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Shadow Lands Pt 2 AU, Fiction slash, WIP John/Bobby, Sam/Dean

Shadow Lands Pt 2

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: FRAO

Pairings: John/Bobby, Sam/Dean I toss in some OCs, a few familiar charcters as well

Warnings: AU, a little melodrama, some M/M sex, a little non-con/dub con sort of (Bobby/John), violence, some rough language, MPreg

Summary: Bobby Singer and his son Dean are hunters in humankind's war against demons. John Winchester and his son Sam are Shadowen—magical beings who chose to aid humans in the war against the demons. Can these beings from different sides of the supernatural world come together?

Note: I took some major liberties with the story-line to make this fic work. I apologize if that offends anyone, but remember this is AU.

John lay on the warm soft soil at the lakeshore. He was half-dressed, sweaty and drowsing lazily. Bobby hauled himself up-right, tugging his jeans back up. Quickly he pulled John's trousers over shaking the grass and soil off the whisper-soft material. John sighed tugging the pants over his feet finally tying the strings, and then he slid over onto his back blinking.


"Come on," Bobby said offering the Shadowen his hand. "We heed to have a talk about all this."


"No we don't," John said, lazily, but Bobby shook his head. Pulling the other man to his feet he frowned when John seemed unsteady,


"Are you okay?" he asked quietly.


John settled back onto the ground closing his eyes. He looked up at the human man, his mate, offering him a tentative smile.


"I have been in the sunlight too long. If we sit in the shadows for a little while, I'll be better. My people cannot be in the light too long; even artificial lights can make us ill."


"You should have told me, we would have moved sooner. I don't want anything to hurt you or the baby."


Bobby hauled John to his feet wrapping an arm around his waist and maneuvering him into the cool shadows just under an older oak tree. They settled back down John still blinking sleepily. Clearing his throat Bobby looked over at the Shadowen.


"Umm, you are pregnant aren't you?"


"If you are fertile then yes. If not I'll come into season again in a few days."


Puffing up his chest Bobby frowned.


"What do you mean if I'm fertile, of course I am! So I'm thinking this makes us married?"


"Married?" John asked. "You mean pair-bonded? By my people's laws yes. But it is not binding on humans. You owe me nothing, my son can help me deliver when the times comes. I don't expect anything more than you've already given me."


Frowning again Bobby sighed. Of course John would want to assure the human that he was free to walk away, but Bobby was the baby's father and he felt a duty to provide for the life he had helped create. He seized on the one thing John had said that he could use.


"So according to Shadowen law you’re my…wife?"


John smiled, amused. "Do I look like a wife? According to my people you and I are bound, equals under the law. But in effect you are my spouse, husband… I suppose your people would say. If you chose to enforce the rights given to you under the pair-bond."


"Then I'm doing just that, so what do we do now?"


Smiling, John rose to his knees. "You are of my clan now, my people are your people, not that we are many. As I am yours."


"So when me and Dean leave here and go back to Durham you'll go with me? And Sam too, I wouldn't want you to have to leave your son. But we may have a problem, my son is sort of interested in Sam and now I think they're brothers."


"In name but not in blood so they can pair bond if it happens. My people are a little more relaxed about that sort of thing."


They sat in the cool shade of the tree, Bobby casting occasional glances at the Shadowen, the man who was now his partner. Cocking his head he looked at John's still flat belly wondering what the other man would look like heavy with the baby inside him. He sighed again, he was fifty-six and this put a crimp in his itinerant existence with only Dean beside him. They would have to go back to Durham; to the small house his parents had left him.


Bobby's parents had been hunters as well although back in the day, when he was young, most people didn't realize that demons and the like truly existed. Now that the Gates of Hell had been opened and several hundred demons were running around the world, hunters had come out of the background and were openly plying their trade. Still, with a baby on the way he had more responsibilities than to the hunt.


He looked up as movement in the shadows behind them caught his attention. John's son appeared fading into view. He settled down on the ground beside them, leaning against older Shadowen's side, John brushed his fingers through Sam's long hair smiling. Sam stared deeply into his mother's eyes then smiled.


"You're pregnant," he whispered and Bobby felt a swelling of pride. John noticed the human's puffed up look when Sam made his pronouncement and grimaced. This one was going to actually want to enforce all aspects of the pair-bonding, raise the child together. In a way John was relieved, he had chosen well. In another way he was uneasy, he had not had a mate since Sam's father had died, he wasn't sure he was ready to let go and make a life with another male. John could feel Sam shifting beside him, knew that his son was picking up every emotion he was experiencing. That was Sam's gift, his empathy and the ability to heal with a touch.


Bobby offered the younger Shadowen an awkward grin.


"Hi I'm Bobby. I guess I'm your step-dad now that me and your mother are hitched."


Sam's eyes widened.


"Hitched?" he echoed, and John nodded.


"He means pair-bonded."


"Ahh," Sam said with a small nod. "So you are going to take my mother to your home."


"We're taking you too, if you want to go. I wouldn't separate the two of you," Bobby said quickly trying to reassure the younger man. 


Sam relaxed at that, smiling shyly at the human man. Bobby cleared his throat motioning to the truck.


"Me and Dean are going into town to get something to eat in a little while. Will you two come with us?"


John looked a little uneasy but Sam smiled broadly. He and his mother had led a solitary existence in the forest, trading only with the local farmers and had never been to the human cities surrounding the rural areas. John noticed the gleam in his son's eyes and knew it would be impossible to convince the younger man that it was not a wise idea. He sighed, but decided that since he was bound to a human man he would have to become accustomed to the human way of doing things.



The trip to the city was terrifying for John. He was fastened into the seat of the black vehicle that Bobby called a pick-up truck while Sam rode in the thing that Dean called his car. The contraptions were as mystifying to John as his ability to travel through shadows seemed to be to the humans. John didn't like the truck, it was loud and the sensation of floating over the ground on the big wheels made John feel sick to his stomach.  He was also terrified for Sam as he watched the big black car speed over the roadway flinging gravel and dirt in its wake.


The first stop that they made when they reached the city was to a mall. Which seemed to be a huge brick structure that served no other purpose but satisfying the human need to consume resources. John hated it instantly. Bobby led them inside and John noticed that most of the humans in the mall stared at him and Sam, openly curious. Of course, the fact that both he and his son were dressed in the flowing silk garments they found comfortable and had bare feet made them easily identifiably as non-human beings.


With a smile Bobby motioned the two Shadowen into the store. John glanced at him with a frown creasing his forehead. Bobby noticed his new mate's reluctance and gently took his arm.


"I think the clothes that you and Sam wear are beautiful, but they mark you as non-humans. That might not be the safest thing in every situation. I hate to make you feel uncomfortable but while we are in public, at least in the city, you'll be safer in human clothes."


Nodding John watched as his son literally ran into the shop dragging Dean behind him. John walked in more slowly. They wandered the aisles for over an hour, taking clothing into the back and trying it on, and in the end John and Sam came out of the store dressed in heavy denim jeans, t-shirts and thick soled hiking boots.


John surveyed the thick cloth brushing his hand over his thigh. The denim was stiff, and didn't breathe the way his silk trousers had. The clothes were hot, and unwieldy and horribly uncomfortable. That wasn't even taking into account the thick socks and leather boots. John had never worn shoes and his feet ached with every step he took. Being human was definitely more complicated than he had imagined.


He tugged at the crotch of his jeans and Bobby flushed.


"John you can't touch yourself that way. Not in public, people are staring at you. Besides I told you that you needed underwear."


"If humans did not wear such stiff, ugly clothing they wouldn't need to wear clothes under their clothes."


"Well, when we get to the hotel you can change back into your other clothes, or go without. I wouldn't mind that." Bobby grinned brushing a hand over John's buttock.


John blushed. He hadn't been sure that humans engaged in sex for purposes other than procreation, now it appeared that Bobby intended that they engage in pleasuring each other.


Sam and Dean followed along behind their parents Dean smiling at Sam's hunger to take in every thing they saw. He smiled at the human male.


"I have always wanted to see a human city. I have not been to the Shadow Lands since I was very small. The demons came when the humans opened the Gates of Hell and the land was not safe. My mother took us to an abandoned cabin in the forest near the human farms to be safe. Especially after the demon killed my father and almost took me away."


Dean nodded.


"My dad took up hunting when my mother was killed. I've always wanted to see one of your people. My dad told me all about the Shadow People. I know that some of your people sided with the demons, but most of them helped humans. My dad said a lot more humans would have died in the first battles if the Shadowen hadn't used their gifts to save them."


Sam looked away embarrassed but pleased by the man's praise. His people had aided humans because they felt a kinship with them. As if humans might have been like the Shadowen once, had they had not clung to science and technology instead of magic. With a sigh the younger man leaned against Dean's strong arm. He felt a thrill of pleasure course through his body, a heat that uncoiled from his belly and slid down to the center of his legs. Rubbing his thighs together Sam flinched when the heat flared, curling tight into his gut.



Later that night John was sitting on one of the beds in the hotel room that Bobby had rented for the boys for the night, talking to Sam as they prepared for bed. John smiled carding his fingers through Sam's hair. Flushing he glanced at the closed bathroom door where Dean was showering.


"I should have had this talk with you long before now. I know that you will be ready to breed yourself soon. But I wanted to protect you, keep you a child just a bit longer. I know that you touch yourself with your fingers…"


A crimson stain spread over the younger man's face but John merely held up a hand, smiling gently.


"There is no shame in it. I do it as well. Now that you are old enough to mate with a male you should understand the mechanics."


"Mother, I know what to do…I've seen animals and even humans mating."


Shaking his head John let his eyes close.


"It's not just mating. When you take your mate into yourself it is so good. I can not think of any greater pleasure. I loved your father very much. I hope that I can love this human man just as much. He is a good man, I know that. And he wants the child I carry when he could have walked away. I only hope that you can find that kind of love, maybe with this young man Dean. If he is as good a man as his father it will be well. He may come to you tonight, but don't feel that you have to do this for me. It is for you and him alone. Do you understand?"


Sam nodded.


"I understand. Today when we were walking he would touch my hand and I felt a hot and cold all together. I felt heat inside me."


John smiled, leaning forward and brushing a kiss over his son's cheek.


"I think that you may be closer than I thought."


"Closer to breeding?" Sam asked.


Shaking his head John whispered, "Closer to falling in love."


The water in the bathroom shut off and John climbed to his feet walking to the door and pulling it close behind him, entering the adjoining room. He turned around surveying the room; Bobby was already tucked into the bed reading a book. The single lamp was turned low, and the overhead lights were off leaving the corners of the room shrouded in shadow. John smiled understanding that his mate had done this for him, to make him feel more secure. Quietly John stripped off the heavy human garments crawling naked onto the bed, keeping his distance. Bobby looked, drinking in the sight of his mate's long lean body, and all that smooth olive skin. He grinned patting the bed beside him and John curled into his side like some giant cat.


"Damn, but ain't you good looking," Bobby said, leaning in for a kiss. John bit his own lip then turned his head, meeting his mate half-way, pressing their lips together. Bobby's breath was warm, scented slightly with the coffee he had consumed with dinner.  John licked at his lips letting his tongue flick quickly inside. The human rose up, grasping John's arms and tugging him forward until he was sitting astride his mate's hips. He gasped, feeling the thick length of Bobby's cock digging into his belly. John shuddered, the evidence of his mate's arousal all that he needed to let his inhibitions flow free, he was hot inside and dripping his own juices onto his legs. Rising up John pushed the bedcovers down Bobby's thighs and slid forward.


Bobby groaned as his cock slid inside John's body. The heat was incredible, the tight walls gripping his flesh. John rose up on his knees rocking a little until he found the perfect angle and he moaned. Bobby dropped his hands from John's hips to his thighs letting his palms ride the smooth taut muscles that flexed under his touch. John set a quick pace that had Bobby panting and cussing under his breath. And when John cried out, head snapping back and strong fingers clenching on Bobby's arms the human groaned out loud. He grabbed John's hips lifting him up and slamming his down  until Bobby shot his load of thick cream deep inside John's body.



Dean grinned at the young Shadowen on the bed across from his when he heard the rattle of the headboard on his father's bed rapping against the wall. That and the moaning coming from inside the room left nothing to the imagination. Well, it sounded like his father was getting laid good and hard. If Sam understood the significance of the sounds he didn't show it. Finally Dean leaned over.


"Sound like they're having a good time."


Nodding the Shadowen smiled.


"Yes my mother said it was very pleasurable… making love."


"I think my dad is lucky. You know that he found John…your mother. I think they'll be good together. Are all your people beautiful…like you and John?"


Sam cocked his head blushing.


"You think that I am beautiful?"


Dean smiled. "Yeah, I do."


"I always thought that I was too tall, taller than my mother, even taller than my father or at least that's what mother says. My father was half-human, did you know that? But he had great gifts…all our people do."


"Oh yeah, what kind of gifts?"


"Oh you've seen my mother's gift, changing the structure of minerals. He can make all precious gems and metals with a touch. It is very convenient for trading with other beings, especially humans since these things have greater value for your people than mine."


"What gift do you have?"


Sam shrugged.


"I can sense what others are feeling and I can heal injuries with a touch of my hand. It is also very convenient, my mother almost died when I was younger. He was attacked by a vengeful spirit and beaten very badly. It took me almost two days to heal all his wounds. I was exhausted afterwards."


Dean slid out of his bed and settled on the bed beside Sam.


"That is a neat gift. Can you heal diseases too?"


"Disease"?" Sam asked. "I don't understand."


"Sickness…you know when you get sick?"


Sam frowned; the words that Dean was saying were unfamiliar to him.


"I don't understand; what is sick?"


"You've never been sick?" Dean asked incredulously. "Don't you're people get sick?"


Sam shook his head.


"I have never heard that. I will ask mother, but I do not believe so. We grow old and eventually we go back into the earth, but in between, if we are not injured there is no sick."


"That's another thing. How old do your people get? My dad says that your mother could be anywhere from forty to one hundred years old."


Sam giggled covering his mouth with his hand.


"Do not say that to mother. He is very vain. He is forty-one years old not one hundred and he would get very angry if you said that to him."


Dean smiled, liking the way that Sam's eyes glowed with amusement at his mother's expense. Finally Sam continued.


"My father was older, but because he was half-human he would not have lived as long as mother and me, if the demon had not killed him."


Dean slid slowly out of the bed moving over to where Sam sat. The younger man looked up at him then grinned slyly. He moved over and Dean sat down. With a sigh Dean let his hand travel gently over Sam's arm, enjoying the feel of taut muscle and smooth, tanned skin. The Shadowen were attractive people, and seemed to be very physically fit. Of course, they walked everywhere they went, or moved through the shadows. Sam leaned back quickly stripping the t-shirt he wore over his head dropping it into the floor.


Dean cocked his head then dropped the towel he was wrapped in crawling onto the bed. Sam reached out hesitantly running his hand over the human's arm. With a smile Sam leaned forward.


"Will you…kiss…me again?"


Dean pulled Sam into his arms, brushing and hand over the Shadowen's smooth chest, letting his palm cup a small, firm breast. His mouth found Sam's lips, tongue brushing over the silky smooth skin. The Shadowen was warm, almost fever hot and Dean gasped when the younger man jumped him, taking him down flat on his back.


With a wicked grin Sam bit into Dean's shoulder and the older man grabbed both his hands flipping them over. He wrapped one leg around Sam's thighs forcing him down. With a growl Dean forced his tongue deep inside the younger man's mouth.


With a smile the Shadowen let his hands wander the broad expanse of the human's chest. He had never seen a man naked before, at least not this close and Sam was fascinated with the smooth golden skin pulled taut over hard muscle. He watched as Dean's abdomen jumped when Sam's fingers traced the ridges of muscle and fingered the faint line of blond hair that trailed down from Dean's navel to his groin.


Dean's cock was another source of fascination for the young Shadowen as well. That was one part of the human male that Sam had never seen before, even though he had witnessed two human's having sex in the woods several times over the years. They had been far enough away that he couldn't make out the details of their bodies.


Gently Sam grasped Dean's erection in his fingers, feeling the weight of the hard flesh in his palm. He gasped laughing nervously when the organ jumped in his hand. Dean placed his own hand, over Sam's guiding the younger man away from his body.


"You've never been with a man have you?"


Sam flushed shaking his head.


"I am only now old enough to be interested in that kind of thing. My mother has explained it all to me. I know the mechanics but it is true I have never experienced sex myself. I've seen animals mating though, so I do know what to do."


Grinning the younger man grasped Dean's cock again.


“I have never seen a man this close."


He leaned forward whispering conspiratorially, "But I have seen something like this. My mother has something that looks like this carved out of wood, sanded smooth and rubbed with oils so that it satiny and shiny. I think he... might have put it inside when he pleasured himself with his fingers."


Dean blushed.


"Well, that's way more than I ever needed to know about John. But it is kind of sexy. Too bad my Dad's…you know."


Sam pouted lower lip wobbling.


"You would have mated with my mother?"


"Well, he is hot," Dean said slyly, fighting to hide his grin. Sam pounced on him.


"You lie. You think I'm…sexy."


"Okay, okay. Yes I do think you're sexy, and I want you. But I don't want to hurt you. If you're not ready yet, I'm willing to take things slow."


Sam lay down putting his head on the human's shoulder. With his eyes closed Sam listened to the steady beating of the heart beneath his cheek.


"I may not be ready to breed but I am more than ready to join with you. I want this, I want you."


Dean's breath whispered across Sam's neck sending a shiver down his spine, "Good because I want you too."


With a little effort he rolled them over leaning in to kiss Sam again. The Shadowen's eyes were warm, glowing, in the soft lamplight and Dean slid down his long, lean body. The soft hair at Sam's center was wet, glistening with musky fluid and Dean dipped his tongue into the shimmering streaks, and the taste was sweet. Growling he pushed his hand's under Sam's thighs spreading him open so that his tongue could find the soft, silky folds of wet flesh.  Sam cried out when the first waves of pleasure washed over him. He whimpered pulling on Dean's shoulder's eager to be filled with his human lover's hard cock.




John rose from the bed, his eyes automatically adjusting to the darkened room, and slipped to the door separating his bedroom from his son's. He silently pushed the door open thrusting his head inside. In the dim light of the partially opened curtains he could see the bed beside the window was empty. The closer bed held the blanket swaddled form of his son, and the younger human man. John smiled, his son had chosen. It looked as if this new family would be welcoming two new additions soon.




The next morning the four men sat at a table in the restaurant. Bobby glanced around uncomfortably, apparently, even dressed in jeans and t-shirts the two Shadowen stood out in a crowd. It was as if people could sense the foreignness of the non-human beings. It didn’t help when the waitress accidentally dropped a glass and cut herself. Sam dropped to his knees and took the woman's hand gently in his, stroking his finger over the wound. In a few seconds the cut was completely healed. The waitress looked at the younger man's dark eyes shuddering. She pulled back, trying to be grateful but still wary. Sam looked hurt and Dean felt a deep rush of protectiveness welling up inside him. He pushed between the two helping Sam to his feet.


With a glare at the woman Dean wrapped an arm around the young Shadowen.


"He was only trying to help. You could remember that."


Bobby watched his son with the younger Shadowen. Then he glanced over at John. There was a gentle glow on his new mate's face, and he sighed. He knew instinctively that Sam was pregnant. Briefly he wondered how his life had spiraled out of control. He used to be the one who made things happen but somehow in the past few days he had lost control, he didn't know exactly when or where, but he knew it was true. Well, he had better plan on adding onto the house when they got back to Durham, with a new baby and a grandbaby on the way.


Sighing Bobby picked up his coffee cup watching as John tentatively tasted the coffee in his own cup, decaf at Bobby's insistence. The older Shadowen tried the hot liquid and found it to his liking. He offered Bobby a shy smile.


Bobby patted his lover's arm, "Before we get on the road back home I need to go by a friend's place here in Nebraska. You might have run across him, his name is Bill Harvelle. He has a farm here about but he also sells herbs for incantations."


John nodded.


"Yes I know them. They are one of the families that I trade with. It would be nice to say goodbye and let them know I am leaving."


Bobby nodded.


"Well, let's get on the road. We have a long way to go. "


Turning to his son the older human motioned to the door.


"You can follow me over and we'll leave for Durham from there."



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