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Shadow Lands Pt 4 AU, Fiction slash, WIP John/Bobby, Sam/Dean

Shadow Lands Pt 4

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Sam/Dean, John/Bobby

Warnings: AU, M/M sex, het sex, MPreg (John and Sam both pregnant)


Sam sat on the bed holding his mother’s hand. John’s face was still waxy, and sickly gray in the dim room. Bobby was pacing beside the bed his expression twisted with rage and grief. Swallowing hard Dean slid close to his father putting a silent hand on his shoulder. They may not have been expecting it but he could see that his father loved John, and the baby he was carrying. He flinched as Sam made a low keening sound pressing his hands against John’s chest.


The two humans watched as the younger Shadowen brushed his hands over John’s chest, then face, taking a deep breath. Dean silently wondered if this was their way of grieving, if John was dead. Then suddenly Sam gasped as if coming up for air after being too long under water. John’s body trembled and his chest rose drawing in a sharp harsh breath.


Bobby uttered a half-strangled moan and Dean was ready to force his father from the room if he had to when he looked at the bed. John’s eyes were open, and he offered his son a tired smile. Dean’s knees went a little weak as his father’s weight rested heavily against him.  He was sure that the only thing holding Bobby upright was Dean himself. Bobby took a hesitant step forward. Sam rose from the bed letting the human sit down.


Gently Bobby took John’s hand.


"Are you okay? Do I need to take you to the hospital?”


“No, I am better. I just shut myself down for a few moments to spare the baby from becoming ill from light poisoning. Sam pulled me back into myself. We are well.”


“We?” Bobby asked, and then placed a hand on John’s still flat belly. “You mean you and the baby?”


The raw need in those few words set Dean’s teeth on edge. If he had had any doubts about his father wanting this relationship with the older Shadowen they vanished. John nodded, and Bobby closed his eyes. With more strength than Bobby would have credited the other man John pulled him down.


“Lay with me.”


Sam smiled seizing Dean by the hand and tugging him quickly out of the room. He paused only long enough to pull the door closed behind them then corner Dean, pressing against him. Dean groaned as Sam’s long slender fingers found their way to the fly of his jeans. The strong digits caressing him made the human shudder.


“Don’t, I can’t stand it. Your mother is sick; we should concentrate on that.”


Sam giggled.


“I mother will lay with your father, draw strength from their bond. And we can nurture my mother by letting him draw strength from our bond as well.”




John pressed himself against his mate’s broad chest fingers tugging at the buttons on his shirt. Bobby leaned back just enough to pull the shirt off dropping it on the floor.


“I don’t know if we should be doing this now.”


“I need it. I can take strength from you, when we join physically the bond between us will give me the strength I need to heal. It will be beneficial for the baby as well. He will feel your life energy when we make love.”


Flinching Bobby looked down at John’s now bare abdomen.


“You mean the baby knows when we...when I put my... When we’re together.”


With a tired chuckled John nodded.


“You look so scandalized. Of course our son knows when his father is joined with his mother. It takes love from us both to sustain and nurture him.”


“But does he...our son know that I’m sticking my dick in you?”


John cocked his head; he assumed that dick was a human word for penis. The name struck him as funny and he laughed. Bobby was looking at him as if he was insane.


“No he doesn’t know that you’re sticking your...dick... in me.” John whispered. Just saying the word made him feel vaguely naughty, and his face flushed. “He doesn’t know the mechanics, but he knows when the positive energy around him doubles.”


“Well, if it’s for the baby. I think I can manage,” Bobby replied.


John shot him a look. He could feel the love for this man welling up inside him. John rose up and pressed his lips against his mate’s sighing deep in this throat when Bobby’s hands moved over body sending spikes of arousal coursing though him.



In the living room Dean pressed Sam down on the floor, the rough wool rug cushioning the younger man’s back. With a grunt Dean kissed his way down Sam’s chest lingering over his belly. He wondered if Sam was pregnant. The younger Shadowen might not know yet, might not be able to tell this early, unlike his mother.


When Dean thrust up and into Sam the younger man cried out. The pleasure swept over him wrapping around him like ropes binding him to this human man. He grunted legs coming up around Dean’s waist seeking any way to force his lover’s penis deeper inside.


“Oh yeah...god yes,” Dean murmured, rocking against Sam, fingers twining in the longish hair pulling the Shadowen in for another long kiss. “Oh god, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing to me but never stop. Sam...god I love you.”


“Yes,” Sam whispered. “You are everything to me, my day and my night. I never want to be without you for the rest of my life.”




John moaned as his mate thrust into his body with an almost mindless desperation. Raking his fingers down the man’s back he was sure that he was leaving scratch marks behind. Bobby flinched then slid one hand under John’s ass pulling him off the bed as much as possible, anything to get deeper inside. John could feel the tendrils of energy winding their way out of his lover’s body and into his own. He gathered them up, taking them into himself weaving a warm nest around the tiny bud of life in his belly.


“You are loved little one, feel how much your father loves you, how much he loves me,” John whispered in his own tongue.


Bobby heard the soft sounds coming from his mate. He couldn’t understand the words but the meaning was clear enough. Groaning his back arched as John convulsed beneath him. Every contraction of John’s body was like a volcanic eruption pulling Bobby’s orgasm out of him in hot waves. He grunted each as each spurt shot out of him like molten metal.



It was almost midnight when they finally traveled back to the hotel. The human’s were grateful that traveling through the shadows the second time was less frightening. The older man left John tucked snugly in bed asleep, and then crept silently in the hall. He tapped on the door to the other bedroom, and Dean opened it. Bobby could see Sam asleep in bed, but like him, Dean was dressed.


Bobby motioned his son into the hall with a brief wave of one hand. Dean pulled the door closed behind him turning to his father. But Bobby took his arm, holding him back.


“Dean, what I’m going to do, you don’t need to be a part of.”


“Like I’d ever leave you to do this by yourself.”


“This ain’t like just any hunt, boy. These two aren’t demons or werewolves.”


“I’d say they don’t count as human either. What they did to John, even knowing he was pregnant. It wasn’t right. And I’m not leaving you to do this alone, Dad.”


“Just the same I’m willing to bet they took off,” Bobby said quietly.


Dean shrugged.


“They’d have been stupid not too. But I know where they’re likely to be headed. Bill said that the one guy, Gordon, has people in Lincoln. If they went anywhere I’m betting on that to be the first place.”


Nodding grimly Bobby followed Dean to the parking lot. They reached Bobby’s truck, and he slid behind the wheel waiting patiently for is son to climb inside.  The truck pulled out of the parking lot.


From the window of the hotel room John watched as his mate and his step-son drive away. He knew where they were going and what they intended to do. He supposed he should feel badly about it, but he couldn’t muster any sympathy for those two young men. They had put the life of his unborn child at risk. They had hurt him, he smiled in satisfaction. His mate would right that wrong. They may be human but Bobby and Dean understood the Shadowen ways more than they knew.



It was a two hour drive to Lincoln from the hotel, but Bobby turned the police scanner he had in the truck all the way up and tuned into the highway patrol. When he got a good lead on where the prowlers were this late at night he cranked the speed up and the big black truck ate up the miles to the city.


They rolled into Lincoln just after two thirty. It was cool, the night air crisp with a hint of moisture. The address that he had gotten from Bill Harvelle was written in his journal and Bobby nudged the book across the seat to Dean. His son picked it up flipping through the twenty-plus years of clippings, photographs and notes his father had recorded on the yellowing pages. At the back was the most recent entry, in dark blue ink. He looked at the words dancing on the surface of the page.


“Dean, if you don’t want to be involved in this. I won’t hold it against you.”


The younger man looked at his father.


“Dad if I didn’t want to be involved in this I wouldn’t be here. You know that. If they hurt John they hurt you, and I won’t put up with anyone hurting my family.”


Bobby nodded.


“All the same we got to be careful on this one. More careful than usual, ‘cause I won’t have you going to jail over this thing.”


Dean sighed flipping the journal open again. He glanced out the window at the nearly empty streets. There was a faint hazy glow of fog around the harsh yellow of the street lights. At this late hour there were only a few places still open, movie theaters, one or two fast food places and bars.


Shifting on the seat the younger man looked out the window at the flashing neon signs.


"How do you know that Gordon and Ash even came to his family's place?"

Shrugging Bobby grunted.


"I don't for sure. But it's pretty much human nature to seek out the familiar in times of stress. That's one of the things that makes tracking ghosts or spirits, hell even zombies, so easy. Why do you think so many hauntings take place in houses or at the place of death? A ghost is still human, keeps some shred of human nature. They seek the familiar."


"Makes sense, Dad. You aren't really gonna kill them are you?" Dean asked.


But the look on his father's face shut him up immediately. Ash and Gordon were in a world of hurt and they didn't even know it.



As it turned out Bill Harvelle had a very good memory for automobiles, and he described Gordon's 1973 Plymouth Duster down to the rally stripe on the side. Being a mechanic and classic car buff himself Bobby knew that the paint job Bill described to him was a custom job and that made the car very easy to track. It was the same thing that made Bobby leery of his son driving the old Chevy Impala that Bobby had given him in high school. But the car had been a favorite of Dean's mother and neither man wanted to give it up.


The big, black truck eased up one street and made a left turn. They were cruising the last of the bars on Beal Street when they saw the Plymouth at the very back of the lot in front of Big Jim's. There was no mistaking the paint job. Bobby pulled the truck into the lot and parked beside the front door, so that the two younger men would be sure to see them coming. With a quick flick of his gaze over the plate glass window Dean watched as his father tucked the .45 he carried into the waist band of his jeans and pulled his flannel shirt over it.


The bar was almost empty, a grey haze of smoke circling lazily around the room. The bar tender shot them a funny look as Bobby and Dean walked in the door. Bobby didn't bother glancing around the room he stalked to the bar jerking the old man across the shiny wood surface and jerked a thumb at the side parking lot.


"Where's them two boys that came in the Plymouth?"



The solitary patron left sitting in the darkened room shuffled as if to come to the bartenders aid, but Dean tugged his jacket aside enough to show him the Glock in his pants and the guy held up his hands sitting back down. The bartender looked annoyed then hooked a thumb over his shoulder toward the rear door.


Dean nodded and slipped out the front door and around the corner of the building. Bobby watched his shadow cross the window then pushed past the bartender and through the storeroom to the rear door. Ash and Gordon had gone out the back because the door was still hanging on the hinges, and Bobby could see the faint shadows of the younger men disappearing down the alley. He smiled; he had driven around the block and knew that the alley was a dead end. A tall chain-link fence with barbed wire at the top blocking the exit.



Bobby met Dean at the mouth of the alley, walking slowly into the darkness. He could hear the clattering footfalls of the two men they were hunting come to a sudden halt. They would be lying in wait, but that didn't matter. With a grunt Bobby searched the boxes and bins just behind the bar's rear door. He lifted a ripped seat cushion from one of the bins and pressed it against his hip as he continued his way down the alley.


Ash and Gordon were standing at the dead end of the dirty asphalt. Dean wasn't sure if the two men had guns. He didn't see a weapon but that meant nothing. Still it was highly unlikely. They weren't hunters, just farms hands. And considering that they probably knew that he and his father were not interested in working out an amenable solution to this little fiasco, if the two did have a gun they'd be shooting right about now.


The silence hung in the air, both Ash and Gordon were milling around looking at the chain-link fence like it was the gate to hell. With a hiss Gordon raised a hand, a shit-eating grin on his dark face.


"Now look Bobby, we didn't mean to hurt him. He was okay when we left."


Bobby cocked his head smiling softly.


"You boys messed where you shouldn't ought to have messed."


Ash pushed around Gordon eyeing the side of the alley as if trying to gauge whether or not he could make it past the older man. Gordon dropped back letting Ash go, and Bobby could tell that the younger man thought that if the hunter turned his attention to the other man he'd forget all about Gordon. Bobby smiled slowly, as Dean edged out of the darkness blocking Ash's feeble attempts as escape.


Ash turned from father to son then grimaced.


"Look Bobby it was a mistake."


"Yep, the worst damn mistake you've ever made. Looks like I get to make sure you never make another one."


With a calculated stare Gordon eased forward hands still raised.


"Look you know that John ain't human. How'd you think he'd feel about this, about knowing you killed us in cold blood? Shadowen are big on nature and shit, he may not forgive you."


"You're barking up the wrong tree, boy. I made it a point to learn all about the Shadowen during the first war with the demons, just to be sure we could trust 'em. They believe in an eye for an eye. John knows I came here. I'm just wondering if he'll want me to take a couple of body parts back just so he knows I got it done right for him."


Bobby pushed his cap back on his head watching as the younger man decided if he wanted to rush Dean or not. With a shrug he continued,


"A few years back some good ole boys in Durham ran across a Shadowen, beat him up and raped him. When his family found out. Let's just say they never found all the pieces."


Against all better judgment Ash choose that particular time to make a run for it. Lunging at Dean he shoved a crate over and made a dash up the alley toward the bar. Bobby shoved the seat cushion against the barrel of the gun to muffle the shot and squeezed the trigger. Ash's body jumped one as a bright crimson flower blossomed on his chest. His legs still twitching as the younger man fell. Before Gordon could even think about moving Dean stepped over Ash's body and flicked the switch-blade he carried in his jacket pocket tossing it underhand. The knife glinted in the pale silver moonlight before it was buried in the other man's throat. Hissing as blood gurgled over his lips Gordon seized the hilt of the knife and tugged, a good chunk of flesh came out with it and he stared at his hands as if he had never seen them before then collapsed against the fence, sliding to the ground. Dean knelt briefly and jerked the knife out of Gordon's hand tucking it away regardless of the gore clinging to the metal.


The two men skirted the rear of the bar and walked slowly to the truck. Bobby pulled out onto the road without a backward glance. He flicked a glance at his son.


"We should be back at the hotel before dawn."


Dean nodded.


"Pull into the next gas station you pass and get me the key to the restroom. I don't want to be caught smelling like a slaughterhouse."


"Fair enough. I'll call John, tell him we're on the way back."


"Do you suppose he'll answer the phone? He might not have seen one before."


Bobby nodded.


"I've been telling about things like that. You should probably go over it with Sam too. Now that we both are gonna be daddies, we got to think about things like getting the little ones educated."


Shooting his father a look Dean grunted.


"How do you figure that Sam is pregnant? I don't even know for sure."


"I don't know either, but if he's anything like his mama he is now or will be soon."


Bobby sighed looking at Dean and grinning to himself. Dean looked at his father skeptically.




"Well hell, if there's one thing that I have figured out about John; it's that he sure does love to fuck."







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