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Shadow Lands Pt 1 AU, Fiction slash, WIP John/Bobby, Sam/Dean

Shadow Lands

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: FRAO

Pairings: John/Bobby, Sam/Dean I toss in some OCs, a few familiar charcters as well

Warnings: AU, a little melodrama, some M/M sex, a little non-con/dub con sort of (Bobby/John), violence, some rough language, MPreg

Summary: Bobby Singer and his son Dean are hunters in humankind's war against demons. John Winchester and his son Sam are Shadowen—magical beings who chose to aid humans in the war against the demons. Can these beings from different sides of the supernatural world come together?

Note: I took some major liberties with the story-line to make this fic work. I apologize if that offends anyone, but remember this is AU.

The glade was deep, secluded, far into the forest, and John felt at peace here. He and his only child, Sam, had fled the demons that invaded the Shadow Lands after the humans had opened the gates of hell. John knew that the human hunters often came to these woods because of the ley lines that they used to draw power from for their incantations. Humans were not intrinsically magic like Shadowen, something that was a never ending source of amazement for John's son. He sighed; the boy was becoming far too fascinated by human beings.


John had desperately tried to find Sam a mate, but the Shadow folk were far flung after the demon attacks, and John despaired of ever finding another suitable Shadowen for his son. Especially since John was coming into his time to be bred again and soon would be desperate to find a mate of his own. He and his son were bearers, male in appearance like all Shadowen but capable of giving birth to children. John grumbled under his breath. He was desperate enough to think about finding a human male for Sam, but not so desperate himself. John was close enough to coming into season that a Shadowen male could easily track him down.  Just as Sam's father had done.


A frown crossed John's features when he thought of his fallen mate. Sam's father had been killed when the baby was just six months old, murdered by a demon. John had been tracking the thing for twenty years, but was no closer to finding that particular demon. Along the way John had raised his son in seclusion away from the war. But he tried to aid the humans in their fight wherever he could. He could sympathize with the humans who came to this place and occasionally used his own magic to supplement the spells they tried to cast.


Far in the distance John could just make out the tall, lanky form of his son walking on the path. He smiled; Sam was so like his father that it was both a blessing and a curse for John. Rising he brushed the dirt and leaves from his trousers, walking toward his son.


"Sam," he smiled and the younger male ran the last few steps. Grabbing John by the shoulders Sam clasped him in a hug.


"Guess what I saw, Mother?" Sam said excitedly. John pretended to frown but Sam's enthusiasm was infectious and he smiled again.


"Let me guess, humans?"


Nodding Sam tugged John's arm dragging him a way down the path before his parent shook him off and sped up to Sam's lengthier stride. They made their way down the path toward a large clearing on the shore of the crystal blue lake. The midday sun glinted on the water making tiny rainbows shimmer in the air. John took a deep breath enjoying the scent of the cool, clear water.


On the shore were two human men, one older and one younger. The older man was dressed in denim jeans and a flannel shirt and on his  head was what John had come to understand was a baseball cap, baseball being some kind of human sport. The younger man was dressed in jeans as well and a brown leather jacket. The younger man had light colored hair, a bit more blonde than the older man and clear green eyes. He was beautiful by human standards, John was certain.  Beautiful by his people's standards as well. He looked promising as a prospective mate for Sam, who was just getting old enough to breed for the first time.


John and Sam both huddled in the shadows listening to the two men talk.


Bobby sighed watching as his son carefully poured the powdered limestone on the dirt in quick even strokes. Dean was adept at drawing sigils, Bobby had made sure of that, and he was glad. The spell they were trying to cast was a difficult one. Bobby sighed. He wished that some of the Shadow people were about; if they were inclined to make contact, possibly trade, then they could add a little magic boost to the location spell. Help Bobby and Dean find the demon they were tracking.


"Okay, Dean, you're doing fine. I think that we can set the candles out and get ready to mix the herbs and oil. I sure wish we could locate some of the Shadowen, they really could help us out."


Dean shrugged.


"Dad, how do you even know that there are any Shadow people left? The demons were really set on getting rid of them, wiped a lot of them out. I'll bet that there aren't more than a couple of dozen left all over the country."


John flinched; it was worse than he feared, and if the Shadowen were that spread out how could he possibly find a mate for Sam or for himself for that matter? And John did not want to die because he could not breed. He was close, no more than days from coming into season. Casting a calculating glance at the two men in the clearing John wondered if the older man would react to his scent the way a Shadowen male would.


"Sam go back to the cabin," he hissed.


Sam cast a sideways glance at his mother then glared.


"I want to stay and watch the humans."


John shrugged his son off.


"Do as I told you. I want you away from here."


"Can't we at least help then with the spell?" Sam persisted.


"I'll help them if you go home. Please, if they are intent on locating a demon it won't be safe for us here. You heard what they said; the demons have been killing Shadowen."


John watched as Sam nodded briefly then retreated to the tree-line walking into the shadows so that he could transport back to the cabin they called home. Sam turned, waving at his mother then slid into the shadows fading from view almost instantaneously. Satisfied that his son was safe knowing that once Sam slid into the in-between space that Shadowen used for transport that even a demon could not track him John turned back to the humans. Taking a deep breath he slid out of the shadows and crept quietly down to the lakeshore.


The older man caught sight of him first, stepping back a pace waiting in shocked silence for John to approach. Smiling the older man held up a hand when his son made a sudden movement toward John and the Shadowen paused.


"It's okay Dean. He's not gonna hurt anyone."


Then Bobby gasped, taking a deep breath; the rich, honey-sweet scent coming off the Shadowen sent a spike of arousal coursing through him. A breeder then, and close to coming into heat. Glancing over at his son Bobby blushed, Dean was feeling it the same as him, although he probably didn't understand it like his old man did. From the look on Dean's face though, he was mighty uncomfortable with reacting to what he thought was another man the way he was. Bobby grinned; they'd have to have a talk.


John paused a few paces way from the men, careful not to smudge the lines of the sigil the younger man had drawn on the dirt. He recognized the symbol, a tracer. They were looking for a demon. He spoke enough English so that he could converse with them, but was still a little uncertain of how to proceed.


Bobby eased forward and the Shadowen held his place. Smiling Bobby took in his appearance noting the dark brown hair curling around his face and neck, a hint of dark stubble and wisps of hair peeking out of the low collar of his tunic. He would say the other man was fortyish but that was deceiving. He could be anywhere from forty to a hundred years old and look the same, still, this one was young enough to breed so he was betting forty was about right.


"Hi, uhh… how're doing? We sure could use your help if you're willing to trade."


"Trade?" John repeated, feeling a little more on solid ground. He often traded with the local farmers for food for himself and Sam or clothing since weaving was not a skill either of them possessed. His gift seemed more to the humans' liking anyway. Looking up so that he could still keep tabs on both humans John bent down and picked up a few pebbles from the ground. Taking a deep breath he rubbed both palms together around the stones feeling the heat of friction as the crystalline structure of the minerals changed. When he extended his palm the quartz had become diamonds and the steely gray slate had changed to gold nuggets.


Dean raised an eyebrow.


"That's impressive, are they real?"


Bobby hushed his son with a glare.


"Of course they're real. And it's too bad too, because a gift like that makes him really valuable to unscrupulous people."


Nodding, Bobby took the stones, and then held out a hand in invitation offering whatever the Shadowen wanted in exchange.  John stepped forward fingers lingering on Dean's arm. He flushed, he couldn't tell the man he wanted his son for a mate for his child so he let his eyes drop to the thing wrapped around the younger man's wrist. It had a thick black leather strap and some kind of mechanical thing, the round face, white with black spots, and two little silver levers sweeping the surface. John couldn't read English but he was familiar enough with the thing to know humans used it to tell time.


Dean flinched.


"Dad, it wants my watch."


"He," Bobby snapped. "He… not it, and give it to him. He just gave you about five hundred dollars worth of diamonds and gold."


Grumbling under his breath Dean unfastened the watch and held it out to the Shadowen. A faint smile crossed his face as John lifted his arm and Bobby took the watch out of his son's hand. John stepped closer to the older man and Bobby was hit by the scent wafting off him. His dick hardened again, so hard in fact that he felt a little wet spot forming on the front of his jeans. John looked up, and Bobby felt himself sinking into those huge green eyes framed by incredibly long thick lashes.  He wanted to pull the other man into his arms, rub against him until he was covered in that rich honey-sweet scent. Only the fact that his son was standing right beside him kept Bobby from doing just that. He stepped away motioning to the sigil and John frowned.


"What you want to do is dangerous. Why should I help you?"


"So you do speak English," Bobby said with a quick grin then he turned to the sigil on the ground. "Please, we've been tracking this demon for years since my son was a baby. It killed my wife, and almost killed Dean."


"How?" John asked.


Bobby winced.


"When Dean was six months old there was a fire in our house. My wife, I found her pinned to the ceiling burning. The demon must have come for Dean. We've been hunting it ever since."


John swallowed licking his lips nervously.


"My mate died like that as well. When my son was six months old. Do you think this is the same demon?"


Bobby shrugged.


"I don't know, it's possible but I know that demons have been killing your people. You're the only magical beings who sided with humans in the war, so the demons are bent on killing as many of you as they can. Help me find this one."


Carefully John knelt down.


"What do you need?"


"Your people are much better at interpreting visions than humans. Will you give us your blood for the spell then come back and tell me if you actually have a vision. My son and I are staying here at the lake; we have a camp site not too far from here so we can meet again in a few days."


Nodding John bent down over the pewter bowl on the center circle of the symbol. Dean lit the candles marking the four compass points and handed the Shadowen the silver dagger he carried in a sheath under his shirt. John slashed the blade across his palm and held a hand up letting his blood drip into the green paste of herbs and oil. When he judged that there was sufficient blood in the bowl he flicked a fingertip at the potion and it erupted in flames. 


Suddenly the bright afternoon sunlight faded and John was struck by an image, some dark place, a room in a human dwelling or a building. A dark figure stood in the room, short, sandy-haired, dressed plainly. The man whirled as if he knew that John was looking at him. He smiled raising a hand in a cheerful wave, John gasped staggering back.


His back came into abrupt contact with the older man and both of them gasped. John could feel the hard length of flesh between the human's legs digging into the soft mound of his buttock. He exhaled in a long sigh, his body ached to be filled by that flesh, and he rubbed his thighs together briefly before he became aware of what he was doing.


Bobby slid his hand over the Shadowen's thigh gripping his hip bone beneath the thin silk trousers he was wearing. One hand came up pressing against John's chest, just feeling the slight curve of a small, hard breast. Embarrassed he dropped his hand and stepped away.


John moaned from the loss of the contact. His body was aching, empty and he knew without a doubt that this human was a good man, of a good heart. A good prospect if he would take a Shadowen for a mate, accept a half-breed child. Decided John slipped away.


"I will return here each day at this same time, and let you know if I have had a vision of where the yellow eyed demon is. I saw a brief flash, but nothing that tells me his whereabouts. Wait here for me tomorrow."


John slipped back to the shadows wanting to go on about his chores. He still needed to make his weekly trip to the local farms to trade for food for him and Sam. Although they hunted and fished for meat and found wild vegetables both he and his son had acquired a taste for certain foods that did not grow wild. At first he had began taking the vegetables and fruits from the gardens and fields of the human farmers, leaving precious gems and gold in their place. Once the farmers realized that John would trade these things they began leaving baskets of food out for the Shadowen and his son. He slid into the shadows and transported, fading from view in seconds.


On the shore of the lake Dean and his father watched as John disappeared from sight. Dean stood staring at the vacant spot where the Shadowen had been.


"Well, that's really convenient. I wonder if he could teach us how to do that."


Bobby smiled clapping his son on the shoulder.


"Come on we can go back to the campsite and rustle up some lunch. That's not something they can teach, they just do it. That's why they're the Shadow people."



John slid out of the shadows beneath the old oak tree that stood in the yard of the human farmer he knew was called Bill Harvelle. Bill was a tall, broad shouldered man with blond hair going gray at the temple. His wife was named Ellen. She made cakes and bread, both of which Sam loved, and usually put them in the basket that they set out for John. He appeared in the yard stepping out of the shadows into the sunlight and came face to face with a young blond woman. She was a few years younger than Sam and very pretty, her long golden hair done up in twin pony-tails. John knew that she called them that because he had asked her. She was friendly to him even if her parents were a bit more reserved.


Jo smiled, bouncing forward when John appeared. She placed the overflowing basket on the tree stump that was its customary resting place. John reached down picking up a large number of stones and rubbed them between his palms. He held them out to her and she cupped both hands taking the pile of gems and gold. John looked at Bill trying to judge of it was enough, and the human smiled.


The girl looked down at the pile of gems in her hands and frowned. John blinked looking at the young woman's father again.


"Is it not enough?"


"Oh no," she said quickly not wanting to upset the Shadowen. Although he had never been aggressive her father was always cautious about dealing with non-human beings.

"It's actually probably too much. I was just hoping there would be a blue stone. My father said I could have one to make a necklace."


He wasn't sure what a necklace was but it seemed as if it was important to the girl. John studied the ground and found a large piece of silver quartz. It should make a blue stone of some kind. He picked it up and pressed the quartz between his palms. It took a bit more effort to smooth the edges and make it come out the right color but in the end he held out a large deep blue gem, roughly pear shaped and sparkling in the late afternoon sun.


The girl's eyes went wide and she gasped.


"Can you wait; I'll ask Mom for something else to trade. Please…"


Cocking his head John offered it to her.


"A gift."


Jo uttered a shrill little scream and clasped John in a hug. He flinched, having only touched one other human being, the hunter at the lakeshore. But the girl's parents didn't seem offended so he stood still until she released him watching silently as she scurried over to the farmer with her prize.


The three humans stood on the front steps on their house watching as the Shadowen gathered up the basket of food and walked back to the tree-line fading into the shadows. Jo was always amazed when he did that, and wondered if they all could do it. They didn't notice that their two hired men, Gordon Walker and Ash Spencer, were standing in the yard just off to the side of the house. If Bill had seen the calculating looks on the two younger men's faces he would have been disturbed, and more careful to warn the Shadowen when he came the next time.



Sam was standing outside the cabin waiting for his mother's return. John was probably long finished helping the human hunters and well on his way to trading with the farmer across the valley. Sam was bored with staying at the cabin; he had eaten midday meal and was sure that John would be a while yet before he returned. The Harvelle's farm was farther away than the lake and even transporting it took some time to make the way back.


Casting one last mournful glance at his home Sam walked across the brightly lit yard to the row of oak trees and slipped silently into the shadows. He came out just on the opposite side of the lake near the campgrounds that humans frequented. He could see a large tent, with a fire pit and two mechanical contraptions that humans used for transposition beside it. Sam knew they were called vehicles although Shadowen had no use for the things since they could transport themselves through the shadows.


Taking a deep breath Sam slid out of the shadows and walked a little way toward the camp site. The older man that his mother had spoken too was not there but the younger man was. He looked up when Sam appeared out of the darkening gloom, watching silently as the younger man approached him.


Dean rose from his seat placing the gun he was cleaning on the chair waiting patently as the Shadowen came close to him. Sam paused a few feet away smiling tentatively. Dean looked up at the tall, lanky young man.


"Hi…I'm Dean Singer."


Sam nodded. "Sam Winchester."


"Oh so you can speak our language too. Your father…"


"My father is dead," Sam corrected the human with a slight frown. Dean shrugged.


"Sorry, I thought the older man you were with was your father."


"Man?" Sam asked. "Do you mean my mother, John?"


"He's your mother? That's weird."


Sam snorted. "Not for me."


Dean could see the annoyance in the younger man's face and quickly tried to smooth things over.


"So your mother, John…do all your people look like men?"


Sam shrugged. "I suppose so. We can tell the difference. My father was male, my mother and I are bearers. There are differences that Shadowen know, maybe humans just aren't as discerning."


Grinning, Dean nodded. "I guess you're right. That makes me feel better actually 'cause when your uh...mother was here earlier I got…well I thought that I was getting hot for a man."


"Hot?" Sam echoed frowning. "Oh, because my mother is coming into season you were aroused sexually. We weren't sure that human men would react that way. I'll have to tell him it is so. Was your father aroused as well?"


Dean choked coughing then wiping his nose on the sleeve of his shirt.


"Uh…I didn't really notice."


Sam looked at the gun on the chair.


"Do you hunt demons professionally? I know that some humans do."


"Yeah, me and my dad are bounty hunters. We hunt demons for money, demons and other things people are willing to pay good money to get rid of," Dean said, feeling a little embarrassed, but the Shadowen didn't look offended.


"Do you think they would pay you to hunt my people?"


Flinching, Dean eased closer to the younger man, being? Sam was taller than him by a good few inches and well built. His eyes were the same warm, rich hazel as his mother although his hair was not quiet so brown. He smiled and Dean felt his chest heave. There was a faint sweet scent coming off the Shadowen, nothing as noticeable as his mother but it was there.  Looking up at the wide hazel eyes Dean felt himself drawn to the younger man. He reached out gently gripping Sam's neck pulling him forward letting their lips meet.


The Shadowen was sure that this pressing the lips together had some significance for humans but it was not something that his people did; still it was pleasant enough so he turned his head so that the human had better access. Dean leaned back smiling.


"I’m guessing that you never kissed anyone before."


Sam latched onto the word.


"Kiss is that what it is called?"



Later that evening Sam was back at the cabin waiting for John's return. He heard the familiar footfalls on the porch before his mother opened the door. Sam rose from his chair and hurried to help John unload the heavy baskets in the pantry. They would take the empty baskets back tomorrow for the next trip that John would make. He looked at his son who was quietly working on a drawing, a picture of the younger human man they had seen today. John stood looking down over Sam's shoulder then smiled.


"Do you find him physically pleasing?"


Sam nodded smiling, "Yes, and he seems like a good person."


"Good, I have considered approaching his father about him becoming your mate. You will be old enough to breed soon."


"But what about you? Your need is greater than mine."


John smiled a little slyly.


"I have decided that his father will be my mate."


"The man is willing?" Sam asked, and John shrugged.


"He is, even if he doesn't know it yet. Tomorrow when I go to report about the vision, if I have one, I will be fully in season. Things will go from there."


"When we were there earlier Dean, the son, was aroused by your scent. I think it was probably the same for his father. He'll mate with you."


John settled in a chair patting the chair beside him.


"I hope that you don't feel badly about a new child coming."


Sam rolled his eyes.


"Mother I am not a child anymore. I'm glad for a new sibling, but I am a little worried about helping you deliver. It scares me."


"It’s nothing. I dropped you like a cow dropping a calf. Your father didn't even have time to transport from the lakeshore before you were out, washed and nursing." John patted his thigh. "Besides if things go well with the hunter he may stay with us until the baby is born."



The sunlight glittered off the water as Bobby stood on the shore waiting for the Shadowen to appear. Even expecting the other man he was still startled when all of a sudden John was standing in the edge of the shadows just beneath the tree-line. He smiled and Bobby's chest hitched in a relieved sigh.


They were alone on the shore, not a soul in sight and nothing moved. John felt a brief stab of disquiet as he slowly made his way down the grassy slope to the warm shoreline. When he got to the spot where the remains of the sigil still marred the soft arm earth he offered the hunter a smile.


"I'm sorry but I did not have a vision last night. I saw a brief flash yesterday when the ritual was performed, a dark room in a human structure but nothing that was really identifiable as a location. He knows that you are looking though, so I'd be very careful."


Bobby nodded.


"You know you speak our language very well. Much better that the other Shadowen that I've met."


"So you have dealt with my people before."


"Yeah, traded mostly. You're the first breeder I've met," Bobby said, feeling a jump in his pulse when the other being slid near to him. The rich scent, more evident, invaded Bobby's senses leaving him reeling. He gasped as his dick went stone-hard; licking his lips Bobby eased closer. John could see the change in expression that overcame the human hunter and knew that he was caught in John's scent.


Bobby reached out a hand, stroking a thumb over the thin scar that bisected the Shadowen's right cheek.  Closing his eyes John leaned into the man's touch. Bobby slid his arm down the silk clad, shoulder then pulled John to him. Their chests met, John was a bit taller than him, but Bobby was heavier and he used his greater weight to wrestle the Shadowen to the ground.


His finger tangled in the drawstring of John's trousers but Bobby managed to get them undone and off the long lean legs. John grasped Bobby's shoulders rubbing his cheek against the hunter's cheek as was customary for his people, but Bobby turned his head running his lips over the scarred cheek and leaning in for a kiss. He worked John's lips apart delving inside and sighed when the Shadowen trembled.


Quickly pushing the tunic up Bobby kissed his way down John's chest suckling in a pink nipple. Groaning John thrust up until Bobby slid his tongue over the John's breast and down the flat planes of his abdomen. He raked the wet little muscle through the whorls of hair and into the thick dark nest of curls at John's center. He expected a hard, hungry cock to bump his chin was surprised beyond belief when he found the soft wet folds of flesh, that parted under his tongue.


Moaning John tried to push the hunter away for a few moments so that he could roll over, rise to his hands and knees. He was wet, ready for Bobby's cock but doubted the human understood the intricacies of his body, or knew that Shadowen customarily mated with the male entering from behind while the bearer rested on his knees. But the human bore down on him keeping John on his back, open and vulnerable unable to move away if the mating became too violent. John struggled and Bobby seized his wrists pressing them to the ground, holding him in place while he thrust up and in.


John gasped his eyes rolling back in his head with the sudden invasion. Then he moaned at the sensation of being filled with the hard length of throbbing flesh. Grunting Bobby pressed his face into the curve of John's neck biting down, and John cried out in his own language begging the human to take him and own him, but also to give him the freedom to mate in his own chosen way.


Bobby didn't understand the words that his lover was uttering, but the sounds were beautiful in his ears. He thrust his hands under John's buttocks pulling him up off the ground then rolled, bringing John up and over him.


Freed from the subservient and frightening position under the human man John rose up his lean thighs pumping fiercely, bringing him to completion. He cried out as his orgasm washed over him in searing waves. Bobby gasped, the powerful contractions of John's body wringing his own orgasm out of him.


John collapsed against Bobby's chest, body shuddering with aftershocks. He sighed, breathing in the clean warm scent of male sweat and the faint aroma of the man's semen inside his body. He was sure he had conceived.


Bobby stroked his hands over the trembling body lying on his chest. With a sigh he considered the situation. He was pretty much stuck here, not that he cared. The Shadowen was good-looking, and a great lay. And from everything he had read Bobby was fairly certain he had just gotten John pregnant. Well, he might not have been looking for it, but it looked like Bobby had just gotten himself hitched again.




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