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The Grass Isn't Always Green on the Other Side Pt 3 FRAO John/Bobby

They were back at the restaurant that evening for dinner when Bobby spotted a familiar face in the crowd. He smiled, walking across the room to the small group of people waiting in the lobby. He tapped one of the men on the back and grinned; the man shook his head as if he had seen a ghost then broke into a huge grin of his own.


“Bobby Singer, hell, how have you been?”


Bobby slapped the other man on the shoulder. “George Parker, my god it’s been years. How the hell are you?”


“Great, here with my family. My oldest boy is getting married, and they wanted an outdoor wedding. What has it been, thirty years? I haven’t seen you since we shipped out of Nam.”


“Yeah,” Bobby said, “It sure has been a while. So this is your wife?”


“Yeah, this is Lorrie. Honey, this is Bobby Singer. He’s the reason I made it out of Vietnam alive.”


The woman smiled shaking Bobby’s hand. He started to leave but George called him back. “So what are you doing up here?’


Bobby swallowed then looked over at the table where John and the boys sat. Smiling he pointed, “Uh, I’m just up here with my wife and girls for vacation.”


George gaped. “That’s your wife? Wow, she’s beautiful, and the girls are too. Hey, we’re having a pre-wedding party. Why don’t you come on with us?”


Bobby stuttered, “Uhh…I don’t want to impose. And I should get back to Johnny and the b…girls.”


“Hell, bring ‘em on over.”


“Uh, really we couldn’t impose.”


George smiled. “It’s no problem. I’d really like to meet your family.”




“Hey George, which one of your boys is getting married,” Bobby said grinning painfully hard. The other man fished in his pocket for a wallet then shoved a picture at Bobby. He took it; the photo was an old grainy black and white picture of a toddler. Bobby vaguely remembered Parker carrying the picture in Nam. “Isn’t this George Junior? What was he in this picture, three?”


“Yep, time surely does fly by."


Bobby was about to reply when Dean wandered up. "Hey Dad…:" he paused looking at other man standing with Bobby. "Uh…Mom wants to get going back to the cabin."


"Oh Dean, this is an old friend of mine, George Parker, he's here with his family. They invited us to a party."


Sam wandered over, smiling at Bobby. He turned to Parker. "George this is Sammy."


They were still talking when a teenaged boy wandered up.  The boy was tall and lanky, dressed in black clothes and wearing heavy eye-liner. He sneered in their direction when the introductions were made and laughed when Bobby introduced Dean and Sam.


“Dean,” he snorted, “Isn’t that a guy name?”


George rolled his eyes.


“Shut up, Francis.”


Grinning Dean stepped closer to the boy.


“Yeah, Francis, if you give me any trouble I’ll clean your clock, got it?”


Licking his lips Francis grinned.


“You can clean anything of mine you like, baby.”


Dean snarled stomping on the boy’s foot and jamming an elbow into his gut. He doubled over with a grunt and John stepped in, pulling his older son away. With a harsh look he stilled Dean’s struggles. John slid closer to the boy glaring up at him. Dean frowned when the boy merely rolled his eyes. Sam shrugged looking at their father.


"I think the girls and I are ready to go back to the cabin, Bobby," John said pointedly.


Dean smiled. "We're invited to a party."


At John's look he frowned. "Oh come on…Mom. Just for a little while. We have to wait a couple of days for the night hike anyway. What harm can it do?"


Bobby nodded. "Johnny, this is my old friend George Parker."


Parker offered to hake hands, John stepped forward smiling. Parker grasped his hand just a fraction of second longer than Bobby was comfortable with. Eyeing John, Parker said, "So...Jonnie is it?"


"Uh, yeah…Bobby this is probably not the best idea."


"Come on, Jonnie," Parker huffed. "I haven't seen the old man in years. Bobby can't you get a slip from the old ball and chain?"


John cocked his head. "What?"


"Uhh, George, if the girls aren't up to it," Bobby said quickly.


Dean and Sam chimed in,


"Oh come on, Mom. We can't interfere in a happy reunion."


"Fine, let's go."


Nervously Bobby raked his fingers through his hair. Once George had moved past, he slipped his hand down John's back letting his palm rest on the curve of his hip. John looked over his shoulder then shot the other man a sideways look.


Sam added, “Yeah, it’ll be great. We’ve got nothing planned for a couple more nights anyway.”


John frowned but looking at the three expectant faces he caved. “Okay, but you two stick close. No running off.”


George smiled broadly again. “Swell, come on. I’ll introduce you to the rest of my family.”



There was a group of about thirty people gathered in a small private room to one side of the restaurant’s main dining area. Bobby disappeared into a crowd of men gathered at the bar, swapping stories about the old days. They studiously avoided talking about the war as much as possible, except for mention of long lost friends. By the time the meal had wound down and the party moved out to a covered patio John had heard more about Bobby than he remembered hearing the other man talk about in twenty years. He smiled.


A band was playing in the quad just outside the restaurant but the music was more than loud enough for the party. Several couples were dancing in the center of the room. George led them to a table where an attractive middle-aged woman was seated. She leaned back patting him on the thigh.


George smiled, "Lorrie, honey, this is Jonnie, Sam and Dean."



George corralled John and hustled him to the center of the room grabbing his hand. Dean and Sam grinned at the sight of their father dancing awkwardly with the other man. Bobby flushed as George whirled John around, then finally took pity on the other man and rescued him. George patted John's arm.


He grinned as John slid into a chair muttering under his breath. George dug an elbow into Bobby's side.


"Wow, I can't believe you ended up with such a pretty girl, old man. But I got to tell you she needs to learn how to dance. She kept trying to lead."


Bobby coughed. "Uh, Johnny has a real strong personality."


Grinning George waved Lorrie over.


"Honey, we got some room at the ceremony for Bobby and the family?"


She nodded smiling.


"It's an outdoor ceremony so it won't be any problem."


Bobby gulped.


"We really don't want to impose…"


"Oh, "Lorrie said, "It’s no imposition as all. I'll just go tell Johnnie the color scheme so they can check their wardrobes for dresses in the appropriate colors."


"But, but…"Bobby said with a grunt as George grabbed him by the shoulder and hauled him physically toward the bar.


John flinched when he noticed that Bobby's friend's wife was coming his direction. Lorrie settled into the chair by John's side. She patted John's leg and he mustered up a smile.


"Nice party, which one of your boys is getting married?"


She pointed out a young man a few years older than Dean.


"That's George Junior. He's marrying Shelly, that pretty young lady over there. I must say your girls are just beautiful.  But you probably hear that all the time. I just wanted to let you know that George and I would just love it if you and Bobby and the girls came to the ceremony tomorrow evening. The color scheme is mauve and peach. We're semi-formal."


"Well, good for you," John said frowning. Sam nudged him in the back between the shoulder blades and John grunted. Lorrie patted John's knee and he glanced down shrugging at Dean who merely snickered.


"There's a cute little boutique at the mall on Highway 95, half the girls in the wedding party got their dresses there."


"Dresses?" John and Dean exchanged a look but Sam smiled at her.


"We'll just have Dad….uhmm we'll just go over to the mall."


She smiled and hurried over to the table where her younger son sat, trying to steal a beer bottle from under his father's gaze. John watched her go.


"Oh shit," he whispered, "I think that she thinks that we're Bobby's family."


"Well, we are together," Dean added. "Oh crap Dad, this is my fault. When I went to talk to Bobby I accidentally said Dad when I was talking about you. Good old George probably thought I was talking to Bobby."


"Great," John sighed. "Well, Bobby's here helping us so we've just got to go along with it. Whatever you do don't tell him that they think we're his wife and kids. Let's just try not to embarrass him, and look half way decent tomorrow. It can't be that hard, huh? We've all seen the kind of shit that girls wear to weddings and if all else fails we'll ask the sale clerk. It's only eight-fifteen. Why don't the three of us get over to the mall?"


Dean flinched, "Dresses, come on, Dad."


John glared at him.


"Dean don't make me tell Sam about that Rocky Horror Picture Show thing. I still have the pictures."


With a gulp Dean grinned, "Dresses it is. Nothing like looking like you belong in some frou-frou magazine."


John smiled, "Fine, I'll tell Bobby we're going."


Bobby was actually relieved that John and the boys were leaving for awhile. It gave him time to come up with a good cover story for any slip ups that he might have made today. He didn't want John finding out that George and Lorrie thought hat John was his wife. Actually he desperately didn't want John finding out that Bobby had told them that John was his wife.


It was a little after ten when they got back to the cabin. Bobby was half-asleep on the sofa watching the evening news. When they came in the door, all three of them dumped the bags they were carrying onto the floor. Bobby watched in silent fascination as the 'girls' began unpacking shoes, stockings lacy undergarments and dresses. John hung the three plastic garment bags holding the dresses in the closet and dumped a smaller bag of cosmetics on the table.


"So you guys are actually planning on going through with this tomorrow?" Bobby asked hesitantly. John shot him a smile.


"We can do it. It'll be easy. We've been girls for almost three weeks now, and I think we got this thing down pat," John settled down on the sofa beside the other man's feet.


Sam rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah Winchesters are never daunted by anything…"


Dean frowned, "I don't know that last time I drank too much I fell and got a big lump on my head."


With a sneer Sam turned to his brother, "I said daunted not dented."


John frowned, "Just one thing boys, if you go to a salon and the girl tells you that if you get your underarms and legs waxed you get a free bikini wax, don’t do it."


Dean grinned as John tugged at the crotch of his jeans. "I'm telling you Bobby women are crazy. Before I knew it this chick had me ass over head in a chair and was pouring hot wax on places that the sun don't normally shine."


Bobby's face went from pale to crimson in about three seconds. Dean was actually fascinated by the color spreading from his shirt collar upwards. He laughed, and Sam shot Dean 'the look.'


"Bobby, Dad we're gonna call it a day. See you in the morning."


Dean and Sam disappeared into one of the bedrooms just as John yawned hugely.


"You know I'm kinda beat myself. I'm going to bed."


"I'll just stretch out here on the couch."


John shrugged. "Oh, come on, the bed's plenty big enough. It's not like we haven't bunked together before."


"But that was different. I mean we were both…"


"We still are, don't let this body fool you, Bobby. It's still me in here. Still John."


"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of."


The room was dark and quiet. Bobby lay on one side listening to John's breathing. Before, on hunts, when they had been forced to share a bed there was a tussle for blankets, and elbow room, and the hard edge of deep snoring. This soft whisper of girlish breath washed over him like a wave, leaving him enervated and wanting. John rolled over in his sleep wriggling close to him and Bobby's own breath caught in his chest.  With a sigh John eased onto his side and moved against the hard warmth of the other body in the bed. It was all Bobby could do not to slide his hands over the pale smooth skin pressed against him.



After lunch the next day Bobby made his own trip to the mall for a hair cut and to buy a black suit. Dean whistled when the older man came into the cabin an hour later causing Bobby to blush furiously. He dressed carefully then waited on the sofa for the 'girls' to get ready.


When Sam and Dean came out Bobby grinned they looked like the girls he saw on tv. Sam tall and pretty in peach and Dean smaller, more voluptuous, in pale mauve. They had spent a good deal of time working on the make-up and it showed. Finally, John made his appearance and Bobby felt his mouth go dry. John was every fantasy Bobby had ever had since he got old enough to understand just what his dick was for.



When they walked under the lattice-work archway to the wedding reception that night Bobby was all but bursting with pride. He was sure that his 'girls' put every other girl in the place to shame. They laughed, danced, drank a little too much champagne and found out exactly why Karaoke meant tone-deaf in Japanese.


Later in the cabin, after the boys had gone to bed, Bobby and John sat on the sofa, John's feet in Bobby's lap as he massaged John's toes. Bobby smiled at the other man.


"Johnny, I want to thank you for tonight, for the last couple of days. I'm sorry that I got you and the boys involved in all this."


"Its okay, Bobby, we're glad to help. I mean you're doing a hell of a lot for us, getting out lives back. Besides I sort of got a kick out of seeing how the other side lives. We don't get to do much 'normal' in our line of work."


"No we, don't. I'm sorry that I never made time for a wife and kids."


"Yeah my life couldn't have been the same without Mary and the boys. But things change, life isn't static. Sometimes all we've got is the here and now."


"John when we were talking back at my place and you said you couldn't be sure that I loved you or this body…be sure. I love John Winchester, not the body, but all of you, this way or the other way. You understand me?"


"Okay," John rose up on his knees and crawled over Bobby's legs. Sliding one arm along Bobby's arm he pressed himself against the other man's chest. Bobby took a deep breath then leaned forward. The kiss was slow and sweet, and Bobby felt his heart seize.


"John maybe we shouldn't do this. I think that maybe you had a bit too much to drink."


"Bobby, I'm as sober as a judge."


John reached behind his back tugging the zipper on the dress. The bodice parted falling over his breasts and pooling at his waist. Bobby swallowed leaning down to press his bearded chin into the cleft between those rounded globes. John's breath hitched when Bobby tongued a pink nipple into his mouth and sucked hard.


John attacked Bobby's shirt buttons with his slim fingers groaning as Bobby worked his teeth over the tender bud of his nipple. Pushing Bobby's shirt off, John managed to work the button on his trouser and parted the fly. Bobby's fingers found the zipper on the dress and it slid off John's waist and slipped to the floor. The stockings and panties fell to the floor next and John was gloriously naked, Bobby gasped.


His own clothes slid away and then Bobby was lying on the sofa above John, cradled in his slender strong thighs.  John gasped when Bobby's fingers slid between then, rubbing his tender flesh. And he closed his eyes groaning when Bobby slid inside him.

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