shot-gun raised. He let both barrels go into the black shape and the rock salt packed shells ripped at the demon. Roaring he fell back and Sam's body dropped heavily to the floor. The demon moved away from the crib, stalking toward the man with the gun. Raising a hand he swiped Bobby off his feet.


The floor creaked and Bobby jerked as the demon slammed him against the wall. Turning the demon snarled staring down the barrel of the gun in Dean's hand. With a grin he licked his lips.


"Your friend tried that. When are you going to learn there is nothing that you can do to me that I cannot do to you? I'll just kill you all."


The shot gun rose up out of the floor, floating effortlessly to the demon's hands. Dean cocked his head.


"Not tonight."


The gun shot rang out and the bullet hit the demon in the forehead. His eyes widened and he shrieked. The wind whipped through the room, slamming the furniture around and ripping the pictures off the walls. The crib swung and rocked causing both babies inside to wail in terror. Sam managed to drag himself to his feet making a grab for the bed. Bobby stumbled forward and together the two men caught the crib holding it steady against the whirlwind.


Finally, the maelstrom ended and the room was still. Sam staggered to the crib picking up David, and Bobby caught his daughter up holding her against the chest. Her screams faded to snuffling as Bobby carried her over to where John was sitting in the floor. Dean carefully bent down getting an arm under his Dad's shoulder and hauling him upright.


The room was trashed but the four men stood in silence grateful that it was all over. This demon, the demon was gone, killed by the Colt that John had kept hidden in the closet in the bedroom, in his old black duffle bag.




Dean sat on the porch of the house looking as his son and his little sister toddled around the yard. Both babies had just learned to walk and they were all but inseparable when they were at the house together. Dean and Sam had been coming over almost every night because David asked for Beth constantly. At eighteen months the two were into everything, and the four men were exhausted by their adventurous toddlers' constant exploration.


Bobby sat on the step watching as his daughter rooted around in the dirt. Sam glowered at the older man.


"Bobby, you better not let her ruin that dress. Dad will have a fit if he comes home and she's dirty."


Bobby waved him off.


"I'm not afraid of big, bad John."


He glanced around to see if the truck was in the driveway before he said it, Sam noticed and grinned. Bobby winced.


"Okay, maybe I'm not too afraid of big, bad John."


The truck appeared at the end of the road and Sam and Bobby gathered the babies up. When John climbed out of the truck Beth wriggled out of her father's arms and ran to John.


"Mommy, up up."


John swung her up into his arms. Leaning over he grinned at Bobby.


"Hi, boys, glad you came over. I think the old man is going to fire up the barbeque."


Bobby sniffed.


"I suppose by old man you mean me?"


John shrugged.


"You all complain when I man the grill."


Dean grunted.


"That's because you don't seem to know the difference between grilling steaks and cremating them."


As they sat around the table finishing off the last of the meal, John casually glanced up at his lover.


"Oh by the way, Bobby I think we better seriously reconsider adding on another room to the house."


Sam held up a hand.


"Dad, me and Dean are not coming back to live here. You don't need to add on for us."


John grinned.


"It's not for you. As much as I love you and your brother and David. You have a life on your own now. It's for the baby."


Bobby frowned.


"John, Elizabeth has her own room."


John shook his head.


"Not that baby."


He stood taking Bobby's hand and pressing it against his belly.


"This one."

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