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The Grass Isn't Always Green on the Other Side Pt 2 FRAO John/Bobby

Two weeks later John was desperate. He and the boys had been hitting the books and the internet hard and still come up with nothing as far as what had happened to them and how to reverse it. Finally, he closed the book he was hunched over rubbing his eyes. Sam slumped down on the bed shoving the laptop off his legs.


"I got nothing, Dad? Did you come up with anything?"


"Hell no," John sighed. "We need help on this. And there's only one person that I can think of who knows demons well enough to be any help."


Dean and Sam exchanged glances. They both knew that John meant Bobby Singer. He was legendary among hunters for his knowledge in demonology. Both young men frowned; Bobby and John had been friends for years. And John had often gone to Bobby for help and information until two years ago. Something had happened between John and Bobby and their father had steadfastly refused to discuss the matter.  If John was desperate enough to voluntarily go to Bobby, this had to be bad.




They packed their stuff, gassed up the vehicles and headed to Durham. It was a little passed six o'clock in the evening when the Impala and John's truck rolled into Bobby's driveway. Bobby was sitting on the porch when the big old Impala that belonged to John Winchester’s older boy pulled up in front of his house. He belatedly realized that the black truck was John's.


The door to the Impala opened and a single figure got out. It was too dark for him to see clearly so he rose and turned on the porch light waiting until figure crossed the yard and stood at the foot of the steps. He didn't know the girl but she was a looker, as his daddy used to say. Smiling tentatively the girl turned as a second figure approached the porch. Once again Bobby noticed that the taller girl was pretty, and it seemed as if he might have seen her somewhere before. She paused as well, looking back over her shoulder at the truck. If John was inside Bobby wanted to know why he was dragging these two little girls around with him and where the hell Dean and Sam were.


The door to the truck swung open and instead of the tall broad-shouldered form of John Winchester, a woman slid out. Bobby watched as she walked over, casting a suspicious look in his direction. He started to stand, then started to ask why the hell she had John's truck and who these women were, when a thought struck him. Bobby looked at the woman. She well built, pretty hazel eyes, and soft short brown curls streaked with gray. When she turned her head Bobby caught sight of the thin scar that marred her cheek. He hissed out a breath, and then looked over at the girls; the one looked like the woman, brownish eyes, long bangs and tall for a girl. The other one was a little shorter than the older woman, a china doll with green eyes and blond spiky hair.


Suddenly Bobby felt the spit dry out in his mouth. His knees wouldn't quite hold him and he sat down hard on the wooden bench on the porch. He clasped his hand to his forehead trying keep from passing out. There was a sudden swish of air by his side and Bobby looked up, into John's worried eyes.


 "Holy shit," Bobby said then winced as if noticing that there was a lady present. John shot him a look. His slender fingers pried Bobby's hand off his forehead and pushed it into his lap. Bobby glanced down looking at John's small, delicate fingers clinging to his big, blunt ones.


"Bobby, I know we kinda fell out the last time I was here, and if you want me to leave I will, but Sam and Dean need your help."


"John?" Bobby finally managed to stutter, and the woman smiled at him. Bobby felt that smile all the way down to the pit of his stomach. "Holy shit."


An awkward silence settled over the porch. Finally, Bobby rose, motioning them inside. John and the boys followed the other man into the house. Bobby sighed.


"John, this is something a little outside my area of expertise.  I've heard of things like this happening but I've never seen it personally. But in all the cases I've heard of they managed to get it fixed. The problem with curses like this one is that we're working under a deadline. We got a specific time frame to reverse it before it becomes permanent."


John shook his head. "I kinda figured that. But you know more about it than we've managed to come up with in the past couple of weeks."


"Damn it John, you should have come to me right away. Especially, if you knew that there might be time problems."


John flushed handing his head. "After what happened I wasn't sure that you'd want us here, or at least me…"


Bobby sighed closing his eyes. Slowly he stood, and then paused when he had to look down at the other man.


"John, you know how I feel about you. I got tired of trying to keep it a secret so I just blurted it out. I don't blame you for reacting badly. It was my fault for just jumping you with it. I should have just kept quiet."


John swallowed hard. "Bobby, I couldn't, not then, and now I don’t know if you care for me or this plastic inflatable doll I've become."


Bobby grinned stoking his fingertips up John's arm.


"John, I love you, and it doesn't matter what the packaging looks like. Don't get me wrong this body is hot, but I love you, beard, scars, warts and all."


Dean appeared at the door.


"Sam and I ordered pizza. It'll be here in a few minutes."


John flinched then jumped away from the other man. Dean looked between his father and the older man then frowned. Sam passed him in the hallway and shot his brother a look.


"What's wrong?"


Dean shrugged.


"I'm not sure but I think that I finally figured out why Dad and Bobby got in that fight the last time we were here. I think that they're in love with each other."


Sam's eyes widened.


"You're kidding, aren't you? Dad and Bobby? Man that's weird, but it does explain a lot."



Bobby sat on the bed looking as John paced the floor. John whirled straightening his shoulders against the unaccustomed weight. Sighing he turned to the other man.


"I weigh a hundred and ten pounds, how come I got stuck with huge tits?"


John slid his hands under the objects in question and pushed them up, bouncing them a little and Bobby felt his mouth water.


 Oh crap, he thought, no drooling.


"I mean it, Bobby, look at 'em!  Do you know how much these things weigh? It's like having two sandbags hanging around my shoulders. My back is killing me." He strolled to the bed, and Bobby looked up shaking his head. "They're pretty firm though. Do you want to squeeze 'em?"


The older man flinched. "Is this a trick question? I mean, if I say yes are you gonna shoot me?"


"Only if you make honking noises when you do it. What the hell is wrong with you?"

John asked when Bobby flinched as John settled on the bed beside him. Bobby shrugged.


"Pizza is here, Dad."


John smacked Bobby on the knee.


"Come on food's here. I'm starving."


"You go ahead I'll be right out." Bobby said.


John turned looking at the other man, watching as Bobby got slowly to his feet while trying to keep his back to John. Suddenly John gasped eyes glued to Bobby's groin.


"You bastard! I can't believe it."


"Now, John, I'm sorry. It just got away from me," Bobby said, hobbling forward.


John glared, stomping out the door.





Bobby looked up excitedly from the internet site he was perusing. He shouted into the other room.


"John, boys I think I found it."


The clatter of footsteps and girlish voices shattered the air, and John and the boys hurried into the room. They huddled around the computer reading through the material as Bobby explained.


"This is a fairly standard curse. It’s designed to cripple a person and leave him vulnerable to attacks while he’s confused and disorientated. But there is a way to reverse it. We have to summon the demon that placed the curse and get it to give you the potion to reverse it. The summoning spell has to be done somewhere with a lot of power, and you'll have to have something to trade for the potion."


John settled against the arm of the chair letting his forearm rest on Bobby’s shoulder. He blinked a little, breathing in John's clean, warm, scent. Finally, John heaved a sigh.


"I know just what that bastard will ask for too."


Dean nodded. "The Colt."


"Well," Sam added, "Unless we want to spend the rest of our lives as the Winchester sisters we need to come up with a plan."


Bobby held up a hand as if reining them in.


"Look, the first thing that you even need to consider is getting this reversed. Everything I read about this spell is bad news. If we don’t get it reversed in time not only do you stay female, but you’ll forget, everything. No memories of your previous life at all. The only good thing that I can come up with is that the potion heals any injuries you sustained in your pre-altered form. That’s why Dean’s dislocated shoulder healed when he became a girl.  If you have to cut a deal with the demon to fix this, then you do it. Just remember, we're looking at about three more weeks before this thing becomes a real, permanent fact in your lives."


John nodded. "Okay, I'll agree with you there. The first priority is to get this fixed. But we still need a plan, because if you think that this demon will just let us waltz in there with the Colt and make an even up trade for the potion then you're kidding yourself."


"No," Bobby said, "He's gonna try and kill you all."


Sam interrupted, "Actually the first thing we have to do is find a place to summon the demon. A place that we know it won't be able to keep from appearing."


Bobby grinned. "Well, at least that much I've got figured out. There's a camp ground in South Dakota, it used to be a big spiritual place for the Sioux. I figured that was because of the ley lines. There's a hell of a lot of power up there. It's even better than cross-roads."


Smiling, John looked at the older man.


"So we go up there, stay a few days and find an intersecting point on the ley lines and get it done."


Dean smiled too.


"Sounds like a plan. You know Dad, nobody but us and a few vampires have ever seen the gun. What's the chance that the demon has seen it?"


"You thinking that maybe we could hand off a fake gun? It'd be tricky, but it might work. Even if the bastard has seen the thing it was in Dan Elkins possession for God knows how long. We might be able to pick up a good enough replacement that the demon won't notice,” John said.


"There are a couple of good antique stores here in town. We'll go over in the morning and pick a good substitute gun. In fact, I know a guy that has a gun shop. He'll cut us a good deal,” Bobby offered with a smile.




Big Sioux Family Camp grounds was just north of Lake Vermillion They arrived just after noon two days later. Bobby, grumbling under his breath about traveling with three women. He snickered to himself then made sure that John and the boys hadn't heard him.

The trip had been extremely educational for him, particularly since he had no sisters and had never been married. The first day he had walked into the bathroom in the hotel suite they were sharing and found bras and panties hanging on the towel racks it had embarrassed the hell out of him. What was more disturbing to him was the fact that John and the boys were acting more 'female' all the time, a sure sign that the curse was moving into a latent phase.


The next day when he was forced to go to the grocery store for tampons was an even more grueling experience, but at least it cut down on the arguing since John and the boys were mortified into absolute silence, and didn't spend all day on the cell phone 'discussing' the situation loudly and at great length.



Dean and Sam stood in the lobby surveying the crowed room. The buildings were typical for a camp ground, wooden-beamed structures with shake shingle roofs. The main lobby was a large central building with the public showers and bathrooms for the RV park and the tent campers. There was a small grocery store, a restaurant and gift shop as well.


Arranged around the central complex were the cabins. The cabin they had rented was in the first row of smaller buildings just down the street from the main buildings. It was a two bedroom cabin with a bathroom and a small central living room. One of the bedrooms had twin beds for the boys the other room a large king-sized bed. Bobby cast a sideways glance at John who merely shrugged. They unloaded the Impala and John's truck, distributing keys all around, and then headed to the restaurant for lunch and a planning session.



The restaurant was crowded but the hostess managed to get them a table in record time. The boys sat on one side and Bobby sat beside John on the other. He leaned back looking at the other patrons in the place.  When he saw other people smiling in their direction for the fourth time Bobby took a little time to think about how they must appear to others; a middle-aged couple with their two beautiful girls. For the first time in a long time Bobby felt more like a regular member of society, a man with a family and not some demon hunter alone in an old house researching things that most people didn't even want to know existed.


"This afternoon," John said, after he washed down the last of his burger with tea, "We'll locate a good clean intersection on two strong ley lines. Look for a stone markers in the woods where we can set up the summon ritual without being noticed. I know that the Sioux had burial grounds all through this area, and that some pagan covens used the stones to make fairy circles. The ley lines will run along the stone circles."


Bobby nodded. "There's a lot of people out and about so we'll have to find a place off the well traveled hiking trails. But it’s a big park, and Caleb Anderson sent me map of all the ley lines up here. There are two big ones that run right along and underground spring that lays just beneath the main trail into the hills. And a good secondary one that intersects in about half way up the central foothill."


"Good a place as any," Dean said smiling.


The hike to the foothills took almost an hour. It was a bright sunny afternoon and the four of them took their time, not immune to being out in the warm sunlight and beautiful scenery. Sam paused taking a bottle of water out of his backpack and resting against a tree trunk soaking up the warmth. Too much of the time he and Dean lived in darkness and being in a bright cheerful place eased his spirit.


Dean was standing on the path beside his younger brother also taking in the serene countryside. He smiled. “You know Sammy it’s been way too long since we’ve been in a place like this. You can almost feel the power in the air.”


Sam nodded. He nudged his brother in the ribs with his elbow and pointed to the trail ahead of them where Bobby and their father were walking. The two were side by side, a bit too close for just friendly camaraderie. Dean grinned when John stumbled over a bit of rough ground and Bobby immediately took his arm, holding him up easily until John regained his balance. The smile that John shot Bobby smoldered.


Bobby stopped at the bend of the path holding a crystal aloft. When the center of the yellow stone gleamed he smiled.


“This is it, the perfect center of the intersecting points. This is the strongest summoning point.”


John nodded. “We need to gather all the materials for the summoning. I can cast the spell, but it’ll have to be done at night to cut down on the chance that someone will just wander in on us. Dean, take down the coordinates.”


Sam lifted his compass, and Dean scribbled the location of the intersecting points in John’s journal. Bobby frowned.


“Well, we won’t get it done tonight. It might take a couple of days to set this thing up right.”


“We’ll do it right, but we’ve got to get it done pretty quickly. I think me and the boys are running out of time,” John replied.


“Don’t worry, Dad,” Sam said, “You have all the stuff for the spell in your bag. It’s just a matter of getting out here unobserved. There’s a full moon in three days, that’ll be the best day to do the ritual.”


John nodded. “So we just wait it out for the next three days.”



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