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Shadow Lands Pt 3 AU, Fiction slash, WIP John/Bobby, Sam/Dean

Shadow Lands Pt 3

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: FRAO

Pairings: John/Bobby, Sam/Dean I toss in some OCs, a few familiar charcters as well

Warnings: AU, a little melodrama, some M/M sex, a little non-con/dub con sort of (Bobby/John), violence, some rough language, MPreg

Summary: Bobby Singer and his son Dean are hunters in humankind's war against demons. John Winchester and his son Sam are Shadowen—magical beings who chose to aid humans in the war against the demons. Can these beings from different sides of the supernatural world come together?

Note: I took some major liberties with the story-line to make this fic work. I apologize if that offends anyone, but remember this is AU.


Thanks to Sioux_Sioux for the great beta on the story.

John stared at the truck with a disgruntled look on his face. Bobby noticed the younger man's stiff posture and blatant hostility directed at the vehicle. He snickered. John whirled, advancing on the human as if he knew that his mate could read his dislike of the truck in his expression.


"Do we have to use this…thing…it is horrible."


Sighing Bobby patted John on the arm. He motioned to the shadowed corner of the parking lot.


"Well, I have to go by car. It's too far to walk. If you want to go through the shadows you can meet me there. But I'd really like it if we can go together."


John cocked his head; he understood that humans were more social creatures than Shadowen. He and Sam had virtually spent twenty years alone and it didn't trouble either one of them. But now, John reminded himself, yet again, he was mated to a human male was going to be mother to a half-human child. He would have to adapt.


Suddenly a smile broke across his face.


"I could take you through the shadows with me. Sam could take Dean.  I have traveled the human way will you try it my people's way?"


Bobby frowned glancing at the deeper shadows at the front of the hotel. It only seemed fair that he try the Shadowen's way of moving long distances, but he was hesitant. Then he shook himself; he should trust the other man. He trusted the Shadowen enough to make love to him, sleep beside him. Why not share this with him as well.


"Can you do that? Take a non-Shadowen through the shadows."


"Yes, we can transport someone, only one person, with us. I would like to take you to the Shadow Lands as well, when we are more settled."


Sam and Dean appeared at the door, walking over to their parents. Dean pulled his keys out but Bobby motioned his son over.


"John and I have been talking and me and him are going to travel to the Harvelle's place through the shadows. He says that Sam can take you too."


Sam nodded grinning broadly.


"Yes I would like to show you how we transport. I think you would find it interesting."


Dean offered his father a withering glare then plastered a big grin on his face.


"Oh yeah I'm sure that it will be different. Can we get back here?"


John shot him a look.


"I am certain that the Harvelle's have shadows at their farm. It works both ways; if we can go over there then we can come back here."


Bobby snorted out a laugh and now Dean shot his father a sideways glance, then flipped him off. Sam watched the interplay between the two human men and looked down at his hand. He copied the gesture that Dean had just made but Bobby quickly brushed his hand.


"Don't do that it means something rude. Just because Dean is a heathen doesn't mean you should imitate him."


Grinning Dean shrugged pulling Sam into a quick hug.


"Okay, so how do we do this thing?"


John walked to the shadowed edge of the building. Taking a deep breath he centered himself then reached out a hand for Bobby. The human quickly slid closer to his mate letting John's strong arms envelope him. They stepped into the shadows.


Bobby felt the warm breeze wafting over him as he and John stepped the last few feet from the hot asphalt to the coolness of the awning. The shadows slipped over them sheltering his face from the heat of the early morning sun.


Suddenly Bobby felt as if the ground had tilted abruptly. He felt like the world was sliding out from under him. Cold air swirled around his body, creeping up from his feet to the top of his head. He could see the building waver then fade from view.


The air around him was still, the sounds of traffic on the road faded away dropping Bobby into sudden silence. Stillness settled over him, not so much quiet but the absence of sound. Then the air fell away, and Bobby found himself submerged in a cold, still place with no light, no sounds, and no movement. He was drowning on dry land, the air leeched out of his lungs until he couldn't even gasp. He was in the vacuum of space, and he was alone.


Blindly Bobby reached out, desperately searching for John. Fear wrapped around him when he couldn’t feel the Shadowen's in his arms any longer. If he had had breath he would have screamed, but Bobby couldn't draw a breath in this dark, airless place.


Then as suddenly as he had lost John Bobby found him again. The other man was a warm, heavy weight with his arms wrapped tightly around him, and the cold air was suddenly infused with the heat of John's body. Bobby leaned into him, watching as the green grassy field that bordered on Bill and Ellen's house came into view. Gratefully his body pulled in a huge gulp of air and his lungs expanded, his nose filling with the soft, sweet scent of newly mown hay.


Staggering Bobby hobbled forward and bent over at the waist, gasping in a lungful of warm air. John stood behind him smiling serenely and the human wondered if that was what driving in the car had felt like to the Shadowen.


"Are you unwell?" Sam asked and Bobby jerked around staggering a few steps back in shocked silence. Dean was clinging to the younger Shadowen and Bobby wondered if his face was as pale and gray as his son's.


"No," Bobby said straightening up, glancing at the porch where Ellen and her daughter were standing looking at the four men with surprised faces.  Ellen recovered first looking from Bobby to the Shadowen then back again. She stepped off the porch and walked across the yard.


"John, I didn't expect you today, you usually only come on Wednesdays."


John cocked his head, he didn't know what Wednesday meant, but he assumed it was a human designation for the day that he did his trading. He always found it odd that humans seemed so absorbed by the passing of time that they gave the days names, even gave the cycles of the moon names. August was the name of the current cycle.  John knew them all, knew that the seasons were called spring, summer, autumn and winter. He only saw the changing days, longer and warmer or shorter and colder; sun, wind and rain. Sometimes he thought humans made things much more complicated than they needed to be. The sun would rise in the morning and set in the night even if the day had no name.


Ellen turned to Bobby.


"I didn't know that you knew the Shadow people and John in particular."


Bobby blushed.


"Well, yeah…uhm…we're married. Me and John."


Ellen's eyes went wide.


"Excuse me? Married how…why?"


John smiled broadly.


"I'm pregnant. Bobby is now my mate and the child's father."


That seemed to surprise Ellen even more than seeing the four of them pop out of the shadows.


"Holy crap, Bobby. Wait until Bill hears about this. I'm assuming you came by for those supplies."


"Yes ma'am. And for John here to say goodbye. We're going back to Durham to my folk's place, at least until the baby gets here."


Ellen motioned them to the house and the four men followed after her and Jo. Once they were settled in the living room she turned to the girl.


"Jo, go get your Daddy. Tell him Bobby Singer is here for his box."


Sam and Dean sat on one sofa watching as the young woman ran across the yard to the barn hollering for her father all the way. John looked at the big red painted structure and the two younger human men who were working loading hay into the upper floor.


Jo slid to a halt outside the double doors to the barn, searching inside for her father. She spotted Gordon and Ash forking hay up into the loft from the back of the open bed truck her father used for hauling.


"Hey, guys have you seen my Dad?" she asked. "Bobby's here. He brought them two Shadow people with him too."


Gordon smiled. "Really? Your folks seem to be awful friendly to them, even if they ain't human."


Jo frowned.


"Why shouldn't they be. The Shadowen are good, they helped humans in the war with the demons, and a lot of them help hunters, even now, tracking down and killing demons and other things."


"Is that why these things are traveling with Bobby and his son?" Ash asked slamming the pitchfork into the hay pile and wiping his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt. Jo shook her head.


"Nope, John and Bobby are married now. John's gonna have a baby, and its Bobby's. They're going back to Bobby's house so he came by to get the herbs and stuff that Daddy grew for him."


Gordon frowned.


"What do you mean they're going to Bobby's place? You mean that the Shadowen is leaving here. What about all the gems and gold he trades your folks for food?"


"I guess we'll have to get by without them. He always gave momma and daddy more than he should have. Daddy's got a big pile of them in the safe deposit box at the bank. I always thought it was neat the way John can turn any old rock into something valuable."


"Yeah, "Ash said, "It's really neat."


They watched as the girl headed out across the field to the drying shed where Bill kept the herbs and plants that he grew for incantations. As Jo disappeared into the shed Ash turned to his friend.


"If Bobby Singer takes the Shadowen off to his place we'll never get the chance to trade with him for gold and gems. We need to get a chance to talk to him alone."



John shifted in the seat uncomfortably. He had drunk a lot of coffee at the restaurant this morning.  Ellen noticed his discomfort and smiled at him.


"John do you need something?"


"I need the bathroom," he said quietly. Ellen motioned to the hall leading to the back of the house.


"Last door down on the left."


John found the bathroom with no trouble and emptied his bladder. He could see the barn and the two men who worked for the Harvelle's out the window. The dark skinned young man noticed John looking at them out the window and waved at him. Ash looked up then smiled moving toward the rear door of the house. Gordon frowned followed after his friend.


"What are you doing?" Gordon asked the other man. Ash waved him forward silencing him with a glare.


"You want a chance to get that monster to make gold and gems for us. This is it. If we wait he'll be gone, so we've got to get him to do it right now."


"But we don't have anything to trade for it. He won't just do it for us."


Ash sneered.


"He will if we make him. Look all we have to do is take him out of here. I know that there's a cabin that Bill uses when he goes fishing. It's right across the farm and on the lake. If we knock the Shadowen out, we can take him there. They can't take being in the light for a long time. If we keep the lights on day and night it'll wear him down and he'll do whatever we ask. And if we keep him locked in a room with the lights on all the time he can't get in the shadows to get away."


The two young men stood at the door waiting until the older of the two Shadowen came out of the house. John had seen the two humans working on the Harvelle's farm so he was familiar enough with them the he didn't feel threatened by them. Smiling John let the door fall closed behind him.


Ash approached the Shadowen holding a hand out as if he was approaching a wild animal. John snorted, but stood still trying to be as non-threatening as possible. Gordon watched the interplay between his friend and the non-human being wondering what Ash was planning.


"We don't usually see you here on Fridays. Did you forget something? Maybe me and Gordon here can help you find it."


John sighed shaking his head; he knew what these two young men wanted. He could see it in their eyes every time he made gold and precious stones for the Harvelle's' in trade for the food Ellen made for his family. These two young men were greedy. John didn't understand the concept of greed; the stones were just that stones, minerals. He knew that they had greater value to the humans than to his people and that was useful but other than that the stones meant nothing to him.


"I came to say goodbye, I am leaving with my mate and going to his home."


Gordon frowned.


"Your mate? The other Shadowen that you appear with?"


"No, that is my son. My mate is a human man, Bobby Singer."


The younger man's eyes widened.


"Bobby…well, damn. I didn’t think he'd ever get married again. Not after Anna died."


Ash shifted position, moving up behind the Shadowen.


"Uh…your son huh? Does he do the same thing that you do with the minerals and all?"


"Oh no, my son's gift is not the same. We are all different, Sam's father could work incantations, his gifts came from being half-human."


"So your people can breed with human beings?" Gordon said frowning at the other man behind John's back. Ash had picked up a large stick and raised it. Suddenly he brought the piece of wood down on John's head hard. The Shadowen grunted, hand flying to his head, then sagged down. Ash quickly grabbed his shoulders taking John's weight then snapped at the other human.


"Gordon, grab his legs let's get him into the truck."


"What the hell, Ash! Look I don't want to mess with him. And I sure as hell don't want to mess with Bobby Singer. That dude's crazy. If we hurt this one he'll be all over us."


Ash flinched.


"Just grab him. We'll take him to Bill's cabin over by the lake. We don't have to keep him long, just enough to get him to make us some gold and stuff. Then we'll take off and call Bobby let him know where to pick John up."


Ash and Gordon quickly hauled the Shadowen's limp form to the back of the flatbed truck that they used for hauling in hay from the fields. The back was open to the sun and in the mid-day there were no shadows on the truck bed. Ash wanted to be sure to keep the Shadowen in the sunlight so that he couldn’t escape in the shadows.



The cabin was bare, sparsely furnished and consisted of two rooms. The bedroom had one large window and Ash sat about nailing it shut from the outside as soon as he and Gordon had dropped the Shadowen's unconscious body onto the bed. Once the window was secured he quickly came back inside and told Gordon to tie John to the bed. The other man secured John's ankle to the iron bed with a piece of steel linked chain they had in the truck. Tucking the padlock key into his pocket Ash sat back in one of the wooden chairs from the table in the other room waiting for the Shadowen to wake up.


John came awake with a dull ache in his head, the heat of sunlight and bright incandescent lighting burning into his skin. He flinched as he struggled to rise. He was alone in a small room chained to a bed, but he could not find any comfort. The sunlight was streaming into the window, the curtains torn down and lying useless in the floor. And all the over head lights were on, casting a bright glare on every inch of the room.


One of the two young men who had been at the Harvelle's farm stood in the doorway. He was the lighter skinned man with longish hair. John moaned rubbing his temple.


"Please will you turn off some of the lights? It is very painful for me."


"Sorry, I don't want you going into the shadows. All you have to do is make some gold for me and Gordon then we'll call Bobby to come and get you."


John winced.


"Please, the light makes it difficult for me to concentrate. If you could just turn off the over head lights. The shadows wouldn't be deep enough for me to move through, not inside."


"No way," Ash snapped. He turned around as Gordon walked into the room. The other man handed his friend a double handful of granite rock and other small stones. Walking over to the bed Ash deposited the stones beside John. The Shadowen glared at the young human.


"If I refuse?" John said with a defiant stare. The human stepped forward and slapped John hard across the face. Gordon flinched, grabbing Ash's hand.


"You don't have to hurt him. He'll do it, won't you, so that Ash won't have to hit you?"


"I'm pregnant; how could you do that…endanger my unborn child."


Ash grunted.


"You're a man…"


John shook his head.


"I am not human. If you keep me in the lights it will hurt my baby."


"Then you'd better do as you're told and get this done so Gordon and me can leave. I'm going to get more granite."


Gordon followed the other man outside waving at the cabin.


"Goddammit, Ash. If he is pregnant then you know it's Bobby's. Man if we hurt his kid…all the gold in the world can't do us any good if we're dead."


"We aren't gonna hurt him or that kid. He's probably lying about the light hurting him so we turn 'em off. He could get in the shadows that way and get away. We'll just keep him here a couple of days and get as much gold and stuff as we can. Then we'll phone Bill and tell them where he is."


John groaned lying back against the wrought iron headboard. His head ached and he felt hot, the light was pounding on him sending hot spikes of agony up his spine.  Finally, summoning all the energy he could muster John began picking up the rocks pressing them against his palms. The heat of the minerals changing structure only added to his misery, but he kept up until all the stones that the human had brought were changed to gold and gems.


Ash and Gordon reappeared grinning at the sight of the pile of gold and gems on the bed. John was staring listlessly at the sunlight streaming through the window. He turned toward the young men.


"Please can I have some water?"


Gordon went into the kitchen running a glass of water from the tap and bringing it back to the bedroom. Ash intercepted him taking the glass. He held it out as the other man scooped the gold up and Ash dropped another pile of stones on the bed. John held out a hand for the water but Ash pulled it back.


"You want this?' he asked with a smile.


The Shadowen nodded tiredly.


"Fine, you change all those stones and I'll give you the water."


John picked up the stones trying to concentrate. His entire body ached and he trembled with the effort. His skin was ashy gray and Gordon thought that John might collapse from the effort of changing the new pile of stones. Finally he was done. The gems were not a clear as the others, poorer in quality and the granite was only half changed, large veins of gold running through the stone.


With a snarl Gordon snatched the water glass from Ash and held it up so that John could drink. He swallowed the water gratefully, the cool liquid dampening down the heat of the lights. Ash scrabbled through the pile of stones on the bed then turned to John with a sneer.


"These aren't as good as the first ones. They won't bring much on the market. You'd better do better the next time."


John glared.


"What I gave you the first time was worth a considerable amount of money. I do know that. I can't function in the lights. It is draining my energy. If you would just turn off the lights give me some rest, I can do better."



Bobby finished talking to Ellen Harvelle then glanced around the room. Sam and Dean were talking to Jo in the corner. But John was nowhere to be found. The older man scratched at his cheek then looked at the woman.


"Ellen, where's John?"


"He asked about the bathroom then didn't come back. I just assumed that he had gone outside. Maybe back to the cabin he and Sam lived in?"


Bobby rose quickly.


"He wouldn't have just gone without saying something. Sam, can you go back to the place where you and your mother lived. Tell me if he's there?'


Sam nodded.


"We need to go outside. The shadows inside a structure rarely are deep enough for us to transport through. If we go into the yard the shadows beneath the trees will be dark enough."



Sam faded into the shadows just beyond the small cabin he and his mother had occupied for most of his life. He glanced around at the still interior. A thin layer of dust had settled on the wooden furniture in the two days that Sam and his mother had been absent. He quickly went back to his room then across the hall to his mother's bedroom.  He frowned, the cabin was empty, no sign that anyone had been there at all.


Bobby, Ellen and Dean were waiting in the yard when the younger Shadowen appeared in the shadows beside the house. Sam shook his head indicating that John was not at the cabin they had called home.


A noise distracted the three humans and they all turned toward the driveway. Bill Harvelle's blue pick-up truck pulled up beside the people gathered in his yard. He grinned at Bobby recognizing the man right away and turned toward his son. The younger man he thought he might have known then belatedly realized that he was the Shadowen's son, Samuel.


Bill slid out of the truck frowning at the still opened barn doors.


"Didn't those idiots close up the barn before they took off?' he asked no one in particular.


Ellen frowned looking at her husband.


"You mean Ash and Gordon?"


"Yeah I saw them in the flatbed driving out on Haney Road this afternoon."


Dean slapped his fist into the palm of his hand.


“They have him, Dad. It was those two who took John. You said it yourself John's gift puts him in danger."


Bobby turned on Bill.


"You said Haney Road, out toward the lake? Why would your hired men be driving out there?"


"I don't know unless they were going to the cabin."


Bobby seized on that.


"Cabin? You still own that fishing cabin on the lake front."



Bill's truck skidded to a halt outside the front door of the old cabin that had belonged to his grandfather. The front door was open but even in the late afternoon sun he could see that every light in the place was on. Bobby jumped out of the truck while Dean and Sam leaped over the side of the truck bed.


Sam was the first in the door and he flinched at the heat of the incandescent lights. Dean noticed and reached behind him to flip off the switch. Bobby was in the door and through the room before his son could move.


"John!" Bobby shouted, hauling the bedroom door open. His face paled at the sight of his spouse laying face down on the bed. Quickly Bobby turned off the lights noting in relief that the sunlight from the window was pale and didn't reach the bed.


He ran over to the bed lifting John up. The Shadowen’s skin was ashy gray, t-shirt and jeans soaked in sweat, and his skin was burning hot to the touch. Bobby motioned Dean to the other room.


"Bring me some water."


Sam settled on the bed beside his mother.


"Bobby please let me look at him."


Carefully Sam loosened the buttons on the jeans and bent down to strip off his mother's boots and socks. He ran a hand over John's face then cringed.


"Bobby, he isn't breathing."


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